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Palestine Today

12-06-2006 16:03

Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Monday June 12th, 2006

Today the Army starts to open a trench along the Yabod-Araba road. A car was shelled in Gaza also troops install portable checkpoints south of Tubas and the entrance of Tamon. The Army invades the West Bank city of Jenin and clashes with the resistance

Those stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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Global Responses to Global Threats

12-06-2006 14:43

A new report from Oxford Research Group examining the various threats to global security, and sustainable responses to those threats.

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Khoodeelaar! demand on Tower Hamlets Coucnil to PASS No to Xrail

12-06-2006 12:49

The future of the East End as a community is under threat from Crossrail plan Bill. The local Tower Hamlets Council has so far been used as tool to suppress the very people in whose name that Coucnil exists.

Tower |Hamlets Council controlling clique has spent public money to perpetrate and to promote Crossrail -hole-backing lies in its propaganda title 'East End Lies' for Crossrail . If the Crossrail Bill is passed, they can do anything to destroy the community.

Make people homeless, drive small shop keepers out of their trade and make the East End a wasteland before Big Business takes over the area.

The Crossrail Bill is now being formally ‘scrutinised’ in relation to the formal petitions lodged by some of the local individuals and organisations to parts of its provisions. One of the petitioners has been the local Tower Hamlets Council.

Its chief employee fronting the Council’s side in all contacts with Crossrail has been Owen Whalley.

He gave verbal clarifications before the House of Commons committee on 7 June 2006. It was clear that he was not disclosing most of the facts of what they talked about with Crossrail .

Yet today’s edition of the Council’s ‘East End life’ [‘dubbed EAST END LIES as examined by the Khoodeelaar! Campaign] paints the Coucnil as having ‘obtained' good deals for the community fromCrossrail and presents Crossrail as not only a 'beneficial' project for the alleged regeneration of the East End but one with which the community is happy!

That pack of lies has been splashed on the front of the ‘east End Lies’ and stuffed on two centre pages.

Most of the people in the Borough are totally unaware of the manifold leis that they have been being told.

Khoodeelaar! Is formally demanding a full space in next edition failing which they ill take the Editor of East End Life to court.

Khoodeelaar! Is also delivering a draft motion for the full Coucnil Meeting scheduled for 21 June 2006 asking all the sitting Councillors to support an unequivocal motion of NO to Crossrail hole Bill.

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Defiant Gay Pride goes ahead in Warsaw

12-06-2006 12:00

Poland's LGBT community defiantly marched through Warsaw on Sat (10th). Although initially banned by the city's Mayor,the 'conservative authorities' allowed it during last week,but some far right and religious groups were out in opposition...

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Behind the Lies of the Australian Prime Minister

12-06-2006 09:57

It’s not difficult to arrive at an accurate assessment of the present Oz leadership, the government of John Howard. Love Howard or not, he has the local population eating his lies like it was manna from heaven. Howard’s treasurer recently announced that the Oz government was out of debt, in view of a national foreign debt of $493 billion, the highest ever recorded by an astronomical ‘mile’, the announcement of no government debt becomes meaningless double-talk. But which figure does the public prefer to embrace? The lie of course, it’s far more comforting – the media’s emphasis on the treasurer’s remarks at the expense of the horrendous crippling debt is not unintentional.

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London's world naked bike ride yesterday

11-06-2006 23:15

piccadilly just after the start of the ride
between 600 and 1000 people took part in the naked bike ride protest yesterday afternoon in the blazing sunshine

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Killing contest

11-06-2006 14:30

With violence spinning out of control in Iraq, parliament has failed yet again to name the interior and defence ministers. News of sectarian killings and the slaughter of civilians by US troops have become a routine occurrence.

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Campaign Complain Letter to Home Affairs & Constitutional Affairs Committees

11-06-2006 12:51

Constitutional Affairs Committe Attachment 2
Non functioning and ineffective Monitoring and Supervisory mechanisms, continue inadvently to aid overt Institutional Abuses within the Judiciary. Ogoing Violations of the Rule of Law by Corrupt members of the Judiciary is responsible for False and Unlawful Imprisonments inflicted on UK citizens.

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Ongoing Body Worlds 3 Protest

11-06-2006 11:00

: Protesting corpses being exhibited
In Houston Texas Carol has been to the Town Hall she has stood outside the Museum and she has protested for what she believes is right. And now other people have joined her.

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Rally for Justice, 2pm, Sunday, 11th June, outside Scotland Yard in London

11-06-2006 09:50

The police raid in Forest Gate on June 2nd involving some 250 officers was one of the largest single raids in Britain. With the intensification of
‘terror raids’ throughout the country and ‘trial-by-media’ sensationalism, communities are under severe attack and must show unity.

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A CWUel twist of fate

11-06-2006 08:39

A strike has been threatened against the Royal Mail, but the union isn’t yet trusted to win (from Freedom anarchist newspaper)

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Class Composition in the North East, Sat 17th June 2006

10-06-2006 23:22

The working class in the North East has changed since WWII, and in the past 20 years change at work (or not) has been rapid, but working class cultures continue. The old working class traditions and strategy have outlived their usefulness, and now something new is required to meet 21st century challenges.

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OFSTED - East London lesson for Cronying Tony Blair – Drop Christine

10-06-2006 18:18

The Khoodeelaar! campaign against the Crossrail hole Bill - Blair’s de facto salvaging of the career of Christine Gilbert via the Ofsted appointment is only significant as a peripheral indicator of how immoral his decision making is, contrary to the routine professions that he is at all a morally active ethically laudable decision maker… the central lesson is that his judgement is seriously flawed and that he is as anti-democratic and unconstitutional on this one as he has been on all key issues of the day in his 'premiership'.. Blair’s recent acknowledgement that the crossrail bill [now in the uk house of commons] had to be ‘handled sensibly’ showed the latest public confirmation that our campaign against Crossrail bill was affecting him and his unaccountable entourage.

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Placard Amnesty Update

10-06-2006 18:15

Prior to the amnesty placards were just dumped, where a child might pick them up
The Metropolitan Police's citywide placard amnesty, running from the 29th May through the 5th July has so far been a formidable success.

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Violent Student Protests In Merida, Venezuela

10-06-2006 15:37

Compañeras y Compañeros,

Thank you for taking the time to read this important update on right wing pro-coup terrorism now taking place in Venezuela. I am a United States citizen living and working in Merida Venezuela reporting on what appears to be the face of US backed efforts to de-stabilise the democratically elected Venezuelan government.

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London Naked Bike Ride today 3pm

10-06-2006 11:30

Meet at Hyde Park Corner.

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10-06-2006 00:22



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Philippines: Anti-Arroyo Groups Brace for Bigger Fights Ahead

09-06-2006 23:22

In a gathering of around 100 leaders from labor, peasant, urban poor, women and youth groups, the umbrella coalition Laban ng Masa is bracing for bigger fights in its bid to oust the Arroyo regime and initiate reforms under a transitional revolutionary government.

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guilty verdict in socpa trial today

09-06-2006 17:58

war law expert chris coverdale was handed his verdict today at bow street. judge cole found him guilty under socpa legislation and awarded £250 costs, no fine and a 12 month conditional discharge. chris will appeal

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Undercurrents Scores Hat Trick at Film Festival

09-06-2006 17:44

Winners all the way