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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Student Climate Project Launch this weekend

27-11-2007 17:43

This weekend (the 30th November to the 2nd December) sees the launch of The Student Climate Project, whose aim is to bring together existing student activists from across the UK to find ways to build a mass student anti-climate change movement.

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41% of Posties Accept Stitch-Up Deal/Motion Carried

27-11-2007 17:06

64% of those postal workers who voted have accepted the stitch-up 'settlement' offer from Royal Mail bosses. However, there was only a 64% turnout. So after weeks of strike action, lost pay and backstabbing from Communication Workers Union bureaucrats, the original contract proposed by Royal Mail will go through practically unaltered, despite the fact that 59% of posties still refuse to back it.

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Lobby your MP and Government to represent you!

27-11-2007 15:17

PowerToThePeople - an independent democratic accountability website designed to empower you to hold those in power to account - has updated its 'Lobby your MP and Government to represent you' section. It'll take you just a few minutes to support a number of campaigns.

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Second night of riots in Paris suburb

27-11-2007 12:03

Monday 26th Nov, Villiers-le-Bel, Paris
Paris - More than 60 police officers were injured, five of them seriously, when bands of youths rioted late on Monday for a second consecutive night in the suburbs of Paris after the deaths of two minority teenagers.

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Demo agenst extream right at Oxford Union

27-11-2007 08:52

Protesters blocked the gate
100's of demonstrators disrupted a talk by Nick Griffin and other extream right wingers at the Oxford Union.

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Anti-fascist action on the streets of Oxford

27-11-2007 02:32

Defend free speech: fight fascism!
To demonstrate about the presence of BNP Nick Griffin and holocaust denier David Irving being invited to one of the most prestigious 'debating' institutions in the country, in the world's most famous university.

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Home Office Consultation - Protesting around parliament

26-11-2007 19:51

Recently the Home Office released a consultation paper to gauge the public's feelings around protesting in and around Parliament. This is an opportunity to let our thoughts and feelings be known.

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Fur Demo in London, Saturday December 1st!

26-11-2007 19:23

'Unlike the rest of the UK where the fur trade has largely been stopped, London, and in particular the area around where the march will will take place, is still a major centre of the fur trade.'

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Police State

26-11-2007 18:04

A look at how increased security might effect day to day life in London

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Nice photos from Nantes student struggles

26-11-2007 14:01

Yes there are four albums of photos of recent events in Nantes, France. Photos of the occupations, barricades, demos, grafitti and more

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Dutch School Strikes report

26-11-2007 13:27

Thousands of Dutch school pupils walked out of lessons on Friday in wildcat protests organised online against lesson times.

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Join the Zapatista solidarity demo at Mexican Embassy!

26-11-2007 13:10

Zapatistas welcome the solidarity caravan against repression to La Garrucha, Car
The autonomous indigenous zapatista communities in Chiapas, Mexico are under serious threat. Several are menaced with violent eviction, either by the Mexican Army, by paramilitaries or by organisations armed and funded by the state.
To show solidarity with the embattled zapatistas, supporters will demonstrate at the Mexican Embassy in London on Monday 10th December.

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Bringing the War on Terrorism Home: Congress Considers How to ‘Disrupt’ Radical

26-11-2007 10:33

Under the guise of a bill that calls for the study of “homegrown terrorism,” Congress is apparently trying to broaden the definition of terrorism to encompass both First Amendment political activity and traditional forms of protest such as nonviolent civil disobedience, according to civil liberties advocates, scholars and historians.

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Police station attacked in France

26-11-2007 00:43

A police station in Paris has been attacked by angry youths with petrol bombs after two teenagers will killed when hit by a police car. Guns were used in the attack against the Sarcelles police station in the suburbs in northern part of Paris and at least one senior police officer seriously injured. Cars were also torched and police had to call in reinforcements from other parts of the city to secure the police station.

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If Conservatism Is The Ideology of Freedom, I’m The Queen of England

25-11-2007 17:31

But I’ll tell you what, if conservatism is the ideology of freedom - then I’m the Queen of England. And, one thing you can be sure of is that I’m not the Queen of England. I don’t even have the right parts and pieces, and the only crown I’ve ever worn was given to me forty years ago by some pimply-faced teenager working the cash register at Burger King. Somehow, I don’t think that counts.

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Totally Immoral - A Day of Action against Total Oil

25-11-2007 15:41

Protest at Dorset House Total station, Marylebone Road, London NW1
The Total out of Burma Day of Action took place on Saturday 24 November. Protests were held at 36 Total petrol stations across the UK. Some stations were blockaded and all the protests received great support from the motoring and pedestrian public.

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Total Oil: Pull Out of Burma Now - Pictures

25-11-2007 10:22

TOTAL Kilburn. (C) 2007, Peter Marshall
Actions were taking place at Total Oil garages around the country on Saturday 24 Nov, demanding that TOTAL Oil, the fourth largest oil company of the world, described by Aung San Suu Kyi as "the biggest supporter of the military regime in Burma," pull out of Burma.

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Mill Road Cambridge - The March

24-11-2007 21:21

Inspiring to see so many people out on the march

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Campsfield IRC Anniversary demonstration / Saturday 24 November 2007

24-11-2007 19:58

Mafungesi Maikokera, left of group
Fourteen years too long! Close Campsfield!
Close all detention centres! Stop all detentions and deportations!
For freedom of movement and the right to stay!