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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Video of Mayday in London at The Bank.

03-05-2009 11:23

The Spirit lives on!

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bnp were out in shrewsbury yesterday

03-05-2009 07:40

went for a days shopping in Shrewsbury only to be confronted in the square with a bnp canvassing table. I had no camera stuff with me to take pics, or there would have been some here, so if your local its worth keeping an eye on this one, to see if their activities can be confronted or disrupted.



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Palestine fundraiser

02-05-2009 13:49

flyer front
Fundraiser for the International Solidarity Movement, May 16th (night of the big palestine rally in London).

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CALL OUT: Justice Not Crisis Social Centre.

02-05-2009 08:37

Justice Not Crisis (JNC) is a direct action pressure group based in Birmingham. We're currently squatting a house on Pershore road, and we need your help to build a thriving Social Centre here.

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Space hijackers Mayday - Photos

01-05-2009 21:34

The space hijackers and friends took over the square outside of the bank of england, London for a celebration of the Police State.

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Mayday in Iran - Free All Political Prisoners!

01-05-2009 15:16

On international workers day students, workers and women are gathering in Laleh Park, Tehran and across Iran to protest against imperialism, the economic crisis and the authoritarian theocratic state. The regime has done everything in it can since coming to power to put an end to the demonstrations, arrests, torture and the threat of executions are common place.

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Visteon Protest - Swansea and Belfast Workers Unite

01-05-2009 13:16

This article (PDF) is a report of the protest/picket at the Visteon plant in Swansea following the sacking of union member Rob Williams for his involvement in the Visteon occupations.

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International Solidarity Movement London present "Audio Intifada" - May 16 @ Bri

01-05-2009 11:15

International Solidarity Movement London present "Audio Intifada" - May 16 @ Brixton Jamm

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Around the Campaigns Friday 1st May 2009

01-05-2009 05:44

Glad to say there were at least seven empty seats on the 'Ethnic Charter Flights' to Afghanistan (Tuesday) and Nigeria (Wednesday) and all the seats on the 'Ethnic Charter Flight' to Cameroon this morning were empty as it was cancelled in its' entirety.

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An Alternative Explanation for the "Health Emergency" in Mexico

01-05-2009 05:39

A virus is a terrible thing to waste.

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ALF Bomb Hoax for World Week for Laboratory Animals

30-04-2009 19:17

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: April 29, 2009
Institution Targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

Received anonymously:

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Parliament Square Hunger Striker Taken to Hospital

30-04-2009 14:33

petition to Downing Street earlier today
It's been touch and go this week as 28 year old hunger striker Parameswarn Subramaniyan's situation has gotten worse. Fearing that he could die, Mr. Subramaniyan has since agreed to end his hunger strike and talks are currently going on inside Parliament between the Foreign Secretary and the Tamil community.

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Direct Action; Mexico, USA, Italy & Poland

30-04-2009 13:43

26th-29th April


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MAYDAY London: Picket for Visteon workers at KPMG

30-04-2009 13:31

As well as all the other events for MAYDAY in London, don't miss the picket of KPMG in support of the Visteon workers (formerly in occupation) now maintaining a 24 hour picket of their factory in Enfield.

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Upcoming No Borders Events in Newcastle

30-04-2009 11:25

The UK No Borders Tour 2009 is visiting Newcastle from 30/04 to 04/05 and invites you to a series of events that aim to encourage discussion and build awareness of the injustices of the UK and EU Border Regime, as well as to call for action against them.

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Policing of the G20 Summit 2009

30-04-2009 09:53

Patting themselves on the back, glossing over the facts... the police report on their policing of te G20

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Getting away with Murder: Whatever happened to ‘above all, do no harm’?

30-04-2009 00:51

So why, in defiance of conscience and logic, does such a heinous and grossly ineffective research method predominate and persist? Look no further than money, the lifeblood of our pitiless, narcissistic culture of death.