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Protective Shielding

Oxford Anarchist Resistance | 02.05.2014 01:26 | Globalisation | Health | Technology | Oxford

Most people do not realise that our bodies and minds are being subjected to toxic electronic smog and at times electro-magnetic attacks.

These days, many government, military, medical, corporate and even private groups are creating electro-magnetic 'safe spaces' to live and work in.

Of course, there is little reporting of this in the mainstream news, as those in power would rather the common people remain naked and unprotected to these new and increasing environmental dangers. Indeed, they often benefit from our vulnerability, but I shall go into that another time.

The government is spending billions of taxpayer money on electronic shielding, but that does not mean even the poorest person cannot manufacture some kind of protection for themselves with the appropriate information.

Radio and GPS jamming equipment is illegal in UK, except for the government, military and some 'special' corporate interests.

Search "Faraday Cages" and "Electronic Shielding" to get a better understanding of this subject. Even if you only make one room in your home secure in this manner you would benefit in many ways.

I will report on this subject again soon, in more depth and with more specific suggestions.

Oxford Anarchist Resistance