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UK Newswire Archive

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Leeds Saturday

29-06-2007 22:53

Punk, Hardcore and Oi!
Yorkshire Class War Presents...L

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Al-Qaeda car bomb false flag MI5 garbage

29-06-2007 22:21

Oh we need you now!
More propaganda bullshit from the propaganda mill. Operation Gladio writ large once again over the streets of the capital
A compilation of views from the far seers

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Guantánamo Bay: The Case of Omar Deghayes

29-06-2007 21:32

Audio Jackie Chase, Abu Bakr Deghayes and Jillian Creasy
On 28th June 2007 Abu Bakr Deghayes who is Omar Deghayes brother and Jackie Chase of the Brighton based Save Omar campaign ( ) spoke at a public meeting in Sheffield: "Voices from Guantánamo - How the War on Terror terrorises the Innocent" ( ).

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Postal workers walk out over planned pay and job cuts – Birmingham picket lines

29-06-2007 20:06

the back gate picket line
Up to 130,000 postal workers today took part in a 24-hour strike -the first in 11 years- to stop the Royal Mail's cost-cutting plans, which the Communication Workers Union (CWU) says would only mean cuts in members' pay and pensions, job cuts and more post office closures. Picket lines were mounted outside sorting offices and mail centres across the country from early morning, disrupting mail deliveries for the day.

In Birmingham, two picket lines at the front and back gates of the main mail centre in Newtown saw, on and off, tens of postal workers and their supporters, while 'Royal Mail police' were trying to break up the picket lines, intimidating and threatening picketers. There was also another picket line somewhere in the city centre.

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Defend Workers United

29-06-2007 19:36

In support of: The Postal Strike: the facts not media spin

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The Good Lord Protected Me From Bush...

29-06-2007 18:41

The Good Lord Protected Me From Bush," said President Fidel Castro referring to recent statements by the US statesman, who predicted that "one day, the Good Lord will take Fidel Castro away."

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This Week in Palestine – Week 26 2007

29-06-2007 18:02

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 23 through 29, 2007.

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Tonight: Mexican teacher-activists speak in London against repression in Oaxaca

29-06-2007 16:54

Oaxaca activists bring community-teacher movement to London, Jaquelina López Almazán &
José Luis Díaz Franco from CODEP (Comité de Defensa de los Derechos del Pueblo)
& APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca)

Friday 29 July 7-9 pm
Trinity United Reformed Church Buck Street, Camden Town London NW1
Wheelchair accessible hall, accessible toilets nearby

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Showing off Killing Machines in Town

29-06-2007 16:50

Victoria Sq. filled with old military craft
As part of the National Veterans Day, Birmingham's Victoria and Centenary squares were filled with military craft today, alongside exhibitions and public 'entertainment'. By using shiny medals and pictures and kids military games, they were trying to make the military and its murderous business more acceptable and attractive to the public.

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London Bomb - Cui Bono?

29-06-2007 15:43

Whoever was behind the apparent car bomb in London, it almost certainly wasn't the police explosives experts who made it safe, and we should acknowledge the heroism it takes to do that job.

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IOM Glasgow Reintegration Workshop: June 27, 2007

29-06-2007 14:34

Did you attend the IOM-organized 'reintegration' workshop which took place on June 27 in Glasgow? Or, will you be attending any of the other workshops the IOM is planning? If yes, please get in touch.

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We Want A Tank For DSEi

29-06-2007 14:25

With the DSEi arms fair on the horizon, we have decided it's time to move up a notch or ten in our equipment dept.

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US/UK Arms Trade Treaty Increases Military-Industrial Secrecy

29-06-2007 13:22

On his last day in office as PM, Tony Blair signed the 'US-UK Defence Trade Co-operation Treaty' with George Bush, extending the UK Official Secrets Act to all imports from the US of military technologies on the US 'Military List'.

The treaty (if ratified) will make it an offence under the OSA for employees of UK contractors to disclose any information about US imports of military list items into the UK, and in return licencing will also be relaxed by US authorities for Amercian companies sharing information with their UK subsidiaries. The UK already waivers requirements by UK contractors to get export licences for the export of military equipment to the US, and this arrangement will continue.

The treaty marks an unprecedented level or co-operation between two aggresive militaristic countries who are the top two arms manufacturers and arms traders on earth, and who are jointly responsible for the creation of ongoing instability and violence in the Middle East.

(Source: Society for British Aviation,
 http://www.sbac. cms/content/ preview/news_ item_view. asp?i=16782& t=0)

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Students Against Trident blockade North and South gates at Faslane nuclear base

29-06-2007 13:19

9 students were arrested this morning at Faslane nuclear base after blockading the road for 40 minutes.

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Saving Iceland International Conference 2007 - 7 & 8th July

29-06-2007 12:55

Conference poster
Global Consequences of Heavy Industry and Large Dams
Saving Iceland Gathering Saturday & Sunday July 7 - 8th, 2007
Hótel Hlíð, Krókur, Ölfus, Iceland

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Anti-Trident camp sends clear message to Gordon Brown

29-06-2007 12:22

Activists from the Strident Tent State join with academics to blockade Faslane
Anti-nuclear activists from Universities across the United Kingdom are camping in Peaton Glen, adjacent to the Coulport depot where the United Kingdom's arsenal of nuclear warheads are stored, ready to be loaded on to the submarines berthed at Coulport. The camp, named the Strident Tent State, will be holding workshops, events, and nonviolent direct actions from Thursday June 28th to Tuesday July 3rd.

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The San Juan Massacre

29-06-2007 11:59

Fortieth anniversary of a mining tragedy in Bolivia

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Blair leaves office and becomes Bush’s “peace envoy”

29-06-2007 11:52

The manner of Tony Blair’s departure as prime minister says a great deal about both British and international politics.

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Peace camp in parliament square

29-06-2007 10:37

Last week-end I toddled up to London to participate in a peace camp in Parliament Square. The camp lasted from noon Saturday until noon Thursday, straddling the death throes of the Blair administration and the early wailings of the Brown era (“The King is dead! Long live the… errrm. No, actually, down with the next king too!”)

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Make a Festival that Matters

29-06-2007 09:55

NUFF (Nordic Youth Film Festival in Tromsø, Norway) and NUFF Global 2007 came to a close on June 10th after ten jam-packed days of film-making, film-watching, international fervor, and friendship.
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