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London FreeSchool Weekender....

London FreeSchool | 16.10.2008 13:06 | Education | Free Spaces | London

The London FreeSchool is planning another event for November 21st - 23rd to include free workshops, skill-sharing and discussion on various topics.

Workshops that have already been suggested are as follows;
Class Politics and Climate Change
Clothes Making
Workshop of Nothing continued
Gender and Autonomous Spaces continued
Fanzine / DIY publishing
Urban Permaculture

If you would like to go to or help facilitate any of the above then please email us ( so we have an idea of numbers. Only the ones that people have expressed interest in will go ahead. Also, email us if you would like to organise a workshop or discussion with a brief description, how long you think you will need, if you require any special equipment/tools etc.

Check the website from now onwards for more information on what is planned for the weekend and sign up to the newsletter at to receive updates.

London FreeSchool aims to confront the hierarchy and inequality that dominates learning. It stems from a belief that the control and institutionalisation of education is wrong and as communities we need to reclaim knowledge in order to develop self reliance. The free in free skool refers to the freedom of learning as well as learning outside of the monetary system. It directly challenges the elitism of the expert and 'doctor knows best' attitude understanding that we are all equal and can learn from one another.

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