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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pictures from March For The Alternative (part 1).

29-03-2011 15:22

Eight Coaches, just from Cambridge!
On Saturday March 26th 2011, one of the biggest demonstrations in Britain for eight years took place on the streets of London.

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Violence and Antiviolence

29-03-2011 14:27

Violence and Antiviolence

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EGYPT: Conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad arrested / in military court today

29-03-2011 14:22

War Resisters' International has been informed that Egypt conscientious objector Maikel Nabil Sanad has been arrested this morning, and will appear in military court today. He is being threatened with a sentence of up to five years imprisonment, but it is not known what he is being charged with.

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What Now After The TUC's London Demo?

29-03-2011 13:17

In the words of Percy Shelley, "Ye are many, they are few"
Saturday brought the largest expression of class anger Britain has seen since the Poll Tax, as hundreds of thousands marched through London on the Trades Union Congress-organised march against the government's massive cuts. A significant number also took direct action, showing that they trust neither the TUC nor the Labour Party to fight back against the super-rich on their behalf.

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Black Bloc: Useful time to think about it's good and bad points

29-03-2011 12:54

Three texts that came out in America after the Black Bloc at the Republican National Convention a few years ago. Worth reading for some good arguments and counter-arguments within. Post M26 seems like a good time for those in the Black Bloc and those who enjoy it's snake like route of destruction to consider what was good and what was bad in the wider scheme of the day about the bloc. Useful if it the BB is not just to become a standard repetition with no real imagination and with all the joy and life sucked out of it.

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Trafalgar Square: A report

29-03-2011 11:52

This Saturday over half a million people took to the streets in the biggest anti-government demonstration since the invasion of Iraq. Trade unionists and community activists from around the country rallied together. The attack on Trafalgar Square highlights to what length the police will go to quell dissent.

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Keep the pressure on-actions for Saurday 2nd April

28-03-2011 21:36

Saturday, April 2 at 6:30pm - April 3 at 6:30pm

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Video shows how police tricked Fortnum & Mason occupiers into mass false arrest

28-03-2011 19:43

Video shot by Green and Black Cross and released by UK Uncut via The Guardian shows how a Met Chief Inspector lied to occupiers promising they would be let free if they left the building. They were then arrested en masse, many held for 24 hours, and 138 charged with aggravated trespass. The Met's case now appears in tatters.

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Animal Warfare Revels: Bobby Roberts Address!

28-03-2011 14:51

Bobby Roberts Super Circus conveniently posted their own details on the net!

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New Police Tactics March 26th

27-03-2011 20:28

Keepin' on the move.
During the day the police strategy seemed to be about dispersal and blocking rather than containment, this changed at night with dispersal and containment being used particularly around larger areas like Trafalger Sq.

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The Protest, The Police & The Press

27-03-2011 18:07


The media have once again jumped all over themselves to attack protesters and violence. As ever they miss the point and refuse to understand the reasons behind political violence.

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Anarchists Attack RBS in Bristol

27-03-2011 16:42

In the framework of acting around the mass anti-cuts demo of 26th March 2011, we attacked RBS in Bristol during the night of 24th March 2011.

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March 26th:Where do we go from here? (complete version)

26-03-2011 09:59

Open Discussion leaflet for today's demo. Please feel free to comment or pass it on.

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The Guardian-Mark Kennedy: Confessions of an undercover cop

26-03-2011 09:26

'I was lying because it was my job to lie. I'm not a dishonest person.'
Here we go again. The little bastard just won't fuck off. Instead he reveals his sob story in the Guardian.

"After seven years spent living as an environmental activist, Mark Stone was revealed to be policeman Mark Kennedy. He talks to Simon Hattenstone about life on the outside, with no job, no friends and no idea who he really is."

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Legal Advice Lines / Bust Card For Tomorrow 26th March

25-03-2011 20:57

RiseUpEast Bust Card

Print off and keep with you on tomorrows march / occupations.

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Brutal Human Rights Violations Bahrain

25-03-2011 14:03

In London this past Saturday hundreds of protesters demonstrated at the Embassy of Bahrain.

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About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

25-03-2011 12:04

About public debt,budget deficit and the General Strike on Saturday

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26th March Dissident Feeder March Still On!

25-03-2011 01:46

Game Over..
Facebook has decided it doesnt like us anymore...

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It Cuts Both Ways... Alternatives to Cuts (a Video)

25-03-2011 00:41

A film about UK Uncut and alternatives to cuts by Oonagh Cousins.

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March 26th: Tactical Briefing: Cops, Anarchists, Flashpoints

25-03-2011 00:34

Freedom newspaers useful guide to official preparations for March 26th ant-cuts demo