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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Shelter-Housing debate- Do we need new homes? Why is Shelter wanting new homes?

28-11-2005 15:16

Do we need new homes being built when so many are standing empty... not taking into account environmental issues and the "Developers" possible alterior motives for the plight of those homeless?

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Against the dictator government of Iran and for freedom,Support student’s strugg

28-11-2005 11:44

Universities in Iran are main battlefields in people’s struggle against religious dictatorship and students are unmistakable forces of this fight. December 7 is, therefore a very important day.

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mayflybooks - announcement and call

28-11-2005 11:31

Announcement of, and call for, mayflybooks (

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New ephemera issue 5.4 'Inscribing Organized Resistance'

28-11-2005 11:27

The new issue of 'ephemera: theory & politics in organization', ntitled 'Inscribing Organized Resistance', has just been published at

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Pensions adrift in the markets

28-11-2005 07:43

Freedom reports an otherwise routine corporate deal could have disturbing implications for our company pensions, as companies find ways to divorce themselves from liability.

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Occupation in Hackney

28-11-2005 02:15

An occupation of Francesca's cafe, 34 Broadway Market in Hackney E8 has taken place in order to prevent demolition, and assistance is required from Monday early morning and throughout the day. Why is this happening...?

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Sneak Attack on Organic Food standards by USA.

28-11-2005 00:27

Industry sneak attack on organic standards rammed through congress.

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Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group Meeting 14 December

27-11-2005 20:35

Next meeting Wednesday 14 December at the Square Centre Alfred Street, North. All Welcome

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Notts Trade Justice Movement Event on Sat 10th December

27-11-2005 20:19

On 10 Decembers 11am until 3pm at the Cornerhouse Notts Trade Justice Movement presents stalls music films children’s activities, treasure hunt with a balloon release at 2.30 pm

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Parents mortgaged home for Indonesian injustice

27-11-2005 20:17

They are issues that go to the heart of this problem
Asked about allegations that bribes were paid to reduce her sentence, he said yesterday: "They are issues that go to the heart of this problem and we are not prepared to talk about them at this point. It's something for Michelle to talk about when she is ready."

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Police Threaten to Crush Anti EDO Mass Demo

27-11-2005 06:29

Why we're Marching...
Sussex police have threatened to arrest demonstrators planning to March through Brighton on Dec 10th to protest against EDO MBM, a factory manufacturing electrical components for arms in Mouslecoomb.

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13 make a Critical Mass in Gothenburg!

26-11-2005 11:19

Gothenburg’s second Critical Mass was a huge success.

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Longing for the North

25-11-2005 16:55

Finland has the highest productivity in the EU and the lowest rich-poor differential. Inequality is not a panacea. According to a 2004 European Commission study, the Scandinavian model is the best protection against increasing income differences and poverty rates.

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Film Fest Review (part one)

25-11-2005 13:39

Freedom is slavery, war is peace, democracy is staying at home or come to the film fest

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Iraq oil union president to tour UK

25-11-2005 13:34

Hasan Juma in February 2005
Organising over 23,000 workers in Iraq's oil and gas industries, the Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq (IFOU) is struggling against both the US/UK military occupation and the corporate-led privatisation of Iraq's industry. The president of the federation, Hasan Jumaa Awad, is touring the UK and addressing public meetings during November and December.

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The Dark Political Alleys of Torture

25-11-2005 12:03

What makes me worthy not to be tortured in some CIA prison, if I will not stand vehemently opposed to such evil? Will I stand up when it is too late?

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Audio report - Tribunal condemns Nestle in Colombia

25-11-2005 05:56

On 29 October 2005 Swiss trade unions, church organisations and political parties held a tribunal in Bern, Switzerland, to examine Nestle's activities in Colombia. Colombian trade unionists denounced human rights abuses and other malpractice. Hear interviews with participants.

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Genoa G8: Police brutality trials get under way in earnest

24-11-2005 21:23

One of the 93 people beaten by police during the July 21 raid on the Diaz-Pertini School during the Genoa G8 summit in 2001, testifies before Justice Gabrio Barone in the Genoa Criminal Tribunal.

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Genoa G8, Diaz: "This your last G8", police told protestors

24-11-2005 20:46

Translated summary of 9th hearing in the trial against 29 top police officials, charged with grievous bodily harm, falsifying evidence and fabricating charges, following the raid on the complex known as the "Diaz schools" during the Genoa G8 summit

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No more removals to DR Congo

24-11-2005 18:31

Demonstration Called by SOS Immigration

Thursday 1st December
Assemble - 10.00am
Home Office, Peel Building. 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF