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Leave it in the Ground! - 26th May open-cast coal mass trespass and picnic -

reposter | 21.05.2008 02:11 | Climate Camp 2008 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Sheffield

Hi everyone, there is a public action against new open cast coal mining coming up. The people organising it are a new group and a hoping for lots of people to come, to start building a strong
resistance against the massive new coal mining plans in the UK and elsewhere. It'll be a fun day and a great start to the campaign.

Leave it in the Ground!
open-cast coal mass trespass and picnic
Meet noon, 26th May, Derbyshire

A new open-cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire, unless we stop it now. Lodge House site is one of seven that UK Coal is to open-cast. The 122 hectare site will have one million tonnes of coal ripped out over five years by UK Coal.
This is madness in the face of climate change and it is also criminal vandalism of nature. So lets stop it!

To combat open-cast coal mining at this and other new mines, a new action group 'Leave it in the Ground'; has formed, supported by Earth First! with an invite to a Picnic in the Park on 26th May for a mass trespass to see it before the destruction starts, meet the locals and have fun. So come and Discover Derbyshire!
Meet at the Visitors Centre, Shipley Country Park, Slack Lane, Heanor DE75 7GX at 12 noon on the 26th May.

Bring banners, music, food and sturdy footwear.

For more info phone 07852 460871 or email

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