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UK Newswire Archive

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pictures from saturday newcastle

27-01-2009 00:58

saturdays demo pictures

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The Icelandic Government has Collapsed

27-01-2009 00:57

Demonstration outside parlaiment
Under the pressure because of a firestorm of a popular uprising that's seen the Icelandic Parlaiment seiged by demonstrators, weekly mass rallys that grew more and more militant, Police hospitalised and an elite who've been cowering away at how the winds blowing against their greasy faces, the Icelandic Government has finally collapsed. This makes it the first Government victim of the global financial crisis.

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Prison Death Demo

27-01-2009 00:52

Protest the fatal imprisonment of another woman at the notorious HMP Styal - Alison Colk was found hanging in a cell just one day into a 28 day sentence.

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BBC occupied in London

26-01-2009 23:54

Run officer ruuun!
Today the Stop the War Coalition called a protest outside the BBC. The demo was about the BBC's unfortunate decision to give everyone the impression that they are quite frankly racist. If an earthquake struck Tel Aviv would the BBC refuse to show aid appeals in a bid to appear unbiased? Or is this just a commercial decision? Are they worried about how their ratings might suffer in Israel and the USA if they dared to help a mere 1 million people who have no electricity and clean water due to the war crimes of Israel? Cowards!

On a lighter note this appearance by Tony Benn on the beeb is fucking hilarious:

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Animal Rights Coalition Gathering Report

26-01-2009 22:56

Animal Rights Banner

Sunday 25th January saw the national Animal Rights Coaliton meeting (ARC) take place at the Beesley Green Community Centre near Manchester. Attendees came from as far afield as Birmingham, Nottingham, North Wales, Leeds, Lancashire, London, Swansea, Coventry and of course Manchester. There was also a representative of the Mexican Animal Rights movement who attended to see how the process of Animal Rights activism in the UK was organised.

Notable absentees it would seem, refreshingly, were PC Plum and his camera wielding hordes, due to the heightened threat of terrorist activity in the town of Balamory perhaps?

Kicking at 10am with a chance to form and strengthen bonds between AR activists from across the country, the event drew in excess of 50 people, both human and canine. Far from presenting an image of a movement in fear, licking it's wounds following recent high profile trials, including the sentencing of a number of SHAC activists for conspiracy to blackmail and the start of Mel Broughton's retrial, the mood was on the whole upbeat, positive and imaginative.

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Cambridge occupation latest photos

26-01-2009 22:39

Lots of changes today at the occupation, that got visited by the proctors, and where people not belonging to the university see their access blocked again. Check the blog for details at:

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Italy: latest attacks on migrants and protests

26-01-2009 22:19

Demonstration by refugees attacked by riot police in Tuscany.
16 women on hungerstrike in Lampedusa.
In Rome attacks of Eastern European by fascists.

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Letter from Jeff Luers - Taking Power

26-01-2009 22:09

Dear Friends,
Below is a new article written by Jeff, focusing on the need for alternative
energy in our communities. Please take a moment to read it and forward or share
with others.
In addition, we want to wish everyone a Happy 2009! Less than one year from
now, Jeff will be free again. In the meantime, we've got lots of work to do
making sure that Jeff's transition is as easy as possible. Please continue your
letters of support to Jeff, and donations to Jeff's education and release fund
are constantly needed and greatly appreciated.
Thank you again for all your support and solidarity.
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers

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Rovics : Israel & the media

26-01-2009 22:08

Extract from a recent Tehran Times interview with David Rovics.
In May David will be touring the UK with Attila the Stockbroker and Fiona Keanan, including Edinburgh, Bannermans, 18/05/09.

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Beeb - EU Humanitarian chief blames Hamas

26-01-2009 18:53

BBC reports that EU Humanitarian aid chief Louis Michel has said Hamas bore "overwhelming responsibility" for what has happened in Gaza. This helps them justify the decision not to support any appeals of aid to Gaza.

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Israel Killed Everything but the Will to Resist

26-01-2009 18:46

People of Gaza celebrating the end of Israeli military invasion
Three weeks of Israeli terror caused about 1400 deaths, over 5500 injured (many seriously), vast destruction throughout Gaza, and Physicians for Human Rights warning that large numbers of wounded may die because hospitals are overloaded and lack basic supplies. Yet Palestinians endure. Their spirit is unbowed and unbroken. Hamas is more popular than ever, and world outrage sustains them.

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Campaign for High Welfare Chicken - Channel 4 Tonight

26-01-2009 18:34

Don’t forget to watch Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too in Channel 4 tonight at 9pm. This programme will reveal what happened when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall attempted to change Tesco’s policies of selling intensively reared chicken.

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UK Protest in Defence of Ancient Forests Out Side Australian Embassy

26-01-2009 17:56

Today, protesters climbed trees and hung banners in front of the Australian High Commission in London to raise awareness of the continued logging of Australia’s old growth and high conservation value forests. An emergency report compiled by environmental and protest groups in Tasmania was delivered detailing the devastation of public forests at the hands of woodchip company Gunns Ltd. The company propose more than 10km of logging roads to access 12 logging ‘coupes’ all of which contain irreplaceable ecosystems and some of the tallest trees on the planet.

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Art Not Oil 2009 gallery up and firing

26-01-2009 17:51

CO2 - Fabio Sassi
Art Not Oil stands for 'creativity, climate justice and an end to oil industry sponsorship of the arts'.
Our 2009 online gallery - our sixth - is up and running, so
if you have something to submit, please send us a small-ish photo,
description or recording*.

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Resisting War Crimes Is Not A Crime

26-01-2009 17:51

More than 1200 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces since December 27th, more than 400 of which are children. They have deliberately targeted individuals in their homes, schools, hospitals as well as U.N compounds.

EDO MBM make vital components for the Paveway4 precision guided bomb, Hellfire missiles, and bomb release clips for F15 and F16 fighter aircraft.

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Nicholas Stern Is A Dangerous Idiot

26-01-2009 17:47

Sir Nicholas Stern: market obsessed economist or environmental saviour? You could be excused for thinking the latter; so here's something that should make things a bit clearer.

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Edit BBC and SkyTV to remain impartial on 'being humane'

26-01-2009 17:25

The BBC’s Mike Fudge said “Some viewers think that when there is a major catastrophe, the BBC should help the Aid Agencies in their work to stop civilians suffering and dying – what we might call ‘being humane’.”

“But other viewers disagree, and think that babies with limbs torn off should go through lots and lots of pain, a nasty infection, and death – what we might call ‘being inhumane’ or ‘cruel’. It is not the BBC’s place to judge which of these positions is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.”

He explained: “It is often difficult for news networks to strike a balance between humanity and cruelty. By telling the Aid Agencies to get lost, we ensure that everyone thinks we’re being fair.”

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Posters for March 14th Working Class Bookfair 25th Aniversary of Miners strike

26-01-2009 16:51

Great posters and leaflets have just been produced for the March14th bookfair

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Palestine Today 012609

26-01-2009 16:04

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