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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Independent Lies

16-08-2004 01:56

UK's Independent Newspaper Falsifies Venezuela Election Results!
By Ron Smith,

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Video from London US Embassy hands of venezuela demo

15-08-2004 22:30

Here is a short video from todays demo at the america embassy...

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Report of Venezuela Solidarity day in Edinburgh with 6 photos

15-08-2004 20:45

Banner at start of march.
Here is a short report with 6 photos of today's Venezuela solidarity march in Edinburgh. Six photos of the day are attached as well as an AP (Associated Press) article on the election turnout.

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Photos from US Embassy demo for Venezuela

15-08-2004 20:19

Photos from the demo at US embassy in solidarity with the people of venezuela...

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video: witness description of shooting (es)

15-08-2004 20:15

video interview with person saying something in Spanish about the shooting

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Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War

15-08-2004 19:42

Free download of the film "Venezuela Bolivariana: People and Struggle of the Fourth World War", a documentary about the Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela and its links to the world-wide movement against capitalist globalization.

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The spying, carcinogenic fuckers

15-08-2004 19:35

Emissions from British Army spying equipment has been blamed for gross birth defects in livestock in the South Armagh area.

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15-08-2004 17:29

While scholars debate the legal definition of genocide and governments look the other way, thousands of civilians around the world succumb to the armies of hate. What do we need to know in order to take action and stop the slaughter of innocents?

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rampART cinema call for films/speakers

15-08-2004 16:26

This wednesday 18th the regular rampart wednesday night free cinema will be showing films about reclaimed spaces and struggles to retain them - land squats, eco-communities, evictions, travellers, social centres etc.

We also plan to get people to come in an speak about the current situation with projects such as Use Your Loaf, Sutton Street, Chalk Farm Autonomous Lab and the ex-Grand Banks plus some continental feedback from people involved in similar projects elsewhere....

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Venezuela Solidarity, indymedia access point, plus party

15-08-2004 13:11

From 6pm tonight (sunday 15th august), RAMPART STREET E1 is hosting a party for those who have been taking part in the Venezuela Week of Solidarity and the demonstration outside the american embassy during the recall referendum in Venezuela.

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Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela

14-08-2004 22:00

Edinburgh Demo in support of The Bolivarian Revolution

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the fuckers

14-08-2004 16:41

A reported plan by a Protestant marching group to circumvent a
ruling against a coat-trailing parade in nationalist north
Belfast has been stopped.

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British Activist Detained at Tel Aviv Airport

14-08-2004 08:41

British activist Ewa Jasciewicz was detained by Israeli police on Wednesday as she attempted to enter the country. Further details are to follow.

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An antidote for apathy

13-08-2004 15:06

Venezuela's president has achieved a level of grassroots participation our politicians can only dream of.

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rampart street friday mediation

13-08-2004 12:59

Since monday (9th August), the rampart street creative centre and social space has been venue to a many of the events taking place in London as part of Venezuela Week of Solidarity. On 15th August, the people of venezuela get to vote on whether to continue with the popular socialist government of Hugo Chevez or call a new election. Meanwhile, the whitehouse is itching to intervene and the corporate media twist and turn as the info war heats up.

The events taking place at rampart street this week have given an opportunity for people to find out more about the situation in venezuela, what has happen since Chavez was elected and how the people feel about things. It has allowed people to explore their feelings about social change, revolution and the state. Whatever ones views, the heat is certainly on and the world is watching to see what happens...

Today (friday 13th), the

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Referendum in Venezuela: Between Empire and Revolution

13-08-2004 00:18

Between Empire and Revolution: Call from the "Calle y Media" autonomous collective for informational support and direct actions around the world in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution...

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Arrests for all offences proposed

12-08-2004 21:31

All offences could prompt arrest under Home Office proposals

Police in England and Wales could be given powers to arrest people for minor offences such as graffiti or litter.

Police can currently arrest people only for crimes with sentences of at least five years, meaning breach of the peace is often used as a "catch all" offence.

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British Journalist Held at Ben Grurion

12-08-2004 21:14

A British journalist has been detained since Wednesday at Ben-Gurion International Airport after security forces denied her entry into the country on the grounds that she is a left-wing activist who could not be objective in her portrayal of local events and who could unknowingly assist violent organizations.

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Please help save Joan Shurland from death in Jamaica

12-08-2004 18:51

Joan Shurland
My friend Joan Shurland, a disabled mother, is faced with deportation to almost certain death in Jamaica. She has already lost 2 sons to gun crime, she witnessed the murder of her younger son and was herself shot in the head by the murderers. Please read this news item and sign the petition at BLINK (see link) to help save her life.

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more harrassment folks

12-08-2004 18:40

A man was hospitalised late on Saturday night last after he was beaten around the head with rifle butts by members of a British Army/PSNI patrol.