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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Solidarity needed at Yorkley Court Community Farm

03-03-2015 22:37

Residents of Yorkley Court Community Farm would like to say a huge THANK YOU for the support & solidarity received so far…

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Cameron's Child Sex Abuse Announcements Tuesday 3 March 2015

03-03-2015 14:04

Child sex abuse and violence against children in several English local Council areas and David Cameron's highly-publicised stunts staged today

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Cameron is attacking poorest pensioners as well

02-03-2015 13:32

Has anyone noticed that IDS is punishing some Pensioners for asking Qs?

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01-03-2015 14:42

Violent former football hooligan Jeff Marsh has linked up with his Rangers loving hooligan friends in the SDL to deliver Pegida Scotland, organised by Casuals United's "Pie And Mash Squad" (5 words), a sectarian version of the neo-nazi-crammed Pegida UK which failed to win support in Newcastle. Expect anti-Catholic chants alongside anti-Muslim and plenty of Hitler saluting.

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Curo Housing Bath HQ to hold EMERGENETICS sessions at its INSPIRE 2015 Forum

01-03-2015 11:15

Has CURO Housing’s unelected 15 member board authorised the use of its HQ for disseminating this pseudo-scientific/religious ego-building management mumbo-jumbo?

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UG#704 - Legal Restrictions as Fictions (The Deep State's Passion for Big Data)

28-02-2015 03:10

This time we hear a pair of talks from 31C3 - the latest Chaos Computer Congress - both by insiders with extensive experience on the subject of mass surveillance. First, NSA expert, James Bamford, on the relationships between the NSA and the big telecom companies. Next we hear Caspar Bowden, on the legal basis for the NSA's mass surveillance program, PRISM. Microsoft summarily dismissed him from his job of 9 years as head of privacy after he raised this issue, and he has spent the last 3 years alerting people to the danger ever since. In essence, he says, the deliberately complex legal regulation of data privacy, which he summarised at the very start of the show - gives Europeans no effective rights against NSA surveillance, whilst affording Americans rights against spying by other nations. Although neither speaker seems to have much idea about the deep state, their talks nevertheless provide useful information.

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Rotherham - why the New Commissioners are no answer at all -

27-02-2015 09:11

Rotherham Council is no more; not as an independent, elected local Council serving local people in Rotherham according to democratic standards, aspirations and needs. Rotherham is the latest such Council, to be subjected to Erick Pickles DCLG "intervention". The other Council is London’s Tower Hamlets. There, the number of Commissioners is fewer and their remit less extensive than is shown to be the case on Rotherham. However, the interventions conform the dominant view in Society that local Councils are failing in very serious ways. So what should happen?

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DR. Arthur Swenson worlds top economist. On the run after Armed attack

26-02-2015 16:34

Swenson in safe house
DR. Arthur Swenson worlds top economist. On the run after his latest stock market failure prediction. While Swenson was arriving for a lecture in Warsaw Poland. Automatic gun fire erupted, riddling his Bentley with holes. Swenson recklessly escaped at high speed.

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INDONESIA: Shamed by Lack of Gratitude

23-02-2015 00:02

What the Indonesians lack in the areas of humanity, equality and judicial fairness, they more than make up for in sheer audacity. This is not a country short on chutzpah.

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Cycle '48: Remapping the Nakba

21-02-2015 18:28

Cycle '48 is a collective of 3 British women who cycled to Palestine from the UK. Cycle '48 is an ongoing project remapping erased histories on two wheels. This article highlights the first phase of our project: Cycling from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem and joining the Jewish National Fund cycle trail from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv in order to uncover the hidden stories on its path and expose the JNF's role in their erasure.

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Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday

18-02-2015 16:10

There will be three rooms of talks, workshop meetings (see below), and a main hall of stalls, plus creche, bar, cafe and more. In the evening there will be a benefit gig and social.

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Curo Housing building work stopped by

17-02-2015 12:47

Corrine Eatwell, Scientific Officer for Contaminated Land Environmental Services at Bath & North East Somerset Council states an investigation and risk assessment into elevated levels of benzo(a)pyrene and arsenic and potential asbestos and radiological contaminants must be completed before any development can take place.

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A review of 'Dispatches Against Displacement'

17-02-2015 05:25

A work by a prominent San Francisco USA housing activist in a context of ongoing defeat for San Francisco renters.

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Philippines: The fate of peace in Mindanao hangs in the balance

14-02-2015 00:22

Akbayan statement on the video of killing of injured SAF trooper

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Borough of Hatred, Tower Hatred as the news headlines say

11-02-2015 17:10

The claim that the Metropolitan Police are too close to Lutfur Rahman is revealing

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INDONESIA - Death By Firing Squad

08-02-2015 08:43

Execution by firing squad is the common capital punishment method used in Indonesia for a number of crimes including drug trafficking. The barbaric and cruel method has remained unchanged since 1964.

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07-02-2015 14:01

Pegida UK have invited an American white supremacist organisation linked to the founders of Stormfront, to attend their Newcastle march and hand out leaflets promoting their white power philosophy. Pioneer Little Europe are managed by American neo-nazi activist April Gaede, a blogger whose aim is to organise US and European communities into Aryan strongholds.

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Job Centre Protest in Cambridge Disrupted by Job Centre Security.

06-02-2015 23:17

Good News for Tommi! Now, what about everyone else who's been sanctioned?
This afternoon a protest was held outside Henry Giles House, the Cambridge Job Centre branch, in solidarity with Tommi Miller, a boy with cancer whose benefits had been suspended by the DWP.

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Curo Group Mulberrry Park - contamination fears grow

05-02-2015 18:21

Corrine Eatwell, Scientific Officer - Contaminated Land Environmental Services
Bath & North East Somerset Council states an investigation and risk assessment into elevated levels of benzo(a)pyrene and arsenic must be completed and further investigations into potential asbestos and radiological contaminants carried out before any building work can commence.