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rumours of our death have been greatly exagerated

the factory | 21.10.2010 21:22

the factory social lives
there may be some confusion as to the state of affairs at the factory

we're still here and still open and still going!
there have been threats of eviction but we are not going anywhere soon
so please come and use the space, below is a list of the different rooms we have up and running
there is a lot of potential for almost any type of project to go

repair and maintenance of the space is constantly going on. the multiple roofs have been fixed, new drainage installed, large amounts of floorboards and windows have been restored, beams, joists and walls have been reinforced, repaired or simply reinstalled. much has been done, but there'sstill more to go if anyone enjoys this type of activity these are also ongoing projects to get involved in!

Here are the spaces we have up and running that are free and open for people to use, and bring any new ideas or projects to…


art room
-screen printing facilities (in progress, we need help and expertise – we have a carousel and space for a dark room, and a sink with running water)
-paint and other art materials
-massive work table and other work surfaces
-space for creating whatever you want

function room
-space for small and/or quiet events
-large room with sofas and armchairs and light
-has been used for meetings, discussion, yoga, dance practice, skillshares, meditation, board games nights, film screenings
-‘board game night’ is here every Wednesday night from 8pm
-‘social centre meetings’ are here every Thursday at 7pm
-‘men confronting patriarchy meetings’ are here every Friday at 6pm

-this is adjoining the function room and is a space for learning about herbal medicine
-this has many tinctures and herbs for medicinal use
-equipment (bottles, funnels, muslin cloth) to make your own tinctures, salves, oils etc.
-drying racks for your freshly foraged herbs
-books and information concerning nutrition, plants, gardening, herbs and more holistic ways to look after body and mind.
-please call, email or drop in to arrange a consultation time with ‘witches in tracksuits’ (the informal apothecary crew)

-computer room with printers, scanners and internet connection
-geek club meet here every Tuesday night at 6pm and are happy to help with fixing computers and installing linux, discussing networking, servers etc. come hang around and talk about geeky stuff!

-a schmorgasboard of information concerning the social centre and other anarchist events within the city and beyond. (a table with a bunch of flyers on it)
-first aid kit
-incoming telephone

social centre bathroom and shower
-please come and use if you need


main room
-the largest room in the building
-suitable for a variety of different activities
-‘people's kitchen’ runs here every Tuesday at 8pm (this is a donations based vegan dinner) with a film showing after
-self-defence training happens here on Wednesday at 6pm
-other events in this space are and have been: circus skills practice, cafes, tea parties, film nights, larger meetings and discussions
-we have a pool table
-there are two toilets adjoining this room

social centre kitchen
-currently in the process of building a massive kitchen looking onto portland square
-the old factory safe-room is now storage for vittels

market room
-at the moment this is where the bikes go, but will be the market room where fruit and veg will be given out for donations

bike workshop
-many salvaged bikes and parts to reassemble or fix up other bikes

workshop & tat room
-communal tools for using round the building
-building materials

-this room was totally destroyed by water damage coming in from the roof over the last few years.
-it has been saved but work needs to be done fixing the roofing better and turning the space into a cosy cinema room

also we have been very kindly been donated an off-site allotment in st pauls, which has been going well and maybe requires some love before the frost

28 Portland Square
St Pauls
01179 249533

please call or email for any information at all or drop in (ringing the doorbell by the green door on cave street) and come and see for yourself!

the factory
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