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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Blockade the Council House

24-02-2013 02:34

Blockade the council house – No vote today - Save Birmingham

Meet 11am Victoria Square - form groups block entrances.

Birmingham City Council shut down our public meeting - in response we are calling on a public blockade of the council house to shut down their budget meeting where the first wave of the £625m worth of cuts over six years will be voted through.

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Integra Revolucio. Towards an international ideological and political space

23-02-2013 13:03

This is a call for all individuals, collectives and people around the world who are working towards the construction of another society from below to come together for an international meeting. The aim is to establish the Bloc for the Integral Revolution.

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An Idiot Abroad: Marine LePen Visits Cambridge (Pt 2)

23-02-2013 01:09

An attempt by activists to rush a side entrance of the Union building.
Second installment of photographs from Tuesday's Marine LePen demonstration.

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An Idiot Abroad: Marine LePen Visits Cambridge (Pt 1)

23-02-2013 00:51

A ring of steel...
On Tuesday 19th February 2013, French Far Right MEP Marine LePen dared to show her face in Cambridge, on the invitation of the Cambridge Debating Union, whom were clearly up to their usual sensationlist tricks again.

About two hundred activists turned up and surrounded the building for the whole afternoon, effectively beseiging it, so there was nowhere for Madame LePen to run!

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Russian Exile Angel Versetti Implicated As Co-organiser of London Riots

21-02-2013 16:37

Angel Versetti whose sudden disappearance from the United Kingdom in 2011 raised several investigations in the country, was apparently arrested, imprisoned and removed from the United Kingdom with a minimum ban of 10 years. While the question on his exile from Russia remains unanswered, his actions in Britain attest to the true nature of his deporation from the country.

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Eileen House occupied by squatters...

21-02-2013 15:18

Eileen House occupied by squatters days before Boris decision.

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Biofuelwatch plan to take DRAXtic Action to prevent a Big Biomess

21-02-2013 10:10

Drax is planning to convert half of their coal power station (the UK’s biggest) to burning biomass – most of it imported wood. They are hoping this will secure the long-term future of the power station and allow them to continue burning both vast amounts of coal and imported wood for decades to come. We are protesting plans for this big biomess and invite you to join us at their AGM on the 24th of April.

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EDL Manchester - Dissidents Will Kiss Kev Carroll's Arse #edl #nwi #SLATEDL

21-02-2013 00:36

Worryingly short of merchandising revenue, Kev Carroll and his motley crew of losers have opened the door to the Muggy Mushrooms who Kev likes to call "splitters", to French-kiss his pimply, pock-marked arse and return apologetically to the EDL fold. From the NWI to the Casuals, to the NF and the Salford branch of the BNP to the Combined ex Forces, all "nationalists" in the UK are cordially invited to sacrificially surrender their own political identities to help maintain Kev Carroll and Hel Gower's grip on power in the most audacious British fascist backslapping exercise of all time.

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One Common Struggle: publicity for StopG8 action week June 10-18

20-02-2013 21:25

one common struggle
Call-out for week of resistance 10-18 June. Spread the word. Get leaflets to download, print and distribute in your area.

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PDSA withdraws from workfare

20-02-2013 17:52

As of today (20th February) the PDSA has withdrawn from all government workfare schemes.

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Propaganda for the 2013 Bristol anarchist bookfair available now

20-02-2013 17:03

bookfair stickers - before we cut them up
Roll up roll up it's yer Bristol anarchist bookfair propaganda extravaganza - words and images to inspire action, and of course to seduce you along to the bookfair!

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One Billion Rising for Soni Sori

19-02-2013 21:18

Join One Billion Rising for Soni Sori on 8th March 2013
We rise to support Soni Sori, an adivasi teacher, mother of 3 young children, a public spirited citizen of free India who was arrested on the 4th Oct 2011 from New Delhi, kept imprisoned under plethora of political charges, several of which she already stands acquitted of. Hers is the story of an empowered woman in India who dared to speak against the interests of Indian state and mining companies, faced emotional, physical, sexual abuse by state agents and is still languishing in jail. Her perpetrators, on the other hand, are awarded Gallantry Award.

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Campaigners condemn life sentences given to activists who “sparked the Arab Spri

18-02-2013 14:13

Sentences on Gdeim Izik defendents a travesty of justice

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POA a State Sanctioned Oppressor and Bully of Working Class People

18-02-2013 12:32

The following is an article by ex-prisoner, prison campaigner and journalist Charles Hanson:

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1.4.13, April Fool.

18-02-2013 00:07

In the absense of an organised response to the social war imposed on us by the global ruling class, does anyone else feel like playing the fool.

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Even A4E Tutor thinks Workfare is wrong

17-02-2013 17:49

If government poverty pimps are slagging their attacks on the unemployed what hope does IDS have?

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Working Class Eco-Warriors Prepare to Fight Second Battle of Hastings

17-02-2013 13:26

Veteran eco-warriors from the 1990s road protests in Britain are getting ready to move to Combe Haven Valley in East Sussex to take part in the Second Battle of Hastings to stop the Bexhill to Hastings link road from being built to prevent further destruction of the environment and pollution in the atmosphere, and to show solidarity with the besieged local residents of Middle England.

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Jeff Marsh Indeed Officially Surrenders #edl #jeffmarsh @slatedl

17-02-2013 00:19

The news everybody heard is indeed true, Mister Jeffrey Marsh Esquire from Cardiff (Joe Casuals), the cowardly founder of dumbarse ex-hooligan Casuals United, the middle-aged hot-air specialist, famous for getting all psychopath and stabbing Man United fans including children, yet talking absolute shite about anarchists being scared of him, has escaped to Sunny Spain to escape the attentions of UK Antifa.

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Court report on baton use at student demonstrations from Meadows retrial

16-02-2013 18:25

A POLICE Commander has described his officers as 'superbly restrained' after watching video footage of them striking down at protesters' heads with batons during a student demonstration.