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Colombian Government Attacks Market Town La Julia

19-11-2005 23:50

Bogota November 18th 2005

FENSUAGRO, the Agricultural Workers' Union, advises the national and international community and the Colombian Government that there is a very serious situation of violation of human rights in LA JULIA, Department of Meta.

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Buses for people not profit

19-11-2005 16:11

Buses for people not profit
There was a demonstration against bus fare rises and cuts in services in Sheffield on Saturday 19th November 2005. Fares on First buses in went up again today, the third rise this year, it now costs £1.50 to travel a mile into the city centre.

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Sévèke: Keystone Cops or Spic & Span Cover Up?

19-11-2005 13:28

Twenty-four hours after the daily scrubbing and cleaning with special vehicles* and the second sweep by hand of the municipal 'Garbage and Cleaning Service' DAR, detectives again faked to investigate a political murder on the same Spic & Spanned spot...

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Journalist - activist shot, murdered - Nijmegen, Netherlands

19-11-2005 11:44

On the evening of November 15th, the tenacious and engaged Dutch intelligence watcher Louis Sévèke was murdered on the streets of Nijmegen by two shots from close distance.

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MUHAMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the 'debate on policing'

19-11-2005 10:55

The call for arming the UK police as uttered by Michael Winner is not a contribution to the alleged debate on the future of policing in this country. Evidence must be sought and established BY ALL OF SOCIETY before any fundamental changes are made for the worse

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On the rape of a Filipina committed by 6 US marines

19-11-2005 04:45

This is not the first time U.S. soldiers abused a Filipino woman
We demand that the Philippine Government pursue all means necessary to immediately prosecute the six U.S. servicemen charged with raping a Filipino woman in Olongapo City. The Philippine government should do no less. The government owes it to all Filipino women.

- Laban ng Masa - Pinay (Fight of the Masses/ Filipino Women's groups)

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Rumsfeld: Adelaide (Update)

19-11-2005 02:50

Activists asserted their democratic right to protest Rumsfeld’s visit outside the heavily guarded Adelaide Town Hall regardless of Dr. Bob Such granting ‘permission’ to protest outside South Australia’s Parliament House. Let’s not miss a ‘subtle’ point; the right to protest is fundamental to a democratic society, let that right act as a barometer in any society that purports to uphold democratic values.

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Vidéo: "There is no poverty in France"

19-11-2005 00:55

balkany interview

In an exclusive interview given for a broadcast on US-american TV channel "Capitol One", Patrick Balkany, deputy-major of Paris suburb Levallois-Perret, explains the situation in French suburbs just before the uprisings. He said: "There is no poverty in France. (...) The poor live very well."

Download the video of the interview from the samizdat site

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Spodden Valley asbestos: Tony Blair lost for words...

19-11-2005 00:00

At Prime Minister's Question Time, Tony Blair was asked if he could guarantee that the Environment Agency and Health & Safety Executive (HSE) can protect the public against asbestos from the Spodden Valley

The Prime Minister replied:
"I am looking around the Chamber, but I am afraid I am not getting a great deal of help. [Laughter.] "

The Save Spodden Valley campaign explains why this is no laughing matter...

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18-11-2005 21:03

We have just received the following horrifying news from the Peace Community of San Jose, Northern Colombia, which I have translated (very quickly). Letters of protest will at least let the extremely violent Colombian State know they are being watched… Also if you cc. any letters you send to the San Jose offices, your solidarity will give heart… and Please return their bombing with a bombardment of letters! Thankyou. Below this is a suggested letter of protest in Spanish to the President of the Republic, composed by the San Jose community. Rather than me waste time in this urgent situation translating it, please accept that it says all the right things and send it off! (Addresses at end of letter.) Love to everyone, and thanks, Jenny James

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Free International Development Campaigning Workshops in Exeter

18-11-2005 16:57

Leading international development campaigners, the World Development Movement (WDM), are hosting a free day of campaigning workshops and discussion in Exeter next weekend.

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CKUT: An Hour with Noam Chomsky

18-11-2005 16:46

CKUT Radio in Montreal special presentation: "An Hour with Noam Chomsky" (Audio link)

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FACC – November 2005

18-11-2005 16:10

The dysfunctional Farnborough Airport Consultation Committee met at BAE Systems HQ, adjacent to Farnborough Airport, at 2pm Thursday 17 November 2005.

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Why "migrant riots" do not lead to a May 68.... A view from Belgium

18-11-2005 10:56

This article was orginally written by two women from the feminist network NextGENDERation (Nadia Fadil, Sarah Bracke en Meryem Kanmaz) and titled "Why "migrant riots" do not lead to a May 68...". The intervention is originally written is Flamish and published as an opinion piece in the major Flanish dailiy de Standaard.

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18-11-2005 09:40


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Liberté, egalité et patisserie – le picnique

17-11-2005 23:46

This Sunday 20th Noember at 12 noon in Parliament Square the Parliament Square Picnickers are hosting a solidarity picnic with our French brothers and sisters.

Bring your bageuttes, carry your croisants, fetch your fromage, leave your car at home.

Nous sommes tous des racailles!

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Anarchists and the Caracas ASF/January 2006

17-11-2005 23:45

* The Venezuelan anarchist movement invites you to participate in the Alternative Social Forum at Caracas in January 2006, a gathering of anti-establishment social movements, in response to the bureaucratic World Social Forum promoted by the Venezuelan government.

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Hillsborough Memorial Legal Appeal

17-11-2005 23:30

A HILLSBOROUGH campaigner is to launch a new legal bid to get justice for her son.

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A Social-Political Program for Human Development on a Collapsing Planet in Chaos

17-11-2005 21:00

Fight Imperialism with Non-Materialism
End the Expansion of Mass Transit. No private cars in urban areas; motorized transport in urban areas for business deliveries, handicapped/elderly.High fuel taxes on all private fuel sales. Abolition corporate business structures employing more than 100 people. Abolition GMOs / toxic chemicals.

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What passing bells for these who die like cattle? - Anger at Iraqi prisoner abus

17-11-2005 19:57

It appears that hell knows no boundaries in Iraq, as reports of the phosphorous gas attacks on Falluja in 2004 and the abuse of prisoners under the new Iraqi government, flooded the media across the world on Wednesday 16th November, less than one week after we remembered the dead of World War One.