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ESF Official Website Replaced with GLA / Mayors Website!!!

what the hell is going on? | 05.05.2004 10:50 | Free Spaces | Globalisation | Technology | London

The official website of the ESF:

has been replaced with the GLA Greater London Authority and Ken Livingstone Mayor of London website!

What is going on...


screenshot of hijacking by gla
screenshot of hijacking by gla

These people are incredible - what do they think they are doing?
I am disgusted!

This was the website used for Paris, and also held some info on 2004 London ESF, and was intended to be the main website for London ESF.

Now it's hijacked by the Mayor of London! - Amazing and outrageous!

For note other sites are:

Temporary official website:

Unofficial website with lots more information, and where people are trying to organise:

what the hell is going on?


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  1. Seems fine — Jim
  2. didn't last long — web wanderer
  3. old links — web wanderer
  4. try this — searcher
  5. Still London GLA — outside uk
  6. old site in web archive — sb