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Hunger striker's health: critical

21-11-2003 19:49

Spanish and English version
En estado crítico los dos jóvenes españoles presos en Grecia y en huelga de hambre

In critical state the two youths Spanish prisoners in Greece and in strike of hunger

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Blair or Brown in Howard's Lair 2004??

21-11-2003 18:12

South east Labour Party Conference Dates 2004.

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Today: Radio show on ESF / Anti-Bush / FTAA 5pm-6.30pm

21-11-2003 16:32

Tonight the weekly slowsmall peasants radio show on Resonance FM (104.4fm) in London is about grassroots mobilisations.

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World regime change wish as bush is toppled

21-11-2003 15:38

Short video of bush statue coming down plus american burning their passport.

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Hundreds of Thousands of Protesters Decry Bush Visit in Week of Resistance

21-11-2003 00:12

Summary of independent and commercial news reports on convergence and demonstrations surrounding George Bush's visit to UK. Reprinted from

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STOP PRESS: Times reporter done it before

20-11-2003 16:25

+++====+===TIMES REPORTER Laura Peek at it BEFORE!!!+++====+===

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Congratulations to Laura Peek, Times reporter!!!

20-11-2003 16:03

Congratulations to Laura Peek, reporter to The Times, who managed to infiltrate an open training on non-violent direct action and win a frontpage article. The "hardcore of the protest movement", as well as Indymedia London is happy that Laura survived her adventure "at the headquarters of an organisation calling itself Larc" and lived to tell this tale of stunning investigative journalism to the British public. We also congratulate her on the millions of pounds her article will generate for the honorable mister Rupert Murdoch - defender of the common man and self-styled anti-establishment representative.

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FTAA Summit Has Started

20-11-2003 14:00

The Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit has started in Miami, Florida, US. Huge protests will try to interrupt the negotiations, which involve the leaders of all 34 countries of the American continents. The FTAA, if signed, will allow corporations to sue local or national governments in special courts for enacting any regulation that can be seen as a "barrier to trade" - labour, environmental, or health regulations, for example.

Indymedia is reporting from the streets on FTAA Indymedia and broadcasting live web radio streams.
Update 3.30 pm: For users in Britain, please use this stream location:
to connect to the stream.

In the run-up of this summit, repression of protests and protesters by criminalizing dissent.

The local media takes a biased view against the protesters. The Miami Herald has already taken up an offer of the new police initiative to "embed journalists" in the police riot squads.

Thursday Nov 20:
10.30 am first protesters tried to attack fence, police attacked, protests declared illegal, downtown closed, buses blocked off, rubber bullets used, multiple reports of teargas and pepper spray, protesters attacked by bycycle police, protest circa about a 1000 protester, first arrests, lots of reports of police violence.

For Breaking News and timelines, please visit FTAA Imc.
More coverage:
[FTAA Imc | FRAA Resistance Radio | www-feature 1 , 2 , StopFTAA | Infoshop FTAA background information | Infoshop coverage]

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Palace brigade stopped by sit down

20-11-2003 10:43

A parade of redcoats exits the Palace.
A daring sit down action stops the Buckingham Palace Brigade yesterday.

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Civil diobedience scenes yesterday.

20-11-2003 10:32

Fountain pool at Trafalgar Square was dyed red.
Various scenes of civil disobedience from yesterday's anti Bush protests.

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ASHFORD,Kent Unwelcomes Bush.

20-11-2003 10:14

Kent says no to Bush.

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Street Party Mayhem

20-11-2003 01:43

Cops block Tottenham Court Road
Report and pics from the Sambatistas Roaming Street Party.

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19-11-2003 23:52

Details of Todays Stop Bu$h protest in Canterbury

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Protests Against Bush in Edinburgh - Police Lines Broken

19-11-2003 23:11

Around a thousand protesters - mainly students - marched through Edinburgh against the visit of George Bush this afternoon, while an estimated 5000 or so also marched against the visit in the evening.

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19-11-2003 04:19

What is One Global Community all about... In-Short ?
Creating... One Global Community
A World Network Of... Community Centers And People.

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Vote Bush

19-11-2003 00:51

Sorry I meant to say FUCK Bush.
Also FUCK Chrles the arse licker!

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Salonika 7 Hunger Strike: Solidarity Action

19-11-2003 00:49

Seven people arrested last June during the anti-EU Summit demonstrations in Thessaloniki, Greece, are still in prison awaiting trial. Five on them have been on hunger strike for over 41 days and are currently hospitalized in critical condition. A solidarity action has been taking place in Edinburgh since Monday 17th November

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Ancient 'Whistling Language' Facing a Revival/ Canan Aosta Feadalaich ri Fas

18-11-2003 19:54

An ancient and idigenous language of the Canary Islands based on whistles is undergoing something of a revival/ Tha canan aosta duthchail sna h-Eileanan Canaraidh a' dol am feabhas

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The Blair's Brothel (by Latuff)

18-11-2003 17:33

The Blair's Brothel
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Bring Down Bush - Solidarity from America

18-11-2003 14:04

I am writing you in solidarity to applaud your protest. Make it loud and vivid for your sisters and brothers in America who no longer can.