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Fit up the Cops: It's Pay Back Time

Fit Watch | 16.01.2008 00:01 | Policing | Repression | London

23rd January 2008
Meet Weatherspoons on Baker Street (nearest tube Marble Arch)

Bring anything you think could be useful...

On January 23rd, the police will be marching through London demanding
higher pay. Present will be violent trouble makers and threats to public
order, including veterans from J18, Mayday and G8.

Fit Watch are determined that this small minority will not wreck havoc
through Central London. We will therefore be providing an overt
surveillance presence with the aim of deterring anti social behaviour.

The cops have been violently crushing our struggles for years. They are
violent thugs who don’t deserve any money, let alone more money.

Let’s show they’re not welcome on our streets.

Fit Watch
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16.01.2008 11:10

The meet up point is the Tyburn pub on Edgware Road. Nearest tube Marble Arch- sorry for the confusion.

Fit Watch
mail e-mail: defycops(at)