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Major Reports Archive

2016 Reports

2015 Reports

2014 Reports

NATO 2014
News about resistance to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit to be held in Newport, Wales in September 2014

2013 Reports

G8 2013
Protests against the meeting of the G8 in the UK in 2013

2012 Reports

Protests and campaigns against the governments compulsory labour scheme.

2011 Reports

2011 Census Resistance
Resistance to the UK Governments 2011 Census
August Riots
Reports and analysis of the summer 2011 urban riots which erupted after the Police murder of Mark Duggan.
Dale Farm
Resistance to the threatened eviction of Dale Farm.
J30 Strike
Reports related to the public sector strike on June 30th 2011
Occupy Everywhere
Reports from the wave of occupations that has spread across the USA and now the world inspired by Occupy Wall Street.

2010 Reports

Flotilla to Gaza
Protests against the murderous Israeli attack on the Gaza freedom flotilla.
Mayday 2010
International Workers Day - demonstrations, actions and protests held around 1st May 2010.
Tar Sands
Protests against the exploitation of the Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, see

2009 Reports

COP15 Climate Summit 2009
Reports, protests and announcements about the COP15 Climate Summit 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
G20 London Summit
Protests against the G20 Summit in London: A meeting for the world's leaders to discuss the economy, its markets and the global financial crisis.
Actions and campaigns to get the Guantánamo Bay prison camp shut down.
Indymedia Server Seizure
Coverage of the Police seizure of - a UK Indymedia server which was colocated in Manchester.
University Occupations for Gaza
Reports and analysis of the wave of university occupations in solidarity with Gaza

2008 Reports

2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces
A week-end of initiatives and actions in defense of squats and autonomous spaces throughout the world. See: for more info.
Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco
Reports on the Campaign against Carmel-Agrexco, the Israeli state agricultural company. One of the key companies profiting from Israeli apartheid
Climate Camp 2008
The climate camp to be held near Kingsnorth early August 2008 - see
G8 Japan 2008
Protests against the G8 Summit in Lake Toya, Hokkaido, Japan, July 2008.
Reports and announcements about the campaign to shut down vivisectionists Huntingdon Life Sciences
Smash EDO
Reports on the Brighton-based campaign against weapon manufacturer EDO MBM.
Stop Sequani Animal Testing
Reports and announcements about the campaign to shut down vivisectionists Sequani Ltd -
Stop the BNP's Red White and Blue festival
News, reports and announcements about the campaign against the BNP's Red White and Blue "festival"

2007 Reports

Climate Camp 2007
The climate camp to be held near Heathrow mid August 2007 - see
DSEi 2007
Protests and actions against DSEi, the world's largest arms fair which is held every two years in London. See
G8 Germany 2007
Protests against the G8 Summit in Rostock, Germany, June 2007.
Mayday 2007
International Workers Day - demonstrations, actions and protests held on 1st May 2007.
No Border Camp 2007
The first No Border Camp in the UK to be held on 19-24 Sep 2007 to oppose a new planned immigration prison at Gatwick. See

2006 Reports

April 2006 No Borders Days of Action
International No Borders demonstrations including the UK ones at Harmondsworth Detention Centre near Heathrow Airport, Manchester and Glasgow, April 2006.
Art and Activism Caravan 2006
News from the border crossing project travelling from Greece (early June) via Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Hungary to the eco-activist gathering Ecotopia in Slovakia. Supporting and connecting local youth groups, their actions and campaigns with the power of creative activism, the Caravan will share skills in the field of media, music, theatre, and street performance.
Climate Camp 2006
The climate camp to be held in northern England at the end of August 2006 - see
reports on actions against the Faslane nuclear base in Scotland
French CPE uprising 2006
Mobilisations against the introduction of the CPE labour laws in France 2006.
G8 Russia 2006
Responses to the G8 in Russia, the official summit to be held on 15-17th July in St. Petersburg.
Lebanon War 2006
Reports on the Israeli aggression on Lebanon and protests against it.
March 18 Anti War Protest
Day of global action against occupation of Iraq held on 18th March 2006.
Mayday 2006
International Workers Day - demonstrations, actions and protests held on 1st May 2006.
Oaxaca Uprising
Reports related to the popular uprising in Oaxaca, Mexico and associated solidarity actions around the world.
Refugee Week 2006
Reports on events and actions during the 2006 Refugee Week, 19-25 June.
Rossport Solidarity
Reporting on the ongoing struggle in Mayo, Ireland against a pipeline build by oil giant Shell
News and reports on actions and repression related to the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 and the Parliamentary 'exclusion zone' in central London.
Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls
Reports on actions and events on and around the Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls, 7 Oct 2006.
WSF 2006
The World Social Forum, January 2006, was held in 3 locations, Bamako (Mali), Caracas (Venezuela) and Karachi (Pakistan).

2005 Reports

DSEi 2005
September 2005: International arms trade fair London.
G8 2005
The UK has the Presidency of the G8 for 2005 - news and analysis relating to responses to the G8 and the meetings in London, Derbyshire, Sheffield and across the UK in the run up to the summit in July at Gleneagles in Scotland.
WTO Hong Kong 2005
Protests against the World Trade Organisation meeting in Hong Kong held from 13th to 18th of December 2005.

2004 Reports

European Social Forum
2004: ESF organizing, events and analysis.
FBI Server Seizure
07 September 2004: The FBI seized the hard drives from two Indymedia servers in London, Ahimsa I and II.
May Day 2004
May 2004: May Day.
August 2004: Chávez Referendum Venezuela.

2003 Reports

Bush 2003
November 2003: Coverage of the visit of US President Bush to London.
DSEi 2003
September 2003: International arms trade fair London.
Evian G8
May 2003: Evian G8 Summit.
May Day 2003
Mayday news from 2003.
No War F15
15 February 2003: No War on Iraq demos.
Saloniki Prisoner Support
2003: Saloniki (Greece) Prisoner Support page of IMC-UK. Hunger strike by those held after EU Summit.
Thessaloniki EU
June 2003: EU Summit Thessaloniki.
WSIS 2003
December 2003: UN's World Summit on the Information Society held in Geneva.

2002 Reports

December 2002: Argentina, D19–21 one year on.
Barcelona EU
March 2002: EU Summit Barcelona.
Copenhagen EU
December 2002: EU Summit Copenhagen.
Earth Summit
August 2002: Earth Summit (Rio+10) South Africa.
May Day 2002
May 2002: May Day.
No War Day of Action
31 October 2002: No War Day of Action.
NoBorder Camp
July 2002: NoBorder Camp Strasbourg.
Prague NATO
November 2002: [Anti-]NATO Summit Prague.
Seville EU
June 2002: EU Summit Seville.
January/February 2002: WEF New York, NATO Summit Munich, WSF Porto Allegre.

2001 Reports

Barcelona WB
25 July 2001: Barcelona after World Bank conference no show
Border Camps
July 2001: NoBorder Caravan Genoa.
December 2001: EU Summit Brussels.
Fiesta for Life
September 2001: Anti-DSEi.
July 2001: G8 Genoa.
June 2001: European Council Göteborg.
May Day 2001
May 2001: May Day.
Peace not War
2001: Post-September 11 articles.
July 2001: European Economic Summit Salzburg.
WTO Qatar
November 2001: WTO Qatar.

2000 Reports

26 September 2000: World Bank/IMF Meeting Prague.