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UK Newswire Archive

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Yet more dirt on BAE murderers

14-09-2005 22:32

DSEI exhibitor BAE systems must be the most shamefully corrupt of all the death dealing companies at DSEI.

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Lots more Wednesday DSEi photos

14-09-2005 22:29

Climber erecting banners
A load more photos from Wednesday's demos.

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Waterside Anti-Arms Fair Protests - Opposite DSEi (pics)

14-09-2005 20:25

Says it all really
This afternoon the last large group of protestors (approx one hundred) moved into position opposite the Excel centre - facing the warships across the basin. As the sounds of the PA sound system echoed across the water - a mix of music, slogans and speeches - defence police and army personnel zipped across the waves in zodiac style speedboats (complete with waterborne FIT). This was about the best place campaigners could get to in order to maker themselves heard by the arms dealers. Demonstrations of military speedboats and landing craft were greeted with jeers and slogans shouted out over the water, meanwhile one person jumped off the quay and made a swim for the warships. (14/09/05)

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14-09-2005 19:46

The 2005 European Basketball Championship in Belgrade, Sponsored by FIBA (Federation Internationale de Basketball) is stained with blood due to the massive extermination of hundreds upon thousands of Companion Animals (Dogs and Cats (Pets)).

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Blockade Pics from DSEi - Tidal Basin West Entrance

14-09-2005 19:45

Cyclists take the roundabout by Tidal Basin
This afternoon a crowd of people blockaded the western entrance to the Excel Centre, host to the DSEi arms fair. The gate was shut to traffic in both directions and arms fair attendees re-routed to the other side of the Excel complex. After some time the police looked like they were preparing to surround people and push them into the 'designated protest zone', so the protestors once again took to the flyover road before moving off to make there presence felt elsewhere.

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Galloway: Elements Within Government Using Terror Provocation Tactics

14-09-2005 19:33

Donald Rumsfeld himself has acknowledged these tactics.

To watch the entire interview, please click on the link provided.

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"Blackwater Mercenaries Deploy in New Orleans" Govt Censored in US Media

14-09-2005 19:20

Blackwater Logo
New Orleans - Heavily armed paramilitary mercenaries from the Blackwater private security firm, infamous for their work in Iraq, are openly patrolling the streets of New Orleans. Some of the mercenaries say they have been "deputized" by the Louisiana governor; indeed some are wearing gold Louisiana state law enforcement badges on their chests and Blackwater photo identification cards on their arms. They say they are on contract with the Department of Homeland Security and have been given the authority to use lethal force.

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Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon to Your Town

14-09-2005 19:09

It is now obvious how martial law (not officially declared as such) will work in America in the wake of the devastation of New Orleans. Instead of federal troops or an influx of National Guard troops sent to “restore order” (the latter mandated in our now anachronistic Constitution; see Article 1, Section 8) and empowered to “suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions,” in Louisiana the state and federal governments have brazenly violated the Constitution by sending in Blackwater Security and other private goon squads. It’s like a scene out of Sinclair Lewis’ dystopic novel, It Can’t Happen Here. “Gun toting militias terrorize the nation at a local level, with the redneck morons handed leadership roles in every community, with the right to summarily execute people who say the wrong thing. Resistors are threatened with imprisonment or death if they don’t go public supporting the party line,” opines Rob Kall for Op-Ed News. “Lewis wrote his book in 1937, having see Hitler’s rise to Power.

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Witnessing arrests outside the DSEI

14-09-2005 19:03

The Metropolitan police have 15 boats. This afternoon 7 of them, all full, faced around a 100 of us on the dock side. At 4.00pm, one man put his hand in front, perhaps on, a police camera-mans lens. Immediately the cameraman grabbed him, pulling him down. He was led away to one of the many waiting vans.

At 4.10pm, a thirty year old women was arrested, taken to another van. She was just in front of me when the police took her, for no reason that I could see. Afterwards somebody said it was because she had chalked a message on the ground. The police at the scene did not tell me why.

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Dsei Pix: Custom House Critical Mass - Clowns Pretty MET Parade - FIT in Boats

14-09-2005 18:59

Critical Mass Cyclists at Custom House this morning
A few misc pix from today's day of direct action against the DSEi arms fair of death, held at the Excel Centre in East London (14/09/05):

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Circle Community Centre,Georges Theatre 1 year Birthday Sep.17

14-09-2005 17:43

A celebration of one year of continuous community action, at Georges theatre,an invitation to all.

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14-09-2005 17:18

Short version of today's Critical Mass, starting from Bank Station and ending up on the Silvertown Way Bridge.

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Silvertown Way Flyover - DSEi Lock-on Road Blockade Pics

14-09-2005 17:03

barriers around them and lots of police
Around six people blockaded one half of the silvertown way flyover heading towards the Excel Centre near Canning Town station this morning, the blockade lasting until late afternoon. They used what looked like two metal containers (sort of small metal barrels) filled with concrete, with their arms locked on inside. They recieved lots of support from other campaigners as police took their pictures and the cutting crews slowly cut them out of the lockons. At some point a car was used to block the other side of the road, being abandoned with the tyres let down. Later Critical Mass cyclists and others on foot blocked the rest of the flyover.

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Custom House Station: Attempt to intimidate journalist

14-09-2005 16:35

A journalist who works for the corporate media reported an attempt to intimidate him at Custom House Station to the indymedia dispatch phones:

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Pics from Canning Town DSEi Train Action

14-09-2005 16:18

stopping the DLR eastbound
Pics from today's action stopping trains going to the Excel centre and the DSEi arms fair at Canning Town train station, delaying arms dealers / buyers getting to the fair (wed 14th June)

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Good article about the state of the left

14-09-2005 16:01

Its from the ever fragrant Greg Palast, hes a good intervew (;

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Meditation For Peace ~ This Evening!

14-09-2005 14:25

There will be a 'Meditation for Peace' in Parliament Square this evening at 5pm.

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14-09-2005 13:55

Lomdon is shit

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Call for G8 photos

14-09-2005 13:17

A group of us are putting together a book of reflections on the movement against the G8 in Scotland this summer. We need photos of all parts of the mobilisation but particularly of the blockades on wednesday 6th July. If you have any photos you think are relevant write to:

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DSEi arrest Wednesday at Convergence

14-09-2005 12:29

Arrests and general harrassment at Convergence Space
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