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RBS Targeted in Leeds after Cuts Announcement

22-10-2010 13:22

Today, Thursday 21st October, protesters targeted RBS branches across Leeds. Early this morning the RBS headquarters on East Parade and the main NatWest branch on Park Row were attacked with paint, sand and glue. The buildings and pavement were sprayed with the messages “Banks get Bailouts, We get Cuts” and “Cut This!”


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Off to Wanno for a very short spell!

22-10-2010 13:21

An account of a very short spell at Her Majesty's Pleasure in HMP Wandsworth following a hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court on the charge of trespass on a designated site (the Old War Office Building) report here:


When I was sentenced the judge told me I would serve 1/2 (which is what happened last time & as I understand it, that is quite common).  I was given 5 days which works out to 2 1/2 days in custody.  As they count the day you go to court as a day in custody, I had my first day as Monday, second day yesterday and my half day today. The other prisoners were having a bit of a laugh about it as you don't usually meet people on a 5 day sentence in prison!  5 mths or 5 years maybe! 

Gareth had a different judge when he went to court a couple of weeks back.  He got 18mth conditional discharge (and no fine).  My judge (a DJ) asked me whether I would continue to carry out such illegal activities.  I answered that I follow my conscience as the supreme guide and that when the law and my conscience differs, I would always follow my conscience and as such the likelihood of my committing future crimes remained.  On this basis, the judge said that she saw little point in a conditional discharge and said she would fine me which came to £190 in total.  I replied that I would not pay the fine on moral grounds at which point she said she had no option but to take some time from me.  I had no issue with this as I see this a necessary and powerful action.  At this point she gave me the 5 days and said I'd serve half. 

And so off to Wanno with four others.  This time I spent the whole time in the induction wing on the 3's (there are four landings in Wandsworth) as the officers apparently saw no point in moving me to another wing given the short sentence.  I was on the floor where all the people are detoxing off drugs/alcohol.  I met a guy in there who was on Democracy Village called Chris which was good- he is quite enjoying the experience as he appreciates a warm cell and square meals after more than 20 years on the streets.  I also had some good conversations with the guys in the canteen regarding the prison industrial complex and how the corporations are making billions out of the system of imprisonment.  One remarked that if everyone was to stay out of prison, the rich would lose alot of dough! 

On the journey into the prison I had been struck by a loss of faith and wondered what this whole process was about, but when I got inside the prison yard and saw the barbed wire and heard the voices of the other prisoners, I knew that this is the place I should be.  Thoreau wrote:   "Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison"  I do not claim to be an entirely just man, but I agree with this sentiment.   While I was in prison I wrote some words on active non-violence:

What is active non-violence?  

The basic principle of active non-violence (as I see it) is a conscious decision to refrain from any violence towards any living being.  This includes refraining from thinking harmful thoughts about any living being, hateful speech or action which is not grounded in unconditional compassion for everything in existence.  

What does active non-violence mean in political terms?  

In political struggles, active non-violence means refusing to harm or hate an oppressor.  It is a tactit rejection of violence as a means of bringing change and an embracing of love as a means of communicating with those acting unjustly and immorally.   

 Why follow active non-violence?  

Active non-violence is the only way to change the heart of the oppressor.  Violence has the ability to change the mind of the oppressor, for example to make them consider a change in tactics which may bring temporary security or to suspend an aggressive action in the short term, however as violence does not bring about a change in the heart of the oppressor (through engaging with the conscience) it will not lead to a permanent change in their actions and thus the oppression will continue.  By effecting the conscience of the oppressor, there is a chance of effecting a lasting change in their behaviour. Violence leaves seeds of bitterness and hatred which sprout long after it has been perpetrated and produce fruits of contention for a long time after.  If you kill someone (who has been oppressing) there is a chance of leaving anger and malice in family members and friends and a sense of resentment.  In this way, violence fuels further problems. Compassion and love can only produce compassion and love.  By having compassion for the oppressor (but not yielding to their behaviour or injustice), there is an opportunity to catalyse a process of inner searching which can lead to their changing action and behaviour.   

Does active non-violence mean doing nothing in times of oppression or violence?
The practitioner of active non-violence must be as active as possible in times of oppression or violence.  They must be prepared to sacrifice their freedom, personal security and safety in challenging immoral, oppressive, violent behaviour.  They must be prepared to endure physical violence and put their mental, physical and spiritual energy into a determined effort to refrain from responding with violence but instead to remain steadfastly non-violent in the face of oppression.  Active non-violence requires courage, determination, patience and discipline.  It should not be confused with pacifism or passive non-violence where a practitioner may do nothing in the midst of injustice all around them.  Non-violence requires more courage than violence.  Violence too requires courage and thus it is superior to cowardice as those who are cowardly and do nothing whilst oppression occurs carry out a worse crime than those who violent resist. However active non-violence is superior to both violence and cowardice as only non-violence can bring lasting peace whereas violence can only bring temporary security (at best) and cowardice simply bends to the will of oppressor.   

How can you be sure active non-violence works?  

 If you believe in the innate conscience that is within all humans, that every individual possesses a conscience, then it is possible that every individual (to varying degrees 8) is capable of listening to their conscience and acting upon this knowledge. Active non-violence works by stimulating the consciences of those who oppress us.  It's aim is to make the oppressor feel a sense of injustice through experiencing or witnessing the suffering of the practitioners of non-violence which when successful will provoke a searching of the conscience which are the first steps to a change in behaviour.  

Can you practice active non-violence?  

 If you are prepared to try and master your mind, body and spirit and try to keep your head in times of chaos.  If you are prepared to make a commitment to try to not act with violence or aggression when faced with violence and aggression.  If you can try to maintain compassion towards those who offer you none and smite you, if you can forgive them unconditionally then you are ready to attempt active non-violence.  It should be noted that active non-violence is not a tactic, nor is it something to be tried at one time and let go of at another, it is a spiritual process to be engaged in, which reflects a realisation that we are all one in spirit with no separation (despite the appearances 8).  That said, we all make mistakes ( I know I do) and participating in active non-violence does not mean that we will not make mistakes from time to time, but it does mean that when these mistakes happen to resolve not to repeat them and put effort into making sure they do not reoccur.  



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2010 Peace and Disarmament Fair – Seoul, South Korea (War Profiteers' News)

22-10-2010 12:38

Work against war profiteering has emerged in South Korea in recent years. An important step in its development was the 2010 Peace and Disarmament Fair, which took place between the 2nd and 3rd of October, organised by the Peace and Disarmament Fair Preparatory Committee.

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The Migrant Condition

22-10-2010 11:56

When I was recently named chairman of the Committee on Overseas Workers’ Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, I was approached by members of the press for my views on migrant labor. I remembered a speech I delivered last year at the Global Forum for Migration and Development in Athens, Greece. The thrust of the speech was that migrants’ rights have to be addressed on two fronts: ending the neoliberal policies that are responsible for creating poverty in their home countries, thus forcing them to emigrate, and demanding that they are given full rights in their host countries.

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Action against RPS group Glasgow in Solidarity with communities in Co. Mayo and

22-10-2010 11:03

On Saturday the 16th, RPS Group's offices in Glasgow had its locks and signage destroyed by people who are outraged in their involvement with the Corrib Gas Pipeline in Co. Mayo Ireland and the Open Cast Coal mines of the Douglas Valley, south Lanarkshire, Scotland.

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Protesters against cuts occupy bank in Glasgow

22-10-2010 10:23

At 11am today a small group of us occupied a bank in Glasgow for an hour to protest against yesterday's announced cuts and attacks on ordinary people.

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Cumbrians soft and "willing" Nuke Dump Host ?

22-10-2010 09:23

Are Cumbrians  a soft and willing host for 'geological disposal' of high level nuclear waste?  Is compensation possible for loss of a viable future? The many Cumbrian groups who have already expressed opposition to the geological disposal of nuclear waste think not.

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Hollywood - Weaponised Dream Factory: an Interview with Matthew Alford

22-10-2010 09:16

Where They Have Holes In Their Souls

We bask in a certain reflected glory from the newspapers we read. To “take” The Times is to be far more intellectual, far more highbrow, than someone who takes the Mail. To read the Mail is to be far more responsible than someone who gawks in the Mirror. A Guardian reader is highbrow with a human face: intellectual, aware, like other “broadsheet” readers, but with a much greater commitment to making the world a better, fairer place. Independent readers share the same commitment, perhaps a little less earnestly.

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Christmas Craft Fair

22-10-2010 07:22

Craft Fayre on November 6th 2010
Craft Fayre on November 6th 2010 between 2-5pm, Quaker Meeting House, 300 Gloucester Rd, Bristol, BS7 8PD. Homemade gifts with an emphasis on recycled and eco friendly, good variety of stalls, refreshments available. Free entry, children friendly

Facebook event page here!/event.php?eid=163391383686511

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Nottm Animal Rights Events

22-10-2010 02:36

Another two weeks fun & games

Saturday 23/10/10 - vegan catering campaigning at Anarchist Bookfair in London and Asian Deaf Festival in Derby.

Thursday 28/10/10 - Next Brinsley animal rescue work evening. Transport from Broxtowe at 18:00.

Friday 29/10/10 - Harlan demo, leaving sumac 15:00. Greet the workers of Hillcrest farm, a breeder for the vivisection industry including the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Friday 29/10/10 - Anti-greyhound racing demo at Colwick race track, from 18:30.

Friday 29/10/10 - Screening of "A Minority Pastime", Mackworth Road, Derby. 19.00.

Saturday 30/10/10 - West Midlands Vegan Festival in Wolverhampton, followed by a visit to the vegan section of the Birmingham Beer Festival..
Transport from Nottingham.

Monday 01/11/10 - World vegan day. Free food giveaway in Derby, Prep from 10:00, event starting from 12:00.

Tuesday 02/11/10 - As part of Vegan month, guerilla catering event in Nottingham, from 11:00. Help needed.

Thursday 04/11/10 - Next planning meeting in Broadway mezz bar at 19:30.

Check diary or contact us for any further details that you need.



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Transition Hebden Radio, part 3 of 3

21-10-2010 23:23

A few months ago, Hebden Bridge became a Transition Town.

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Anti-nuclear protests at 100 German locations this Saturday

21-10-2010 23:15

Castor container
Opponents of nuclear electricity generation will gather at 100 locations throughout Germany coming Saturday (23 Oct) to protest against the trucking and railing of nuclear waste hither and thither across the country.

Organisers claim that at least 500 additional consignments of CASTOR containers will travel if the operating lives of 17 nuclear power stations are extended, which the conservative-led government plans to do by parliamentary decision next Thursday, 28 Oct.

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Smash EDO: Hammertime arrestees! Get in touch

21-10-2010 22:25

Quite a few people who were pre emptively arrested at Smash EDO's Hammertime demo last week have told us that they are considering taking civil action against the police. This kind of action is best pursued collectively.

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New SHAC Prisoners' Addresses

21-10-2010 21:30


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rumours of our death have been greatly exagerated

21-10-2010 21:22

the factory social lives
there may be some confusion as to the state of affairs at the factory

we're still here and still open and still going!
there have been threats of eviction but we are not going anywhere soon
so please come and use the space, below is a list of the different rooms we have up and running
there is a lot of potential for almost any type of project to go

repair and maintenance of the space is constantly going on. the multiple roofs have been fixed, new drainage installed, large amounts of floorboards and windows have been restored, beams, joists and walls have been reinforced, repaired or simply reinstalled. much has been done, but there'sstill more to go if anyone enjoys this type of activity these are also ongoing projects to get involved in!

Here are the spaces we have up and running that are free and open for people to use, and bring any new ideas or projects to…


art room
-screen printing facilities (in progress, we need help and expertise – we have a carousel and space for a dark room, and a sink with running water)
-paint and other art materials
-massive work table and other work surfaces
-space for creating whatever you want

function room
-space for small and/or quiet events
-large room with sofas and armchairs and light
-has been used for meetings, discussion, yoga, dance practice, skillshares, meditation, board games nights, film screenings
-‘board game night’ is here every Wednesday night from 8pm
-‘social centre meetings’ are here every Thursday at 7pm
-‘men confronting patriarchy meetings’ are here every Friday at 6pm

-this is adjoining the function room and is a space for learning about herbal medicine
-this has many tinctures and herbs for medicinal use
-equipment (bottles, funnels, muslin cloth) to make your own tinctures, salves, oils etc.
-drying racks for your freshly foraged herbs
-books and information concerning nutrition, plants, gardening, herbs and more holistic ways to look after body and mind.
-please call, email or drop in to arrange a consultation time with ‘witches in tracksuits’ (the informal apothecary crew)

-computer room with printers, scanners and internet connection
-geek club meet here every Tuesday night at 6pm and are happy to help with fixing computers and installing linux, discussing networking, servers etc. come hang around and talk about geeky stuff!

-a schmorgasboard of information concerning the social centre and other anarchist events within the city and beyond. (a table with a bunch of flyers on it)
-first aid kit
-incoming telephone

social centre bathroom and shower
-please come and use if you need


main room
-the largest room in the building
-suitable for a variety of different activities
-‘people's kitchen’ runs here every Tuesday at 8pm (this is a donations based vegan dinner) with a film showing after
-self-defence training happens here on Wednesday at 6pm
-other events in this space are and have been: circus skills practice, cafes, tea parties, film nights, larger meetings and discussions
-we have a pool table
-there are two toilets adjoining this room

social centre kitchen
-currently in the process of building a massive kitchen looking onto portland square
-the old factory safe-room is now storage for vittels

market room
-at the moment this is where the bikes go, but will be the market room where fruit and veg will be given out for donations

bike workshop
-many salvaged bikes and parts to reassemble or fix up other bikes

workshop & tat room
-communal tools for using round the building
-building materials

-this room was totally destroyed by water damage coming in from the roof over the last few years.
-it has been saved but work needs to be done fixing the roofing better and turning the space into a cosy cinema room

also we have been very kindly been donated an off-site allotment in st pauls, which has been going well and maybe requires some love before the frost

28 Portland Square
St Pauls
01179 249533

please call or email for any information at all or drop in (ringing the doorbell by the green door on cave street) and come and see for yourself!

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Details of Anti-Cuts Protests across UK this Saturday

21-10-2010 21:15

A list of anti-cuts demonstrations in towns and cities across the UK this weekend. Please help in distributing this list to other messageboards and mailing lists you have access to.

Also post details of other protests you are aware of below.

From small seeds...

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Rally against the cuts in Oxford

21-10-2010 21:10

The Comprehensive Spending Review was announced on 20 October. I went along to the rally against public sector spending cuts in Oxford that evening. Here is what I saw and felt ...

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Commune Reading Group

21-10-2010 19:22

Spaces outside capitalism
The next session of The Commune’s Bristol reading group on alternatives to capitalism will be looking at spaces outside capitalism. We will be discussing the value – or otherwise – of ‘autonomous zones’ and ‘co-operatives’ as a means of working outside the system.
The next session of The Commune’s Bristol reading group on alternatives to capitalism will be looking at spaces outside capitalism. We will be discussing the value – or otherwise – of ‘autonomous zones’ and ‘co-operatives’ as a means of working outside the system.

From 6pm on Sunday 24th October at Café Kino, Ninetree Hill, Stokes Croft. Recommended reading below – email for more info.

The classic statement on autonomous zones:

Hakim Bey – The Temporary Autonomous Zone

A critique of lifestyle anarchism:

Murray Bookchin “Social Anarchism or Lifestyle Anarchism: An Unbridgeable Chasm”–lifestyle-anarchism-murray-bookchin

If you want to shorten the reading you could skip sections 6 and 7 which relate to the session last month on primitivism, but I’m sure you will find them of interest nevertheless.

On co-operatives as a strategic approach (8 short parts)

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Crude Awakening

21-10-2010 18:50

Crude Awakening took a different approach to previous years mass direct actions, such as last years great climate swoop where the target is announced weeks in advance, with the day of action normally being a standoff with police, who like everyone else have also been warned weeks in advance. Crude Awakening was different in that a mass direct action was announced but the target kept a secret. Only that it would be an
action against the oil industry somewhere in London.

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21-10-2010 18:40

Public Meeting: Afghanistan - The Case for Withdrawal
Thursday 28 October at 7pm, Shandon Lecture Theatre, Main Building, Cardiff University, Park Place (opp. Student Union)
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Every Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Yorkshire: Demo/vigil at NSA/NRO Menwith Hill US Spy Base More info: CAAB.

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