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UK Newswire Archive

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France: round-up of strikes and more government attacks on conditions

16-01-2008 19:49

January 16th, 2008 by Jef Costello

Just outside of Paris at the Areva TD factory in Montrouge, 89 striking workers have been occupying and blockading the factory for four days.The movement began after management announced plans to close the factory, which produces electrical transformers. Workers are demanding large compensation payments, management is currently refusing to negotiate.

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Sea Shepherd Crew Remain Hostages On The Japanese Whaling Ship

16-01-2008 19:46

ABOARD THE STEVE IRWIN - 16 January 2008 -- 0500 GMT

Twenty-four hours later, Sea Shepherd crew members Giles Lane from the U.K. and Benjamin Potts from Australia remain hostages on the Yushin Maru No. 2.

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2007 Was Second Warmest Year on Record ..... Although

16-01-2008 19:03

The Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has released its report showing last year tied with 1998 as the second warmest year just behind 2005.

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Using Bhutto for Imperial Gain

16-01-2008 18:48

US forces are in the region to stay, and Washington under any administration (Democrat or Republican) intends to dominate this vital part of the world with its vast energy reserves. The strategy appears similar to the divide and conquer one in Yugoslavia. There it worked, but the Middle East and Central Asia aren't so simple. Stay tuned as events will likely accelerate, the media will highlight them, and it looks like stepped up conflict (and its fallout) is part of the plan.

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Germany: 80 000 march to remember the murder of Luxemburg and Liebknecht

16-01-2008 18:45

"Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Lenin - no one is forgotten - stand up and resist"
Germany, Berlin. On Sunnday 80 000 people marched on the streets of Berlin to the cemetary of the socialists in Friedrichsfelde where Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, the founders of the German Communist Party (KPD) are burried.

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Guantanamo protest

16-01-2008 18:37

Several Bradford residents stage an impromptu demonstration marking the sixth anniversary of Guantanamo bay in Cuba.

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Economic Terrorist Network

16-01-2008 16:52

Mark Logan Pedley - Leader Of The Dominion Of Melchizedek
THE DOMINION OF MELCHIZEDEK, a global economic terrorist network has supported fraud and money-laundering in the U.S. and overseas for over 20-years using sophisticated criminal shadowy tradecrafts targeting individuals and businesses the U.S. government claims it cannot protect against.

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Tony’s Bu$ine$$: The Rising Son of the House of JP Morgan

16-01-2008 15:36

He was impregnably armoured with his good intentions and his ignorance.
Graham Greene – The Quiet American.

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Pictures From Midsummer House Demo

16-01-2008 15:36

Video Police 4x4
Photos from demo on Sat 12th Jan 2008 at Midsummer House in Cambridge against the sale of Foie Gras.

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Urgent Action on Tibet: Email Gordon Brown

16-01-2008 14:46

Tibet Freedom NOW!!!!
11 January 2008
Urgent message from the Free Tibet Campaign

Call on Gordon Brown to talk Tibet in China next week

Please act as soon as possible

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Another Attack on Gaza, 17 Palestinians Killed

16-01-2008 13:37

This was predicted long before Annapolis, as Israel announced it would not negotiate, and had already made plans for increased aggression and a possible reoccupation of Gaza.

Where are the angry demonstrations in the streets? This won't end until Israel is forced to stop what it's doing. Appeasement does nothing.

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Anti police action 23rd January

16-01-2008 12:24


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Britain to Implant Prisoners With Spychips

16-01-2008 10:03

Britain to Implant Prisoners With Spychips

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Deadline for SOCPA public consultation is tomorrow!

16-01-2008 09:05

Get your forms in!

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US appellate court rejects British victims’ suit for Guantánamo torture damages

16-01-2008 04:51

On January 11, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed a case brought by four British citizens seeking money damages to compensate them for having been tortured by the US government. The four individuals were held for more than two years at the United States Naval Base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

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Prosecution of civil servant under Official Secrets Act fails

16-01-2008 04:49

A civil servant at the Foreign Office accused of breaching the Official Secrets Act by leaking government documents to the media had the charges against him dropped at the Old Bailey last week.

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Whalers Make Demands Over Hostages

16-01-2008 02:17

"The Institute of Cetacean Research is acting like a terrorist organization," said Steve Irwin’s 1st Officer Peter Brown. "Here they are taking hostages and making demands. Our policy is that we don’t respond to terrorist demands."

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Video of Sea Shepherd Activists Taken Hostage

16-01-2008 01:01

The Japanese harpoon vessel Yushin Maru No. 2 has taken two Sea Shepherd volunteer crew members hostage. Benjamin Potts 28, an Australian citizen and Giles Lane, 35, a citizen of Great Britain are being held hostage onboard the whaling vessel. Both men were assaulted and then tied to the railings of the whaler. They were then moved and tied to the radar mast by the whalers.

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Sea Shepherd considering rescue mission

16-01-2008 00:50

Mr Watson said his crew would consider a rescue mission if the men were not returned to his craft. "It is always a possibility. I mean, we do have a reputation for being aggressive. We are non-violent, we have never injured anybody, but we are certainly not afraid of taking aggressive measures," Mr Watson said.

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Fit up the Cops: It's Pay Back Time

16-01-2008 00:01

23rd January 2008
Meet Weatherspoons on Baker Street (nearest tube Marble Arch)

Bring anything you think could be useful...
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