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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sokari Douglas Camp exhibition "Strength of Feeling". Art Exchange, Hyson Green

26-11-2008 14:34

Quote: "“I accuse the oil companies of practising genocide against the Ogoni" Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Currently, at the New Art Exchange in Hyson Green, Nottingham, there is an exhibition of the acclaimed Nigerian-born artist Sokari Douglas Camp.

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Chase Centre Latest - - Please Help

26-11-2008 13:04

The Chase Centre in St Anns, Nottingham, is open and run by volunteers.

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United and Strong Anti-fascist benefit Sat 29 Nov

26-11-2008 10:08

United and Strong - Anti-fascist benefit
A late night of loud music and cool politics

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Yves Yitgna Njitchoua / Urgent Action needed right now

26-11-2008 07:34

Yves Yitgna Njitchoua
Yves Yitgna Njitchoua a national of Cameroonian and resident of Manchester, currently in Campsfield IRC. Is due to be forcibly removed from UK today Wednesday 26 November 2008 @ 19:00hrs on Kenya Airways Flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and flight KQ518 to Douala Cameroon.

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Anti-ID card demo in Cardiff

25-11-2008 22:20

Big Brother is Coming
Over 60 people gathered in Cardiff outside the UK Border Agency, 31-33 Newport Road at noon today to oppose the introduction of ID cards.

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Thousands to March Against MassEviction for a Themepark in South Afgrica

25-11-2008 20:34

Ten thousand Zulu families, perhaps 50 thousand people or more, face eviction for a Dubai funded Zulu Themepark.....

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As seen on BBC1 ITN Channel 4 Gordon Brown on Camden Death Lab

25-11-2008 15:10

The consortium behind the so called "28 Days Later Lab" in Camden have claimed that Gordon Brown "backs the project" even though the plans go against Camden Counci's planning brief which asks for affordable housing. We wrote to Gordon Brown and these are the replies we received. For those of you who don't know, there are plans to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate next to St Pancras Eurostar.

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Anti I.D Card Banner Drop In Newcastle

25-11-2008 13:33

Two banners dropped over busy inner city motorway

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Britain's Youngest Prisoners: 5 Children, 'Done no Crime but doing Time'

25-11-2008 07:40

Tell my teacher Mrs. Khalk and my friends Marshall, Damian, Asaid and Adam at Peel Park Primary School that I am in prison with my family.' Ziyad Zighem aged 6 years 3 months,

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Solidarity with Greek Hunger strike – No Prison No State

25-11-2008 01:08

Since the 11th of November more than 5,500 prisoners all over the country of Greece have been on hunger-strike, in protest against the intolerable conditions they have to exist under.

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ID cards will lead to us all being fingerprinted

24-11-2008 23:13

Press release from NO2ID on the introduction of “ID cards for foreigners”

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24-11-2008 22:55

A new social centre is developing near Birmingham City Centre. Please come and get involved.

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Meanwhile in Iceland...

24-11-2008 21:17

The crowds are restless.

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Arts Collective against the proposed Camden animal testing / virus lab

24-11-2008 18:53

There is an attempt to build a high level virus containment facility and animal testing lab in Camden. This has been dubbed by the press as the "28 Days Later Lab" and MI5 have leaked warnings to newspapers about security fears. The lab if built will be on a council estate. Planning permission will soon be applied for. London Against Camden Danger Lab Arts Collective are looking for artists....

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Rushmoor heaps praise on Pavilion

24-11-2008 17:17

According to the local comic, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has heaped praise on Pavilion Housing Association.

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St Modwen claim Farnborough redevelopment complete by Christmas

24-11-2008 17:02

Rok Construction pile driving
If the local comic is to be believed, the demolition site that is all that is left of what was once Farnborough town centre will be open for Christmas shopping by 2009.

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Reenactment of the Murder of Jean Charles de Menezes

24-11-2008 15:11

In an extraordinary art event artist Mark McGowan is to reenact the murder of John Charles de Menezes on Saturday 29th November 2008, the event is to start at 2pm outside Stoctwell tube station and finish downstairs on the underground platform.

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Council puts CCTV in couple's bedroom

24-11-2008 14:43

A couple with learning disabilities, living in a 'residential family centre', have had to invoke the Human Rights Act to have CCTV switched off in their bedroom at night.

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UK Coal Industry Braced for 48hrs of Protests

24-11-2008 13:07

Today the ‘E.on Face Off’ direct action campaign was officially announced to the press (see press release below). The direct action campaign will start with the 48 hours of action against E.on and New Coal (Friday 28th / Saturday 29th Nov).