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Mayday march and protest at Canary Wharf

03-05-2007 13:16

Civilian cameras turned on police photographer
One arrest with photo of police using "pain compliance" techniques. Police take photos but do not like being photographed.

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The Welfare Bill to become law: disabled people failed by the left

03-05-2007 12:41

as the bill becomes law, questions need to be asked about the lack of support from progressives, etc

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Interventionist Left (IL) G8 Call to Action

03-05-2007 09:15

The following is the English translation of the Interventionist Left's (IL) call to action against this year's G8 Summit in Heiligendamm. The IL are a German-wide network of groups (including: AKU Wiesbaden; Antifaschistische Linke Berlin (ALB); Antifaschistische Linke International (A.L.I.) Göttingen; AVANTI – Projekt undogmatische Linke; Für eine linke Strömung – FelS (Berlin); gruppe d.i.s.s.i.d.e.n.t.; the Federal Coordination, "Krieg ist Frieden" (KIF); the German-wide campaign Libertad!; Organisierte Autonomie (Nürnberg); radikale linke (rl) Nürnberg - Projekt für revolutionäre Organisierung; Rote Aktion Kornstraße (Hannover)), publishing projects (ak - analyse und kritik; Fantomas; arranca!; and so oder so) and a number of individuals. More information is available via the IL website, here:

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Candidate Alexander: LAPD Assaults May Day Supporters

03-05-2007 05:20

Los Angeles police officers brutally assaulted peaceful marchers and supporters at a rally in Los Angeles creating outrage and anger from millions nationwide. Many of the people that were present in the park were mother, children and babies. The cops were seen beating many with sticks on television; people and children that were offering no resistance. Also there were members of the press that were brutally assaulted.

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Faslane to close ?!

03-05-2007 00:51

I wrote a short post recycling the mainstream story that the MoD were planning to move Faslane if the SNP got in power +in case+ they won independence. Hurrah. The Scotland on Sunday speculated where Trident would move to. Something just occurred to me though - where could Coulport move to ?

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Protest Against ESOL Cuts in Birmingham

02-05-2007 21:15

The University and College Union (UCU) did a stall in Birmingham city centre on Mayday to protest against government plans to cut free English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes for asylum seekers and refugees. Lots of leaflets were handed out and many signatures were gathered on the "Save ESOL" petition. The event was part of a massive campaign supported by many unions and groups.

They were also joined by members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), who were protesting against plans to close local blood processing and testing sites around the country and merge them into three "supercentres" in Bristol, Manchester and Colindale. The National Blood Service staff have been in industrial dispute with the management for about a year over these "unworkable reconfiguration plans".

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02-05-2007 21:06

the newest edo mbm court case starts thursday 3/5/7 at brighton magistrates court...where poor marcus stands accused of calling slimy sean muckdonald of police uninteligence fame,,ie the protesters friendly informer..a coward well it seems poor marcus isnt allowed any legal aid/solicitors ect and has to defend himself against claims- by the aformentioned claimer and his" friends" that ..poor marcus is a coward....two...poor marcus is stalking poor sean...and 3...poor sean is scared of the cowardly stalker ..dont dial 999 for sean!!!!right....??? so the edo mbm saga now continues with the battle of the cowards case...seats are selling will be turn up thursday at 9.30 and lend your support...even to poor old know him..he likes the girls....he never gets any!! yet he still doesnt stalk any!!! apparantly though he,s been stalking sean.....!!

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2007 London Mayday, Space Hijackers dancing in the streets

02-05-2007 20:44

5pm at Canary Wharf the Space Hijackers began their Dancing in the Streets to have a bit of fun in the financial district and have a poke at the "9 to 5" working life.

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Time to plan for Mayday 2008 in Liverpool, UK.

02-05-2007 19:43

Help us wipe the smile off the faces of these grubby moneymakers
This is a call out to anarchists, and fellow travellers, nationwide and internationally.

2008 is the year Liverpool welcomes people worldwide to our city for The European City Of Culture 'celebrations'. That means you!

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Fash' turn on each other

02-05-2007 18:27

Vericrap Vs BNP - the cutting edge of democracy

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McDemos launched. We'll do your SOCPA demos for you

02-05-2007 18:00

Trace Moberly, Tony Pletts and Mark Thomas launch McDemos, your one-stop demo shop.

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Building society says housing beyond reach of majority

02-05-2007 16:39

A report by the Halifax building society provides a glimpse of the desperate situation facing millions of workers and their families in Britain today in their search for affordable housing.

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Shell AGM Protest: Tell Shell - Hands Off Iraqi Oil

02-05-2007 16:29

Shell has been steering the agenda for de-facto oil privatization in Iraq. Shell has been active in shaping Iraqi oil policy throughout the occupation, including influencing the controversial oil law. Shell saw the draft law in July 2006 - more than 7 months before most Iraqi MPs. Most Iraqis want a say in how their oil is developed. Most are rejecting the occupation pushed agendas of de-facto oil privatisation which exploit the situation of every-day terror and violence in Iraq.

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May Day in Oaxaca

02-05-2007 15:59

The struggle continues in Oaxaca as Appo reterns to the zocalo.

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'Liverpool Care Slaves' Face Pay Cut

02-05-2007 14:52

I am a care worker in Liverpool.
I work hard looking after the elderly people I care for. We all do.
The council are going to cut my wages by almost 30% in July for me to do the same job as I am doing now.

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NZ parents retain right to smack children?

02-05-2007 12:02

Spare the Rod
It is not a matter of marching, decent, good parents into court. It's a matter of leading by example. Violence does not win and smacking children is the root cause of domestice violence.

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London Mayday march, 2007

02-05-2007 11:38

Short video rush of the Mayday protest in London.

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Mayday in London 2007.

02-05-2007 10:15

The video shows Mayday in London.

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Probe into razor blade hate mail

02-05-2007 09:50

A HATE-mail investigation has been launched after a letter containing a razor blade was posted to a candidate standing in tomorrow's Bolton Council elections.

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Mayday marching

02-05-2007 08:54

A re-assuring 2/300 people joined the autonomous bloc on the TUC March yesterday for a good natured and increasingly liquid stroll through London to Trafalgar Square. As ever police presence was high and way over the top but the march passed without incident and no arrests were made.