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Help Sarwar Gareb get out of Campsfield IRC and stay in the UK

27-01-2009 15:21

Sarwar Gareb
Human rights campaigner Sarwar Gareb a National of Kurdistan/Iraq and resident of Leicester, has been detained in Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre, after being arrested on Friday 23rd January whilst 'Signing' at Loughborough Reporting Centre.

Sarwar came to the UK from Kurdistan/Iraq on 10th September 2000 to escape persecution by the nationalist Patriotic Union of Kurdistan party (PUK) and Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).  Working as a journalist and activist he consistently fought for the rights of children, women and workers which led to his imprisonment and torture by the two parties.

His application was refused on the 18th January 2001, subsequent appeals, reconsideration were also refused, though no attempt was made to remove Sarwar from the UK, until now.

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Bristol - Greece solidarity info & events

27-01-2009 11:53

DIY pamphlet available in Bristol
After boiling over in December, the social war in Greece continues to simmer along with daily protests, strikes, occupations and other actions. Having been beaten off the streets in December, the Greek police returned in January with new stocks of more unpleasant tear gas (from either Germany or Israel), and a policy of teargassing and beating even the most non-violent protesters. But still protests continue…

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NCADC News Service Tuesday 27th January 2009

27-01-2009 09:24

Somali's with removal directions, Charter flight to Mogadishu!
Rumours of a charter flight within the next fortnight, removing UK Somali's to Mogadishu are circulating. At least one Somali in detention has been told that the UKBA 'Removals Faciliation Team' have sent a letter to his solicitor, saying he will be removed within the next two weeks by charter flight to Mogadishu via Nairobi.

If you know of any Somali's with set removal directions, they should make a Rule 39 application to ECHR, as all Somali case with the ECHR are on hold and interim relief is being given to those Somali's, with removal directions, who apply to the court.
Making an application to the European Court of Human Rights

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Letter from Jeff Luers - Taking Power

26-01-2009 22:09

Dear Friends,
Below is a new article written by Jeff, focusing on the need for alternative
energy in our communities. Please take a moment to read it and forward or share
with others.
In addition, we want to wish everyone a Happy 2009! Less than one year from
now, Jeff will be free again. In the meantime, we've got lots of work to do
making sure that Jeff's transition is as easy as possible. Please continue your
letters of support to Jeff, and donations to Jeff's education and release fund
are constantly needed and greatly appreciated.
Thank you again for all your support and solidarity.
-Friends of Jeffrey Free Luers

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Israel Killed Everything but the Will to Resist

26-01-2009 18:46

People of Gaza celebrating the end of Israeli military invasion
Three weeks of Israeli terror caused about 1400 deaths, over 5500 injured (many seriously), vast destruction throughout Gaza, and Physicians for Human Rights warning that large numbers of wounded may die because hospitals are overloaded and lack basic supplies. Yet Palestinians endure. Their spirit is unbowed and unbroken. Hamas is more popular than ever, and world outrage sustains them.

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Posters for March 14th Working Class Bookfair 25th Aniversary of Miners strike

26-01-2009 16:51

Great posters and leaflets have just been produced for the March14th bookfair

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London Demo for a Secular Europe! No Vatican!

26-01-2009 14:53

14 FEB MEET @ 2 PM outside the Natural History Musem
March to the Italian Embassy in Grosvenor Square

This demo will be in solidarity with the demonstration happening at the same time in Rome against the Vatican and its intervention in Italian, European and world-wide politics.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 26th January 2009

26-01-2009 12:38

Constant Moussavou, Still Here, Campaign fights on

"Constant said that a High Court injunction against the deportation order has been successful but he will still continue to be detained. It appears that the earlier legal ruling to disregard the new evidence and to not await the authentication of the documents (due to be received on Mon 26th Jan 09) provided on Constant’s behalf has been reversed.

He’d like to thank everybody for their support and expressed the need for your continued help and support in ensuring he’s able to resume his life and work in Leicester."

A special thank you also to Sir Peter Soulsby (MP), NCADC/supporters and to Canon Barry Naylor and colleagues for their continued support and interventions on Constant’s behalf.

Priya Thamotheram for the campaign /

Background: Sanctuary for Constant Moussavou

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Support The EDO Decommisioners

26-01-2009 12:31

Campaigners Decommision In The Attempt To Stop Supply Of Weapon Systems To War Criminals Israel

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Names and Photos of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza

26-01-2009 11:50

I have decided to publish some names and photos of the Israeli military personnel who participated in the so-called "Operation Cast Lead". I consider each person who took part in this IOF and each one whose name appears in this report as a war criminal who should be requested by an international court of justice.

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We Are An Image From The Future -We won't pay for their crisis!-

26-01-2009 11:24

An afternoon of talks, discussions and ideas, with speakers from Greece, Italy and Iceland.

Saturday 28 February - The Common Place
3.30pm–7pm - followed by Greek food and a benefit gig

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Second attempt to remove Elsa and Bethlehem

26-01-2009 08:54

Elsa and Bethlehem
Friends want them to Stay in Leeds, where they belong

Elsa Temesgen Imbaye and her 11 year old daughter, Bethlehem are currently detained in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre and due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Tuesday, 27th January 2009 on BMI flight BD913 from Heathrow @ 14:15 to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

They were dawn raided for the second time, in the early hours of Friday 23rd January 2009

As you probably know, a previous attempt to deport them to Ethiopia in October last year failed and Elsa and Betty were able to return to Leeds.

Elsa arrived in the UK with her daughter in December 2004 and has been living in Leeds ever since.

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Maoist Leadership in Nepal Bans Strikes

26-01-2009 01:19

As a strike wave sweeps the country, the Maoist leadership agrees to banning strikes.

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Manchester's MPs Must Oppose Government Data-Sharing Powers

25-01-2009 23:43

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Local campaign group NO2ID are calling upon Manchester's MPs to oppose radical data sharing powers, to be debated in Parliament on Monday as part of the Coroners and Justice Bill.

These would allow Government ministers to take any private information about Manchester's residents, collected by any organisation for any purpose, and share it with anybody of their choosing, with no debate in Parliament. For example, the Minister for Health could access Tesco's club card database and see who's buying more wine than average.

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BAD NEWS: The story we are not being told

25-01-2009 20:16

Debate on the disastrous state of the media with Nick Davies, author of best seller FLAT EARTH NEWS. Date:Thursday 29th January at 6:30pm. Venue: Oxford Town Hall.

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These nights are for Alexis; a closer look into the december uprising in Greece

25-01-2009 16:28

Eleven days after the 15-year old boy Alexandros Grogopoulos was killed by a police bullet in Athens, I decide to travel to Greece. The following article is no news, nor is it an analysis of the news. It is an attempt to create more understanding of the inner workings of the uprising, the sociopolitical and cultural climate in which it took place and the movement behind it.

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UK SHAC 7 Heather Nicholson Speaks Out

25-01-2009 15:16

Heather was born vegan and has spent her whole life standing up against animal abuse. She was remanded in custody on 7th May 2007 after turning herself in after 32 separate police raids, involving 700 police officers in the UK, The Netherlands and Belgium on May 1st 2007. On 30th July 2008 she plead not guilty to 'conspiracy to blackmail' Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). Although after a three month trial on 23rd December 2008, she was found guilty. On Wednesday 21st January 2009, she was sentenced to 11 years imprisonment, the longest sentence out of all those on trial -

Below are her words from exclusively speaking to Wales on Sunday:

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2nd Rolling picket of companies supporting Israel in Newcastle

25-01-2009 14:02

On Saturday 24th January 2009 Newcastle saw its first march in solidarity with Palestine after the recent siege on Gaza. This was followed by a rolling picket of companies that support Israel. Around 500-700 attended the march from the Civic Centre to Grey’s Monument for a rally. The march was organised by Tyneside Palestine Solidarity Campaign and supported by Northern TUC, local Unison branches, Tyneside Stop the War Coalition, Tyneside Community Action for Refugees, FRFI / Revolutionary Communist Group, Socialist Workers Party, the Socialist Party, local mosques and many individuals.

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Maoist Leadership in Nepal Bans Strikes

25-01-2009 11:33

As a strike wave sweeps the country, the Maoist leadership agrees to banning strikes.

Since the Maoists emerged in the April 2008 Nepal elections as the largest party (though without an absolute majority) to lead the new coalition government, they have failed to heal existing divisions - in their own party, within the parliamentary political system and its ruling class - or within the intermingled social, caste and ethnic tensions across the wider society. In fact, all these divides have widened. And since November a strike wave has spread across the country.

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Coroners and Justice Bill - Urgent Action Required

25-01-2009 02:48

Manchester NO2ID Logo
This is the most serious Parliamentary threat to our freedoms and privacy since the Identity Cards Act itself, and EVERYBODY can do something about it, without spending any money or leaving their computers. Just load up the links at the bottom of this article and off you go. Ten minutes later and you're done.

This is one of the most serious threats to our liberty and privacy we've yet seen. Please read this message from Phil Booth (NO2ID national co-ordinator) carefully, and act now.