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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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New Arrivals and Employment - Challenging Exploitation in the Workplace

12-03-2005 10:10

CONFERENCE - Saturday March 12, 2005. 1pm - 6pm

Venue - United Services Club, Gough St, Birmingham, B1. 9 off Queensway, Mailbox side.)

Organised by ARC, the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign, supported by the T&GWU

For further details call 07973 945873

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Another Liverpool council estate is privatised!

11-03-2005 18:13

Another Liverpool Council Estate is about to slip quietly and without defiance into the private sector. This week plans were reported on Thursday 10th March in the Liverpool Echo (loyal propaganda agent for council housing privatisation over the past dacade) to push council tenants over to the ever expanding private housing market here in Liverpool.

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seclusion of psychiatric patients- call for assistance

11-03-2005 15:20

At the ESF 2006 (probably in Greece) we want to organise an international meeting to discuss the situation of psychiatric patients in institutes. There are alternatives for seclusion: locking up patients in isolation cells. And putting patients outside society in separate institutes is discussable. We want to speak out about these issues, which have remained in silence for yet much too long.

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H O U S I N G - is still - T H E B I G I S S U E !

11-03-2005 11:09

On Saturday 5th of March I found the following news item on TELETEXT ITV in the North West and it’s reproduced as I type copied it. I didn’t read about it in the local right wing rag the Liverpool Echo. (Liberal-Democrat controlled) Liverpool City Council is to spend £7,200,000 on private housing, £6000 on each, according to this news report, while it's own rent paying council tenants go without any improvements and backlog of repairs going back for years.

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Oxfordshire Local News Campaign - Saturday 19 March: Have your say

11-03-2005 10:07

Workshops on the state of the local media led by local journalists. Contributions from Indymedia peeps, plus showing of Robert Greenwald's recent film Outfoxed (starts at 11.15am), a stunning and stylish indictment of Rupert Murdoch's Fox News.Venue Oxford & Cherwell College. For more info: Free.

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Boycott Israeli Goods - Action

11-03-2005 00:33

Join us this Saturday outside Tesco on Market Street in campaigning for a Boycott of Israeli Goods.

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11-03-2005 00:11

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, China, Cuba, and Russia.

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Colombia update- san jose massacre

10-03-2005 21:02

9th march 2005
Latest news reports from the main dailies in Colombia
carry news which threatens the ideals and the very
geographical existence of the San Jose Peace Community
(recent victim of a massacre on 21st February).

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Anti-G8 Protest Brighton 11/03/05

10-03-2005 18:15

About demonstration tomorrow against G8 Employment Ministers meeting.

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Corporate Watch latest news update

10-03-2005 11:12

Corporate Watch is an independent research co-op keeping an eye on what the fat cats and eco-criminals are up to. We send out news updates every two weeks. If you want to subscribe send an email titled 'subscribe' to

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ACTION THURSDAY: Government launches New Deal for the Dead!!!

10-03-2005 03:39

A press release obtained by our overcover team of rapporteurs learns of the Government's next shocking move to tackle any remaining unproductive sectors of society... Meet: 12.00 @ Department of Trade & Industry, Victoria Street, London SW1 O St James Park, Thursday 10 March 2005

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Lobby The Welsh Labour Party in Swansea!

09-03-2005 19:17

Lobby the Welsh Labour Party in Swansea on friday the 18th March at midday.
There is money for the war in Iraq but nothing for pensions!

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09-03-2005 16:52

In 2002 Venezuela's President was deposed by a military coup backed by the Business sector and supported by the USA. Two days later he returned t power as thousands of venezelans marched on the Palace. This will be shown vividly by the amazing film The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

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Fun Protest, Upper Clapton, Springfield One O'clock Club Site

09-03-2005 16:32

Protest agaianst building on Metropolitan Open land in Upper Clapton

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Memorial to Ken Saro-Wewa

09-03-2005 12:23

An appeal to raise funds to commemorate the 'state murdered' Nigerian playwright and activist Ken Sar-Wewa
is to be launched on March 22nd in London,

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09-03-2005 10:32

After nearly 4 years of national boycott, the CIW and Taco Bell have reached a historic agreement
(Info from Immokalee workers webpage, more there )

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Halabja- The Kurdish town gassed by Saddam (Documentary Exhibtion)

09-03-2005 01:16

As a survivor and a student at the University fo Leeds, while searching for info about the attack on my town by chemical weapons by Saddam i came across this site.
I am organising wiht the UNA at the university of leeds a documentary photo exhibition on 17th March 2005 at the LUU.

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Iraq vigil - International Women’s Day

08-03-2005 20:10

Solidarity with Iraqi women. Iraqi Embassy, International Women's Day, 8 March
Call for a secular, democratic Iraq – No Sharia law
Freedom for Iraqi women and gays

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Public Protest at the Proposed Anti Terror Laws: 10.30am Wednesday 9th March Par

08-03-2005 18:04

Public Protest at the Proposed Anti Terror Laws: 10.30am Wednesday 9th March Parliament Square

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08-03-2005 18:01


Supported by Liberty, Stop Political terror, Green Party, Amnesty International Brighton, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC)

@ Friends Meeting House, Ship Street, Brighton

7.00 – 9.30pm Friday the 1st April