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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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The University of Strategic Optimism - First Lecture in bank

25-11-2010 01:18

A university based on the principal of free and open education, a return of politics to the public, and the politicisation of public space

Lecture today in London bank - check out Youtube link below:

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Don't be social be solid

25-11-2010 01:01

Ok, the protests are over and the urge is to get online to check out the photos/videos, then upload your own and chat with your friends about the days events. However, please consider the following first...

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Sheffield Anti Cuts Alliance Meeting

25-11-2010 00:34

A packed Novotel meeting room saw the first meeting of the Sheffield Anti cuts Alliance tonight. Could this be the beginning of something big??

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hundreds of students Occupy Senate House grounds in Cambridge.

24-11-2010 23:54

Local and national media were watching...
Today in Cambridge, on November 24th, 2010 the ante was well and truly upped by several hundred very angry and frustrated students, when not only did they take to the streets in protest against the ConDem'med government's plan to raise tuition fees up to at least £9,000 per year, but they also took direct action and occupied the front lawn of Cambridge University's Senate House for several hours.

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Royal Holloway Occupation Continues!

24-11-2010 23:34

The Royal Holloway Anti Cuts Alliance are still occupying the picture gallery corridor of Founder’s building

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Cardiff Uni Occupation CONTINUES: Public Statement

24-11-2010 21:54

Cardiff University Students will continue Occupying Large Shandon Lecture Theatre in the Main Building of Cardiff University over night. The decision was taken by consensus by the ~50 students present at 9.45, shortly before the deadline to leave set by the University Management (10pm).

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Uni of Manchester Roscoe Building Occupation

24-11-2010 21:20

A press statement released by the occupants of the University of Manchester Roscoe building.

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Interview with an anarchist student occupier at Sheffield University

24-11-2010 19:25

Interview conducted today (24th November) with a student currently involved in the occupation of the Hicks Building at Sheffield University as part of the national wave of actions against education cuts.

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Newcastle - massive walkouts and protests

24-11-2010 16:37

Direct action in newcastle against the cuts

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Statement of Occupation at Warwick University

24-11-2010 15:41

Following on from a march ealier today 80 students from the University of Warwick occupied the University's Arts Centre Conference Centre.

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Student Occupiers Open Class Struggle Classrooms

24-11-2010 14:56

The occupation at Warwick
Students across the UK are taking direct action against the double whammy of 300% tuition fee rises and huge cuts in higher education funding.

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Police van smashed near Parliment, crowd kettled -Student demo

24-11-2010 13:42

Quick report from outside Parliament- National Student Walk-Out Demo, London

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london: behold ye sacrificial van!

24-11-2010 13:24

Once again sky news focuses on a police van stuck in a sea of protesters, this time in Westminster. It is all to easy to place such a tempting target, covered in slurs denigrating our porcine friends (the animals, not the type of authoritarian commonly called 'pig') as a choice target for the inevitable scrum of state photographers. The price paid at Euston, for the N30 was heavy. MASK UP IF YOU'RE GONNA RIOT! Why aren't the poilice defending their property??? Why is it in the middle of the road, not near any government building? Clearly they don't want their pretty buildings blackened by smoke from burning hydrocarbons.

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Are you getting what belomngs to you? All benefits left unclaimed

24-11-2010 11:41

Ian Duncan smith has been reported to be the saviour of Britain’s economy. This is because he is stopping the welfare payouts by the British state. At least that is what the Con-Lib coalition publicists are saying. So what is the truth?

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Royal Holloway Sit-in Continues!

24-11-2010 10:03

Following the failure of management to meet demands, occupation at Royal Holloway is still ongoing

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Anarchist federation Statement on November 24th

24-11-2010 07:48

Anarchist Federation and the events of November 24th

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Full details of Reimagine the University Event

23-11-2010 20:54

Full details of the Reimagine the University event are now available at:

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Students Against Cuts Occupy Room 008 Roland Levinsky at University of Plymouth

23-11-2010 19:40

Banners up and Ready for National Day of Action Tommorow.
In the last few minutes, students at The University of Plymouth have secured a room in the universities famed Roland Levinsky building which is to be held under occupation in protest against the Coalition Governments plans to slash education funding to and increases in tuition fees.

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American Airlines besieged with complaints

23-11-2010 16:32

US airlines face increased customer complaints over the new enhanced TSA security screening procedures