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Release the Oxford Two!

Richard Davies | 05.05.2004 10:55 | Animal Liberation | Oxford

Oxford Animal Rights Group are supporting the S.P.E.A.K campaign, calling for the
release of two rhesus macaque monkeys, held in confinement for 15 years, and
experimented on, by Oxford University.

The two rhesus macaque monkeys in question have had surgery to remove part of their
brains ten years ago when they were 5 years old.the experiments held at Oxford
university, according to research data was exploring reaction to "visual data"
The two monkeys have been given artificially produced brain damage by scientists
trying to mimic human brain damage.We are calling for the results of these tests to
be made and discussed publically. We also call for the release of these animals to
live out what is left of their lives in a place where they can be loved and looked

Richard Davies
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