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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Next Anarchist Action Network Meeting in Bristol, 19/20 April

13-04-2014 10:33

The Anarchist Action Network's monthly UK wide planning meeting. Come down to get involved in the anti NATO summit mobilisation and the Anarchist Travelling Circus.

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The anarchist subculture and the leftist protest ghetto in the United States

12-04-2014 13:17

A small contribution to understanding the larger problems of resistance in capitalist America...

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Safiad Casnewydd

12-04-2014 10:30

Welsh translation of the Anarchist Travelling Circus call out.

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The Anarchist Travelling Circus Presents: Newport Rising

10-04-2014 08:30

From the 26th May to the 1st June 2014 Anarchist Action Network is holding a week of Anarchist events dubbed the Anarchist Travelling Circus in Newport, South Wales. The week will include, workshops, discussions and skillshares and more. Emailo us to get involved!

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Programme out now for Bristol Anarchist Bookfair 2014

07-04-2014 16:31

workshop/meetings timetable
The full programme of meetings, and list of stalls, for the 2014 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, has been announced. There are 5 meeting spaces, including the Permanent Culture Now marquee, at the main Bookfair venue at The Trinity Centre. Plus just down the road we have the Radical History Zone at Hydra Bookshop

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On National Democracy

07-04-2014 11:53

The concept of National Democracy aims to overthrow feudalism and achieve independence from colonialism.

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Middle East - Spike in Executions

06-04-2014 01:52

It sounds like a scene from a grisly horror film; five decapitated bodies swinging from a horizontal pole suspended over the main square in the city of Jijzan in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Beside each body hangs a plastic bag containing the victim’s head. Yards away, students are arriving at a local university to take their exams.

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Stop Basildon Council Evictions on Fri 11th April

05-04-2014 14:47

In excess of 30 cases will be heard regarding possible evictions due to rent arrears at Basildon County Court on Friday 11th April 2014. Most cases are as a result of the imposition of the 'Bedroom Tax' by Basildon Council. Please come and support them and show solidarity against the Tory/UKIP majority council. Meet 09.00 Basildon County Court. Address: The Gore, Basildon, SS14 2BU Essex
Bring banners and attitude.

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Esther to be rehoused! Solidarity works

05-04-2014 10:43

Monday's action

On Monday morning over 20 people descended on the offices of Metropolitan Housing in Lambeth to insist that the Association finds appropriate housing for Esther.

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The @SalvationArmy Must quit #Workfare

04-04-2014 23:54

Outdise the UK HQ

Local people in Southwark yesterday staged protests outside the Salvation Army UK HQ at Elephant and Castle, before moving onto to a local Salvation Army 'Charity' Shop. They are angry that the organisation continues to participate in the coalition's workfare programme which forces people to do unpaid work for their benefits.

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Are We Heading for an Environmental Crisis if UK Coal go Bust?

04-04-2014 04:56

If UK Coal go bust, the following six surface mine sites may be mothballed or abandoned, leaving them as un-restored and environmental scares on the local landscape: Butterwell, (Nr Morpeth, Northumberland) Huntington Lane, (Telford) Park Wall North,(Nr Crook, Co Durham) Potland Burn,(Nr Ashington , Norhtumberland) Lodgre House (Nr Ilkeston, Derbyshire) and Minorca (Nr Measham Leicestershire)

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Migrant English Project Benefit @ Cowley Club April 6

03-04-2014 14:20

Sunday benefit roast & music! 6pm -11pm

12 london road, brighton, BN1 4JA

More details on attached flyer. MEP takes place every Monday at the Cowley Club in Brighton -

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The Philippines-Bangsamoro Agreement

02-04-2014 07:56

The Bangsamoro Agreement: A Step towards Re-imagining and Rebuilding the Philippine Nation

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BBC says sorry over lax Data Protection for sources - another own goal!

01-04-2014 16:29

The BBC itself has admitted during today (Tuesday 01 April 2014) to being sorry over the disclosure in the last 48 hours that the BBC'sd own lax management had allowed sources' data to be disclsoed to the supposed subject of last night's Panaroma episide abouut London's Tower Hamlets Borough Council.

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UG#678 - The New Pearl Harbor 2 (Amerithrax, The Pentagon and Shanksville)

29-03-2014 13:48

Before we continue our title piece, another 9-11 related piece from 2009. Author/film makers Bob Coen and Eric Nadler describe their researches into Amerithrax and the multi-billion dollar germ "defense" warfare industry. In our second hour, we continue with The New Pearl Harbor on the Pentagon and Shanksville events. We conclude with two 9/11 Commission members calling foul.

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Demonstration in support of West Papuan prisoners - London 2nd April

25-03-2014 21:44

Please help to make the voices of the many political prisoners in West Papua heard by attending this demonstration and representing one of the political prisoners currently incarcerated.

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Poetry Slam Against Borders - London, 27th March

22-03-2014 14:15

Poetry Slam Fundraiser & Info Night for Calais Migrant Solidarity & Morocco No Borders.
Street Drinkers Hangout, 8pm Friday 27th March
Call 07583640282 closer to the date for exact location.

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Road Blockade Save Britain's Children From Abuse

21-03-2014 12:58

Stop Children Being Abused. NATIONAL ROAD BLOCKADE.

Parents Carers Grandparents. British Muslim Polish French Jews Christian

Children being stolen then abused.


Inverness to Plymouth Glasgow to Swansea and Aberdeen to London.

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Eritrean detainee on hunger strike in Greece facing deportation to Eritrea

16-03-2014 21:22

Detainees of B wing Larisa prison inform of their solidarity to the fellow detainee Mohamad Hamid from ERITREA, who has been held for DEPORTATION for 10 months (from end of criminal sentence) and who is ON HUNGER STRIKE SEEKING RECOGNITION OF POLITICAL ASYLUM.

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56 Oil Billionaires

13-03-2014 22:39

victim of oil
Oil belongs to a country, not to privateers. Petroplutocrats have destroyed the environment, have pricegouged the poor and all, have caused coups in socialist countries like Iran in 1953, have assassinated people, have caused runaway inflation, have conspired since the early 1900's to destroy train systems and electric car industries.