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UK Newswire Archive

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Developments in Ukraine - U.S. Special Force Spotted Amongst Fascist Forces

07-05-2014 01:19

The tragic events in the city of Odessa on the 2nd of May 2014, which resulted in more than 40 civilians dead and more than 100 wounded (the total numbers are still to be confirmed), demonstrated again the Kiev authorities’ inability to control the armed nationalists, including the “Right Sector” ultra-radical grouping. The Odessa’s tragedy confirmed that Kiev is prepared to use force and provocations in order to ensure at any cost holding of the presidential elections on 25 May.

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A Strange, Soulless Man and His Failed Presidency

06-05-2014 18:54

How vividly I remember the photos of Obama in Berlin during his campaign in 2008: streets literally flooded with people keen to get a glimpse of a promising young politician

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Desert film festival ends on a high note

06-05-2014 16:36

FiSahara film festival held in desert refugee camp comes to an end with musical performances by legendary South African and Western Saharan musicians and prizes awarded to Legna, Clint Eastwood and Dirty Wars

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Anarcho Dance Punk Group Behind Uprising in Odessia Russia

06-05-2014 06:01

Former Australia Anarcho-Punk Dance group Black Rose Syndicat fermenting Chaos and Mayhem in former Ukrainian now Russian city of Odessa and in Ankara Turkey as part of global war on fascist fuckers.

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50 Years to Destruction

05-05-2014 23:49

Gathering of people to call for serious investment into and research of renewable energies and sources in light of the UN climate report giving just 50 years for world co2 emissions to be reduced by 40% and the call for the end to all fossil fuel use.

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Supplemental photos to May Day event of Saturday May 3rd

05-05-2014 21:22

Some supplementary photos of the May Day event of Saturday May 3rd with collation of reports from around the globe.

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UG#681 - Leviathan Remixed (Resistance Audiocollage)

05-05-2014 16:15

Credit to Virtual Renderings' "Ponderings From Within Leviathan" which moved me past the tipping point and inspired me to make the first audiocollage since the start of OWS. Based largely on 2 Virtual Renderings audiocollages, I overlay a range of other material to amplify the start choice that faces us - resist or be complicit in Leviathan's ongoing project of planetary destruction.

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FOI Hearing. Re. HLS

05-05-2014 12:31

Hearing Details 12 May.

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Organising for Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

05-05-2014 10:15

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Parties put through their paces at European Election Hustings

04-05-2014 20:56

Information about hustings meeting in Edinburgh for the European Elections.

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Boko Haram – An Image From The Future

04-05-2014 15:02

The future, according to the book, begins only when the false totality of the present is no more. If there was no such thing then there would be no such discontinuity, but since there is there is. On the other hand, the past is not over until the false consciousness of capitalism becomes a totality, and if it does not go away for that it may have something in common with the former. The pivot on the false totality that the two can pursue together, as the tell-tale narrators of market ideology would describe it in their vocabulary, is already a reality putting severe pressure on the military-industrial complex. With Boko Haram having entered the global war on capitalism with a doctrine of open tactical mimicry of the useless suicide army, it became an undeniable fact that the Atlantic Divide is not merely an European matter, but an African one as well. Otherwise it would have to be called Northatlantic Divide but obviously that is not the whole truth. The divide also finds expression in the fact that internal divisions which are remarkably dominant on the American side do not play any role on its Pangaean one. The nervous reactions of canary factions in the military-industrial complex demonstrate that from the Southern side as well, it is not merely a local rejection of imperialism but one yearning for it to be cleared out of the entire hemisphere. If imperialism was a patient, which it is not – it is the disease and Earth is the patient – then its military bases could be seen as hospitals. But even in the few instances where they are, actually they are not, since they do not heal it.

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Anarchists shut down Barclays in Cardiff

04-05-2014 12:49

outside Barclays
On Saturday 3rd May, a group of 25 anarchists and other anti-militarists closed Barclays' Cardiff city centre branch in protest of the bank's investment in the arms trade.

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Oklahoma Governor Thanks Witnesses After Botched Execution

04-05-2014 02:42

"So I appreciate you coming today and thank you for your attendance," said Oklahoma (USA) Governor Mary Fallin before leaving the room and not responding to any questions regarding the prolonged botched execution.

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May Day march and rally in Edinburgh

03-05-2014 23:15

A report of the Saturday 3rd May Day event in Edinburgh with a collation of other May Day reports.

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BBC racism and Jeremy Clarkson

03-05-2014 21:32

Jeremy Clarkson with David Cameron
Jeremy Clarkson

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Abused men from women

02-05-2014 18:00

(Violence inside houses.)
A text from the automatic translator.
It has been written to a doctor's site.
Nowadays in Greece there are a big crisis .
85 percent of suicides are from men.
There are reactions in Greece because a lot of feminists don't refer the problems of men but in the majoity of themes the problems are bigger to them. For example at the streets the majority of people who don't have to stay are men. The text like this is not often to be written. Also is from a doctor'site

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BBC Propaganda Hits New All-Time Low

02-05-2014 12:49

An article from Craig Murray detailing BBC and Guardian complicity in UK Government propaganda regarding the Scottish independence vote. Original here:

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Organising for Prison Abolition: Skill Sharing Weekend

02-05-2014 08:42

How can we build a movement for prison abolition in the UK? How can we build literacy and understanding around terms like ‘prison abolition’ and ‘prison industrial complex’? How do we do this work with those healing from prison and create a supportive culture of care and solidarity? How do we do this work with people completely new to radical politics or alternative thinking?

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Protective Shielding

02-05-2014 01:26

Most people do not realise that our bodies and minds are being subjected to toxic electronic smog and at times electro-magnetic attacks.
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