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Newcastle-Greece Solidarity Demo

09-12-2008 14:03

Last night Newcastle protestors gathered outside the BBC building to show their outrage against police violence in greece, and highlight the importance of independent media coverage of international issues.

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This is not the first time .. happened again and again - Athens 1985 !!

09-12-2008 12:32

Michalis Kaltezas 1985 murdered in Exarhia
Alexandros is not an isolated incident as Mr Paulopoulos keeps saying. Many have been shot by Police , with the most similar incident due to the young of age and the same area ( Exarhia) , that of Michel Kaltezas, when shot dead in a demonstration near Exarhia area.

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Picket of Greek consulate in Glasgow

09-12-2008 10:15

Map to Greek consulate, Glasgow
Picket in solidarity with Greek rioters and strikers.

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Greece, Thessaloniki: Communique from the Ocupied School of Theatre

09-12-2008 09:07

Alexandros was our friend, our brother, our son, our classmate and our comrade.*** please repost it to other indymedias ***

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Greek Police .. Danger - Danger !!!

09-12-2008 06:39

this is how the demonstrations are managed in Greece ,
The Greek Police is DANGAROUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Exposing the Corporate Holocaust in Africa by Keith Harmon Snow

09-12-2008 05:55

War in Congo has again been splashed across world headlines and the same old cliches about violence and suffering are repackaged and rebroadcast as "news."

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Press Release: Justice for Ricky Bishop

09-12-2008 03:05

Rick Bishop (1976-2001)
This press release was read out on 22 November 2008 at the demonstration held in South London to commemorate the 7th anniversary of the police murder of Ricky Bishop

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Edinburgh-Greece Solidarity picket pictures

09-12-2008 00:40

demo report, and further action this Wednesday 10th Bristo Square

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Stage Play: The Hounding Of David Oluwale

08-12-2008 23:51

Oluwale - first recorded death in UK custody
The New Wolsey Theatre, Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company and West Yorkshire Playhouse, as part of the Eclipse Theatre Initiative, present
The Hounding Of David Oluwale

Read about David's case:

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The good old tricks -

08-12-2008 23:04

The 1933 Reichstag Fire was a key event in Adolph Hitler's ascendancy to power. During the night of February 27th, the Reichstag Building ...>>>

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New blog on the Greek riots - updates in English

08-12-2008 21:21

In memory of Alexandros Georgopoulos.

The struggle of humanity against authority, as always, continues.

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British Library "Taking Liberties" exhibition embarassment & "Superlab" demo

08-12-2008 18:41

As seen on ITNThe British Library are currently holding an exhibition called "Taking Liberties, The Struggle For Britian's Freedom's and Rights" stating that "In some countries you wouldn't have the right to visit an exhibition about your rights". During a peaceful demo held by pensioners from the Somers Town estate against the proposed "superlab" these elderly people were "attacked by thugs".

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Athens is burning NOW ,,, clashes between Anarchists and Police

08-12-2008 17:04

clashes between Anarchists and Police. Also clashes between Anarchists and the demonstration of Communist Party , right now around Omonoia square

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Global day of climate action in Gothenburg, Sweden

08-12-2008 13:28

Saturday the 6th of December saw two climate related actions in Gothenburg.
Three people arrested for drinking hot chocolate in the wrong place

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The Greek Embassy in Berlin also occupied !! The communist Party rally tonight

08-12-2008 12:10

The Greek Embassy in Berlin also occupied !!
DAY 3 -

Police stations attacked, Aliveri - Kifisia - Pereus .
At 6 pm tonight , the Communist Party of Greece is to Demonstrate in central Athens.

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The Greek embasy in London is occupied by protestors

08-12-2008 10:46

The Greek embasy in London occupied by protestors
>>> from Indymedia Athens ..
The Greek embasy in London is occupied by protestors , protesting for the murder of the 15years old Alexis in Athens yesterday by police.

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Greece: Schools closed against the state ASSASSINS

08-12-2008 09:58

3rd day of riots against the assassins of the state!

3rd day that we lost our friend, our brother, our son, our comrade, a part of us

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Sparrows' Nest Anarchist Library & Archive, St Anns : opening event

08-12-2008 01:33

On the afternoon of Sunday 7th December, about 40 people gathered to welcome the opening of of the Sparrows' Nest Library & Archive. It is part of the Nottingham ‘Centre for Anarchist Culture and Education’. Based in Robin Hood Chase, St.Anns.

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Solidarity to Greece

07-12-2008 23:10

Greece Chaos