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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Police too heavy handed says Parliamentary Committee.

23-03-2009 07:16

First the Law Lords came down on the side of Critical Mass and now a Parliamentary Committee is supporting public protesters against police. Whatever next!

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Join the BNP fund-raiser demo at Laindon

23-03-2009 01:55

Protest against the BNP

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Oil Goliath BP Felled By Fossil Fool's Day David

22-03-2009 21:36

*** Art Not Oil press release, March 21st 2009 ***

BP has been forced to postpone its centenary party at the British Museum
on April 1st, as word had leaked out and triggered a demonstration by Art
Not Oil(1).

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Record rise in unemployment to over 2 million

22-03-2009 19:30

Unemployment in the United Kingdom rose by a record amount last month. The numbers claiming unemployment benefit increased by 138,400 in February, the largest monthly increase since records began in 1971 and far higher than had been predicted. The previous record high was 118,000, reached in the recession of 1991.

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Iraq: The World's Biggest Lies

22-03-2009 13:45

More than six years after an invasion that the experts said would take only a few weeks, Iraq is in turmoil. Sectarian differences are the rule and there is no program to stop these actions that once were unheard of in Iraq.

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G20 Protest in the Guardian

22-03-2009 10:20

Check this out:

The Guardian's bigging up the G20 protests, with a fair amount of scare-mongering for good measure. Still, they say that there's no such thing as bad publicity...

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Demonstration @ Yarl's Wood Saturday March 21st 2009

22-03-2009 07:13

Thousands of person seeking/refused asylum/overstayers/persons 'Sans Papiers' are currently being kept in immigration prisons (AKA Immigration Removal Centres) throughout the UK. They haven't committed a crime, but they can be imprisoned indefinitely. Many of the people detained have experienced torture, and their trauma is exacerbated by being detained. Seven of the IRCs are operated for profit by private companies.

36 people have been in immigration detention for more than two years, 72 more than 18 months, 128 more than one year.

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Demo For An End to Immigration Detention -in pictures

21-03-2009 21:14

Over 150 protesters gathered at 11.30am in Bedford town center and marched over 5 miles from Bedford to Yarl’s Wood detention center.

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G20: police expecting massive protests on April 1-2

20-03-2009 18:27

The police are gearing up to expect massive protests at the G20 (Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors) meetings that are happening on April 1 and 2.

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Direct Action; USA, Netherlands, Chile & Norway

20-03-2009 17:05

17-20th March


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Direct Action Germany: 11-15th March

20-03-2009 16:25

13-15/03/2009 - Overview of the actions of the „united we stay“ weekend (Berlin)
13/03/2009 - Arson attack on a vehicle of the german army (Berlin)
12/03/2009 - Windows of a Sparkasse smashed (Berlin)
12/03/2009 - 5 vehicles of the post burned down (Hamburg)
11/03/2009 - Color against the NPD's national center (Berlin)
11/03/2009 - Attack on the car of the project leader of the Frankfurt's airport (Frankfurt)
11/03/2009 - Color and stones against Carlofts (Berlin)

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BNP Roadshow in Exeter Tomorrow: Protests Expected...

19-03-2009 23:50

Will resistance in Gloucester be repeated?

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English Nationalists and Fascists to march in Leicester

19-03-2009 23:13

On March 28th, English Nationalist have called a "National Demo" in Leicester. They hope to use the opportunity express their concerns about the city becoming "the first to have a minority of Indigenous English in the near future." This, they claim "is non other than ethnic clearing." Which is presumably similar to ethnic cleansing.

While the organisers are insistent that the "demo is not connected to any political party," it is prominently promoted on the websites of both the England First Party, a BNP-splinter group, and the openly-fascist National Front. Something which you might hope the organisers would be concerned about.

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Massive abstention in Unite leadership contest

19-03-2009 22:44

Derek Simpson has only narrowly held on to his position as general secretary of the Amicus section of the trade union Unite. The election result means he will continue as joint general secretary with Tony Woodley of the Transport and General Workers' Union section of Unite.

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For A New Student Movement - Conference on April 18th

19-03-2009 19:19

On April 18th, students and activists from all over the country will meet to decide where to take the student movement next. The programme is still open to workshop suggestions, so email us to get involved!

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Inside HLS : 1997-2008

19-03-2009 19:17

Undercover footage from inside Europe's largest animal testing laboratory Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) from 1997 - 2008. Edited by Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), see for individual investigations and exposés.

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Haiti: UN chief champions sweatshop development strategy

19-03-2009 17:25

Ban Ki-moon makes a thinly-veiled demand that the Haitian authorities prioritise free trade zones for garment assembly operations as the main thrust of its development strategy. Such a strategy is completely at odds with the country's progressive civil society organisations and the main bloc in the Chamber of Deputies - the anti-neo-liberal Concertation des Parliamentaires Progressistes (CPP).

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Borough Solicitor issues threatening letter over critical leaflet

19-03-2009 16:58

Borough Solicitor at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has got her knickers in a twist over a leaflet distributed in Farnborough highly critical of the council.

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March 19 Day of Action Against Corporate Excess

19-03-2009 12:03

On March 19, 2009 Americans in cities nationwide will hold demonstrations at the offices of major banks and other corporations to demand more responsible corporate behavior and call on Congress to enact the change that will make it happen: employee free choice and healthcare reform.

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Greek prisoner dies during prisoner transport.

18-03-2009 17:45

Re-posted from

According to various newssite reports,prisoner Katerina Goulioni, prisoner and militant prisoners’ rights activist, has died in police custody this morning.