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New issue of '325' Magazine is out (#5) - Social war & Anarchy.

23-02-2008 11:02

Out Now - The 5th issue of the anarchist magazine '325', featuring news, reports and articles from the international struggle against capitalism and the state, plus letters from prisoners is off the press.

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Fidel Castro: What I wrote on Tuesday 19

23-02-2008 00:10

That Tuesday, there was no fresh international news. My modest message to the people of Monday, February 18 had no problem being widely circulated. I began to receive news from 11:00 a.m. The previous night I slept like never before. My conscience was at rest and I had promised myself a vacation. The days of tension, with the proximity of February 24, left me exhausted...

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Science museum staff vote to strike

22-02-2008 21:56

National science museum staff have voted overwhelmingly to strike over pay and plans to close the civil service pension scheme to new members.

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Report: Cuban speaking tour launch in London

22-02-2008 14:06

Rock around the Blockade speaking tour opening rally, London, 21 February
Cubans come to London – Socialism into the 21st century speaking tour

Rock Around the Blockade’s (RATB) 2008 Cuban speaking tour got off to a strong start on Thursday 21 February with a packed inaugural meeting at Bolivar Hall in London, hosted by the Venezuelan and Cuban embassies.

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InfoUsurpa and OffLine London now published together

22-02-2008 11:21

Please download, print and distribute.

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Pics - Freedom of Speech Protest 2 of 2

22-02-2008 10:29

Pictures form the Freedom of speach protest at Nottingham University

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Pics - Freedom of Speech Protest 1of 2

22-02-2008 10:21

Pictures form Freedom of Speach protest at Nottingham University

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21-02-2008 23:07

Follow up from the various actions and "silent" work in France (in particularly)
and in Europe towards the implementation of the Right to Housing for all and
after that the French government voted on a law that turned the right to housing
justiciable (5 March 2007).

Three French active groups, AITEC, DAL and FAPIL
finalized a document under the platform Europe – Third World Centre (CETIM)
to be presented at the next U.N. HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL between the
3rd and the 28th of March.

Attached and below is the full text.

Today 21st FEB, is called a night of solidarity with the homeless at the Place de la république in Paris.
It’s organized by 27 organizations for housing rights and homeless.

Here :
you can watch the movie about the tent action of “Enfants de Don Quichotte" in
Canal Saint Martin, last year (71 minutes)

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spoof Labour Club poster available for distribution

21-02-2008 22:19

This is a poster for people to distribute and spread far and wide in order to recruit people into that fair and noble cause that is the Labour Party (heheheheh). Mainly targeted at student Labour Clubs.

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Rambo IV sneak premiere at rampART burma night, TONIGHT

21-02-2008 17:56

Tonight (21st Feb, 8pm) at rampART there is a sneak premiere of the new Rambo film along with short films about the situation in Burma (now called Myanmar) and campaigns to force Total Oil to end it's economic support of the military junta.

Films start 8pm at 15-17 rampart street.

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Unrest Aftermath in Copenhagen

21-02-2008 14:42

After a week of burning barricades, cars and public buildings across the country the unrest has settled down. Now we're looking back at what actually happened.

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20 years revolutionary 1st of may germany/berlin-kreuzberg

21-02-2008 11:20

Street in the Berlin-district Kreuzberg at 1st of May
The 90 minutes video documentation about 20 years resistance at revolutionary 1st of may in berlin-kreuzberg (germany) is available in english now and for free.

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Mayday 2008

21-02-2008 10:36

reclaim mayday

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Alert - M&S picket on Oxford Street cancelled for one week only

21-02-2008 00:54

The demonstration outside Marks and Spencer in solidarity with the Palestinian people will be cancelled on Thursday, 21st February because supporters will be attending the opening rally of the Cuban Speaking Tour at the Venezuelan Embassy, see

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France, Villiers le Bel: "Kill Me Instead, Right On the Spot!"

20-02-2008 22:43

“I’ve never seen a police operation on this scale” declared the prosecutor who supervised the raids Monday morning in Villiers le Bel, a banlieue in northern Paris where riots took place last November after 2 young people were killed by a cop car.

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Save Victoria Baths from closure, Demo at the Council House

20-02-2008 21:10

Nottingham City Council have started a consultation process, with a view to shutting the Victoria Baths next to Sneinton Market. The council say: "Closure of the centre, which is situated near Sneinton Market, is being considered. On Monday 19th February about 100 people protested outside the Council House to demonstrate against the possible closure

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Sweden: Newsflash from

20-02-2008 20:55 recently released its first report about the multimillion
dollar plans to build a new urban highway in Stockholm.
We also made a new Youtube-video about how to open the ticket-line and
make it stay open. Our future plans include a day of action on the 1st of march. That is
the day when Stockholm public transportation company SL increases
their fares again.

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Picket Foxtons In Islington Monday 3rd March

20-02-2008 15:07

Estate agents are destroying communities. They are destroying London.

Foxtons, one of the most visible (and most unpleasant) will be picketed as part of a week of action against estate agents.

Lets stop moaning about housing issues, and begin to act! The sooner we stop the likes of Foxtons from operating in our communities, the sooner an affordable London could be built.

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Get Active!

20-02-2008 14:46

In no way will we be able to break the hold of corporations until we all ALL growing food and performing useful trades.