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Guantanamo protest

required - answer supplied | 16.01.2008 18:37 | Terror War

Several Bradford residents stage an impromptu demonstration marking the sixth anniversary of Guantanamo bay in Cuba.

At 6 o' clock on 11th January a bunch of Bradford based activists descended on the Interchange to mark the opening of the American torture prison. Three of them, dressed in orange suits and were leaded out in hoods and blindfolds to the area at the bottom of the escalator and some more people held up banners pointing out the current Amnesty campaign to unsubscribe from torture. The demonstration was very visual and got the attention of Police after about twenty minutes after which they hustled the group outside where they immediately started again. After being informed that they needed to leave Metro property they moved into the square and set up below the big screen which saw many passers by engage with the topic of torture and fair trial. After overwhelming attention from slightly drunk people the protest continued a march up the hill to the doors of Sainsburys where they stayed for a further five minutes before ending. The three in orange jump suits had spent nearly an hour in the torture position and been led blind from the interchange to Sainsburys with only one collision.
The protest raised a lot of discussion and was very effective considering the short turn around by the Bradford activists. Guantanamo Bay opened six years ago on the soil of Cube in order to commit unconstitutional torture to prisoners held for long periods of time without evident, fair trial or access to families. It currently holds over 500.

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