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UK Newswire Archive

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Call out from OCSET - urgent today!

05-05-2004 12:26

Some supporters at the eviction court case
If you value your local social centre get down to OCSET asap help needed urgently.

Love OCSET xxx

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United Torturers of America

05-05-2004 11:48

From the Greek newspaper "TA NEA".

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Protesters Begin Distribution of Logos for use in Print, and Protest

05-05-2004 11:28

Logos for print and protest are being distributed free of charge to any individual or organization.

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Release the Oxford Two!

05-05-2004 10:55

Oxford Animal Rights Group are supporting the S.P.E.A.K campaign, calling for the
release of two rhesus macaque monkeys, held in confinement for 15 years, and
experimented on, by Oxford University.

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ESF Official Website Replaced with GLA / Mayors Website!!!

05-05-2004 10:50

screenshot of hijacking by gla
The official website of the ESF:

has been replaced with the GLA Greater London Authority and Ken Livingstone Mayor of London website!

What is going on...


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Weds 12th May 6pm: Climate Vigil Broad Street

05-05-2004 10:18

Climate change Vigil – Wednesday May 12th 6pm – Clarenden Building Broad Street, Oxford

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Tel Aviv, Violence against the anarchists in Mayday demo

05-05-2004 09:53

The authoritarian, statist, racist/zionist left at work to try and monopolize mayday. Business as usual.

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Why wait a year?

05-05-2004 09:51

The American army is investigating 25 deaths among Iraqi prisoners. A soldiers was convicted of murder – but didn’t have to go to jail.

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EUROPA : MAS ALLÁ DE LA GLOBALIZACIÓN-Diez horas con la globalización (google)

05-05-2004 08:56

Capítulo actualizado del Libro “Diez horas con la globalización”(google, elcorteingles, foro-los retos de la globalización,, netbiblo, yahoo...)

“Si queremos construir políticamente Europa, necesariamente tenemos que empezar a analizar como vamos a articular lo local, lo regional y lo supranacional. Además, hemos de hablar de una constitución europea conectada con el porvenir. Esta debe convertirse en el primer eslabón del proceso de construcción política de Europa. El camino, que no va a ser fácil, y por ello debemos comenzar a trazarlo e iniciar su andadura y si ello conlleva él tener que hacer cambios constitucionales en los estado-nación, hagámoslos de manera democrática, cívica y pacífica”.

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Flight TE453 29th April from Gatwick to Vilnius

05-05-2004 08:10

After boarding a Lithuania Airlines aircraft to photograph celebrations marking the country's entry into the EU, I was absolutely appalled to find 3 Lithuanian women being deported in shackles, along with 3 terrified unaccompanied children. UK Immigration officials had one child in a neck lock, and one woman in an arm lock - all were screaming in fear and pain

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WAR CRIMES: BBC: Taguba report into Abu Ghraib abuse

05-05-2004 02:49

Gen Taguba's report says detainees were forced to commit sexual acts, were threatened with torture, rape or attack by dogs, and were hidden from Red Cross visits, "in violation of international law".

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McDonald's Iraq (by Latuff)

05-05-2004 01:38

McDonald's Iraq
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Iraqi people and their struggle against U.S. and foreigner occupation.

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Aubonne: AntiRepressionGathering

05-05-2004 01:05

On June 28th in Switzerland the court case against four people from the affinity group (including the climbers) will take place - ironically, they have all been charged with blocking the traffic and endangering human life. We would like to use the weekend before the court case (26-27th June) as an opportunity to bring people together to discuss proposals to create a stronger and more effective anti-repression network in Europe, with a particular emphasis on raising awareness of and dealing with repression-related trauma.

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Stop vivisection - Oxford demo May 15th

05-05-2004 00:22

The SPEAK Campaign is calling for the immediate release by Oxford University of two rhesus macaque monkeys. After fifteen years of confinement and experimentation these individuals have known no life outside the walls of a University lab.

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Prajña arrested for meditating on Mayday - witnesses needed

05-05-2004 00:01

I was arrested on Mayday whilst meditating outside Downing St in London. This is a call for witnesses. There were a number of photographers and at least one person videoed the whole proceedings. Were you there outside Downing St after the TUC speeches in Trafalgar Square? Please contact me

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Pictures of newly opened Glasgow Autonomous Project

04-05-2004 22:42

Building in which the Social Centre is located
The Glasgow Autonomous Project just got a short term lease of a building for a month, to open up the first "Printworks Social Centre". Here are the first pictures. More audio reports and text later.

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Dublin M3 Reclaim the Streets photos

04-05-2004 21:49

Three sound systems, live drums and pink fairies: now this is what I call a reclaim the streets party. Around a thousand people danced, played football and drank, in Dublin on May 3rd to celebrate mayday. No ricin yielding riot mob was sighted.

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FootPrints For Peace - 1000 Mile Four Directional Run

04-05-2004 20:21

1000 Mile Four Directional Run for "All Life Is Sacred" begins this month. Please join us in spreading peace.

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Hendy Group/AVH ditch Sequani vivisection labs

04-05-2004 18:43

People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands received confirmation today that the Hendy Group ltd (Hendy own AVH vehicle rentals ltd-Hereford who were doing business with the vivisectors Sequani ltd in Ledbury, Herefordshire) ..have now severed their business ties with Sequani.

Please do not contact AVH/Hendy regarding their links with the animal torturers Sequani ltd as was asked of people in a recent uk IMC post.

Thanks as ever to those that contacted this company ... Now let's hammer the consciences of the rest of those companies on PACA's targeted list of companies that do business with the puppy killers Sequani ltd!

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BAE systematic war mongerers coming to Oxford

04-05-2004 18:21

We must do something about this...
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