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UK Newswire Archive

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Clive Stafford Smith: US Holding 27,000 in Secret Overseas Prisons

21-05-2008 09:12

“There is a huge number of [secret prisoners] being held in Iraq, and one of the intriguing aspects of this that doesn’t get much reporting is that the US is bringing people into Iraq from elsewhere to hold them there, simply because that keeps [the media and lawyers] away from the prisoners so they can’t get any sort of legal rights,” reports British attorney Clive Stafford Smith.


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ElBaradei: Iran Not After the Bomb

21-05-2008 02:54

Unfortunately, anything ElBaradei says will be discarded or belittled by the US and Israel.

They may even try the same slimy tactics they used on his predecessor Hans Blix, where they attempted to smear him to discredit what he had to say professionally about Iraq not having WMDS.

Hans Blix was absolutely telling the truth; ElBaradei is doing the same with Iran.

But for the US and Israel, it is a very iinconvenient truth.

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Olmert Pays Lip Service to Peace Deal, While Planning Gaza Assault

21-05-2008 02:53

"The guideline of our policy has always been the idea that a permanent situation of no peace and a latent war is the best situation for us, and that it must be maintained at all costs. ... we are becoming stronger year by year in a situation of impending conflict where it is possible that actual fighting may break out from time to time. SUch wars will usually be short and the results guaranteed in advance, since the gap between us and the Arabs is increasing. In this way we shall move on from occupation to further occupation. ... this criminally mischievous policy has led us into the crisis we are living through today"
(Yeshayahu Leibowitz, 30 November 1973)

"We have not been seeking peace for twenty-five years -- all declarations to that effect have been no more than coloured statements or deliberate lies. There is of course no assurance that we could have made peace with the Arabs if we had wanted to. However, it has to be heavily emphasized that we have not only made no attempts to seek peace, but have deliberately and with premeditation, sabotaged every possibility of doing so."
(Yeshayahu Leibowitz, 30 November 1973)

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Leave it in the Ground! - 26th May open-cast coal mass trespass and picnic -

21-05-2008 02:11

Hi everyone, there is a public action against new open cast coal mining coming up. The people organising it are a new group and a hoping for lots of people to come, to start building a strong
resistance against the massive new coal mining plans in the UK and elsewhere. It'll be a fun day and a great start to the campaign.

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Iraqi Squatters hold rally against occupying powers

21-05-2008 00:56

......In the southern governorate of Muthanna, local authorities have recently issued an order to remove all illegal collective settlements within two weeks, regardless of whether the squatting families are internally displaced or host community. In the Al Tanak neighbourhood, this decision will affect dozens of impoverished families who are living in mud houses on public land. According to the report, eviction orders are sometimes opposed by displaced families who feel they simply have no other place to go. In Basra's Jenaina neighbourhood, IOM monitors report that families who were squatting in a former military intelligence building successfully staged a rally to protest against their eviction order........

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ExNBC producer Hopsicker, Drug Trafficking & Russian Mafia links to 9/11

20-05-2008 21:49

Daniel Hopsicker
If you haven’t seen all Daniel Hopsicker’s various 911 and related DVD’s then do please have a look. His professional experience has taught him to travel to the scene of the myth creation to do primary research which blows that myth apart. For example in Venice, Florida where the 911 ‘hijackers’ supposedly ‘learned to fly’ Daniel interviewed witnesses who pour scorn on the official version of events for his film 'Mohammed Atta and the Venice Flying Circus.

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Why All of Our Efforts Won't Stop an Attack on Iran

20-05-2008 21:05

Now there's no feasible political recourse to stop an attack on Iran. And little time to mobilize mass demonstrations against it. It will come as a thief in the night, presented to the American people as a fait accompli. As the Bush-Cheney cowboys ride off into the sunset, smirkin' and grinnin' and slapping each other's backs, the people will start to pay.

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Support grows for anti-Nazi demonstration

20-05-2008 20:52

Assemble 12 noon on Saturday 21 June at Tooley Street, London SE1, behind City Hall for a march to Trafalgar Square. For more details go to »

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Burma Cyclone Global Day of Actiion London Report

20-05-2008 20:05

French Embassy
Over 100 campaigners, mostly Burmese took part in a protest at the French and US Embassies and the British Foreign Office in London, for the May 17th Global Day of Action for Burma Cyclone Victims. More than 30 events took place worldwide, including in UK, USA, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Czech Republic. The official death toll has exceeded 140,000 with aid agencies saying 2.5 million people are at further risk.

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What a c**t, eh?

20-05-2008 18:49

The Church of Scientology, religiously aggravated crime, the City of London police force and a kid with a placard

First published at:

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Actions against; farming, hunting, fur & bullfighting

20-05-2008 17:42

Direct action from Sweden, Slovakia & Spain

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Saved from landfill or stolen? What do you think?

20-05-2008 17:29

A green plastic garden chair
A Wrexham woman is facing a possible criminal charge of theft under Section 1 of the Theft Act 1968 for allegedly taking four green plastic garden chairs out of the landfill skip at the local household 'recycling' centre.

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Students Released After 7 Days Incarceration Without Charge

20-05-2008 17:13

The two students arrested under the Terrorism Act have been released without charge. The manner of the police operation and its choice of victims has raised great concern amongst the student and academic body, as well as within the wider community in Nottingham

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Former Wilco building squatted - to be turned into social centre

20-05-2008 16:58

Police hang about while colleagues search the building
On Monday night, 19 May, the former Wilco building on Mill Road (the very site where Tesco want to open a new supermarket) was squatted. On Tuesday afternoon, acting on a 'tip off' from a neighbour, armed police entered the premised on the pretext of looking for illegal drugs. There were a total of three police cars, a police van, and at least eight officers. The premises were searched, but no illegal substances (bar a supermarket trolley that was already on site) were found.

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No borders Cardiff picket report

20-05-2008 16:08

PC Cullen (left)+ immigration official
Report from No Borders Picket Cardiff today 20th may

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New Name, New Website, Old Threat

20-05-2008 15:55

London's latest social centre has finally given itself a name, set up its own website and received a visit from the owners saying "get out!"

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Our Eck or how Nationalists are leading Scotland into the New World Order

20-05-2008 15:28

While an increasing number of people, particularly in the USA, now question the official conspiracy story fed us by the war criminal regimes on both sides of the Atlantic the much greater conspiracy amongst western capitalist nations to create a New World Order dictatorship across the Planet proceeds apace. And while the old imperialist union of what is jokingly called the United Kingdom creaks at the seams and continues to crumble it behoves us in little Scotland to consider how the 'maximum leader' of our current nationalist government, Alex Salmond, not only reflects the interests of the New World Order but is actively participating in helping to exacerbate the conditions of anarchy brought about by the NWO through imperialist wars where both international and national laws against war crimes are ignored and undermined.

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Journey to Justice, Birmingham, May 18, 2008

20-05-2008 15:15

Kumi Naidoo of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty
Ten years after the major demonstration outside a meeting of the G8, organised by Jubilee 2000 in Birmingham in May 1998, campaigners from the Jubilee Debt Campaign returned to Birmingham on Sunday 18 May to celebrate the progress made and to demand further action.
Pictures (C) Peter Marshall, 2008. All rights reserved.

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International Conscientious Objectors' Day, May 15, London

20-05-2008 15:06

Norman Kember and Bob Russell
Last Thursday, May 15, was International Conscientious Objectors' Day. A short ceremony commemorating Conscientious objectors around the world was held at Tavistock Square in London at noon.
Pictures (C) Peter Marshall, 2008. All rights reserved.
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