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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Open Boat Day Revisited.

26-08-2004 02:19

Bank View No.1
More Pictures of Sunday's Open Boat Day...

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DNC2RNC + Miami Model + international videos

26-08-2004 01:26

Somewhat short notice as usual but...

Tonight (thursday 26th)

  • a screening of bits of The Miami Model ( the film the NYPD shut down a few days ago...
  • a screening of resistance to eviction of the 10 year old squatted EUSKAL JAI AURRERA social centre in the basque country (see
  • a screening of the video journals from zapatista style DNC2RNC democracy uprising march that arrives in New York this evening for the Republican National Convention (see for details)
  • plus a workshop on subtitling and translating video...

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Eviction Venue Change: Thurs Autonomous Spaces ESF Meeting

25-08-2004 22:46

Due to the eviction of the Ex Grand Bank Occupied Social Centre this morning, Thursday's Autonomous / Self Organised Spaces meeting for the ESF has been moved to LARC:

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The ''War on Drugs and Terror'' in Colombia haunting the imperial liers

25-08-2004 16:16

Like all things, the truth comes out eventually, although slowly. Uncle Sam’s leading exponent of the ''War on Drugs and Terror'' in the Western hemisphere is a blood thirsty fascist drug trafficker repressing political opposition in Colombia.

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Pavilion Housing Association in Crisis

25-08-2004 15:45

Following a damning report on Pavilion by the Audit Commission and his forced appearance before a committee of Rushmoor Borough Council, Pavilion chief executive Mervyn Jones tried to pull a fast one by inviting the committee back to his place where he could brief them away from public gaze. Only problem was, it all backfired and Jones was left humiliated wondering if by the end of the week he would still have his job left.

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Coca Cola & Colombia- ' Not Us Guv'.

25-08-2004 14:50

Reply from Coca Cola to recent emails to the company regarding the violence in Colombia.
Basically doing a whitewash of themesleves.

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Workers Without Bosses: Solidarity With Argentina's Self-Managed Factories

25-08-2004 14:18

The workers of Brukman, one of about 200 self-managed factories in Argentina, need your help. Although they recovered their factory at the beginning of 2004 and are running it again, the factory has been damaged by police action, and many of the machines are not running at full capacity due to lack of spare parts and repair manuals.

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Rock Around The Blockade Press Release, Scotland. Monday 23rd August 2004

24-08-2004 23:23

On Sunday 15th August the people of Venezuela went to the polls to voice their support for President Hugo Chavez. They were determined to say to the wealthy elites of their own country and of the United States that it is they, the people, who will decide who runs the country.

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New bulletin of the Basque Observatory of Human Rights-Behatokia

24-08-2004 16:24

The new Basque Observatory for Human Rights bulletin is avalaible in our web page, at

PDF version of the bulletin in english:

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Int'l Animal Rights Gathering update

24-08-2004 14:31

International Animal Rights Gathering 2004
Tonbridge, Kent 3rd-6th September

Hi all
For those planning to come to the 2004 gathering, can you please read the following update.

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Crisis meeting at Pavilion Housing Association

24-08-2004 13:51

Following a damning report on Pavilion Housing Association and their chief executive being hauled before a committee of Rushmoor Borough Council, he tried to pull a fast one by inviting the councillors for a meeting at his place. It did not go quite as he had planned.

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Now in Manila’s (Philippines) busiest city highway EDSA (site of 1986 People’s P

24-08-2004 12:17

Pictures at EDSA
The hunger strike of Ernest Barraquias Jr. is to press the top officials of the law-enforcement agencies of the Philippines to conduct investigations on several kid-slay attempts on him. Suspects include members of the Philippine National Police & the National Bureau of Investigation. Although there was a ransom demand on the last abduction attempt on him, the attempts to kidnap-slay him is believed to be related to his coming out in the open and exposing the activities of a big drug syndicate that used his company’s legitimate operations to distribute confiscated drugs back to the market. He & his nephew-dependent Richswaze were held virtual hostages in the last 3 years.

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Building Bridges Radio - 1.Paul Krugman 2. Flood Devastates Bangladesh

22-08-2004 23:28

Building Bridges Radio presents this 29 minutes Radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK BELOW

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Rising Tide Network Gathering

22-08-2004 16:15

Rising Tide, the Climate Justice Campaign, has organised a Network Gathering at the Sumac Centre in Nottingham on the Weedend of the 1st - 3ed of October 2004. It costs £15 - £35, depending on what you can afford, and has an exciting list of workshops and events. The event is focussed on building UK Climate Justice network.

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Video - Anarchist Award Night at the Grand Banks

21-08-2004 23:48

Video Video
Monday night award ceremony at the grand banks, everyone was there!

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TUC calls for national slavery remembrance day

21-08-2004 23:27

The TUC is calling upon the Government to recognise the 23 August as the National Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. This date marks a crucial event in the fight against slavery of an uprising in St Domingo in 1791.

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Film: The Fourth World War

20-08-2004 20:35

"a radical cry from the fronlines of the war on people"
- Naomi Klein, author, No Logo

"Inspirational. Essential. Documents the history of the future before it is born."
- Peter Wintonick, International Editor, POV (Point-of-View Magazine) Canada

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Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

20-08-2004 19:42

Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

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US 3rd occupation of Haiti supported by Argentina's President Kirchner

20-08-2004 14:53

Press Release from Ben Dupuy, Secretary General of the Parti Populaire National (PPN) of Haiti (sent out on Mon, 16 Aug 2004).

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Labours devious housing plans unfold

19-08-2004 20:08

Breaking ranks from their national federation several arms length management organisations (AMLO`s) have questioned government plans to change the way they are financed as it will leave them in the red and unable to meet the Decent Homes Standard.