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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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24-05-2006 18:42

HACKNEY LANDLORD HIRE PRIVATE SECURITY FOR ILLEGAL: EVICTION. 25/05/06 HELP, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ACTIVISTS. By Law they must wait for court bailiffs. When they were told they laughed saying they did'nt care. The case was in court today (24/5/06). Over 15 people will be homeless.

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24-05-2006 17:23


Four Palestinian killed and 35 injured in Rammallah invasion
Army arrests two children and imposes curfew in Howwara town, Army bulldozers demolish several buildings and barns in Al Fonduq village, and Army arrests two residents from Hebron and takes over a house in Dora village,


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Sad Death of Richard McIlkenny of the Birmingham 6

24-05-2006 15:42

The British government is being asked to apologise to the Birmingham Six following the death of Richard McIlkenny. 73-year-old Richard was one of six Irishmen living in Birmingham who were wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975 for the Birmingham pub bombings.

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A call to student activists - support our lecturers

24-05-2006 11:35

A call to student activists to come to Sussex University on 27 May to discuss how we can support the lecturers' unions' campaign for better pay, as well as workers' struggles more generally.

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Labour attacks right to protest. Activist arrested violently on Palestine march.

24-05-2006 09:27

Britain’s Labour government is clamping down on the right to protest. Under the guise of ‘fighting terrorism’ the government it is creating the legal framework to stop demonstrations against war, racism and poverty.

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Prisoners' Right of Access to the Courts:

23-05-2006 21:34

Police State
In the past, the libraries generally required these inmates to furnish specific citations or article names on their request forms but did not provide them with the tools to do so. Much progress has been made in the area of access over the last ten years -- however, as the prison population keeps growing, the access problem remains with us.

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The Revolution IS being televised - Chavez Coup film now widely available

23-05-2006 20:41

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised-By Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'Briain"A unique document about political muscle and an extraordinary portrait of the man The Wall Street Journal credits with making Venezuela "Washington's biggest Latin American headache after the old standby, Cuba."

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Khoodeelaar! demands Tower Hamltes Council sack Christine Gilbert

23-05-2006 19:29

UK Home office minister Tony McNulty has been sacked at the behest of Rupert Murdoch’s SUN tabloid. The SUN has denounced McNulty as an ASS and linked him to a 'sex for visas- row' at the Home Office. What the SUN has not said is that McNulty was also the Transport Minister who was closely involved in the drafting of the Crossrail Bill that is particularly threatening vast communities in the East End of London

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'Alternatives' Public Meeting in Telford on June 10th

23-05-2006 19:15

Local peace group, Wrekin Stop War, are inviting people from across Shropshire (and beyond) to attend a public meeting exploring themes connected to peace and the planet.

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BNP attempts to regain lost cred in Barking and Dagenham

23-05-2006 19:06

Persil DOES wash whiter...
After meeting fiasco, the BNP tries to bluster its through its embarassment

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Palestine Today

23-05-2006 17:04

Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Tuesday, May 23, 2006.

The UK asks Israel for compensation for two shootings, and the army invades several West Bank cities and arrests two in Ramallah, six in Bethlehem and 16 in Nablus.

These stories and more coming up stay tuned.

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McNulty wife in election fraud scandal in Tower Hamlets

23-05-2006 13:11

It is interesting that McNulty has been sacked as immigration minister and moved to Police minister as his wife, Christine Gilbert is the chief executive of Tower Hamlets. The elections in the area have been marred by allegations of fraud and Gilbert has been the returning officer. There is a police investigation at present, question, is can Mcnulty as the husband help?

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supporto legale

23-05-2006 10:52

benefit gig, hanover sq.

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UN Panel Calls for Bush Administration to Close Guantanamo Bay Military Prison

23-05-2006 03:25

Ex-Guantanamo Chaplain James Yee
The UN report comes a day after several suicide attempts and a clash between prisoners and guards at Guantanamo. According to the US military, several prisoners wielding improvised weapons attacked guards as they entered a communal living area to stop a prisoner who was trying to hang himself. There have been 39 suicide attempts at Guantanamo since the prison opened in January 2002.

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Brian Haw is being removed right now!

23-05-2006 02:47

45 police move in to move Brian Haw.

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Brain Haw demo police moving in NOW!

23-05-2006 01:56

20 police and FIT squads arrived. Vans, lorries blocking Parliament Square.

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Palestine Today

22-05-2006 17:51


Nine year old child injured by army fire in Tubas, Army invades Batah village and arrests one resident, Israeli forces open fire on young Palestinians near University, shoot 16 year old in neck, one resident arrested from Biet Amreen village near Nablus

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Meeting: Colombia: Social Movements resist repression, corporate take-over

22-05-2006 17:16

Colombia: Social Movements resist repression, corporate take-over

Public Meeting: 7.30pm Thursday 8 June

Function Room, Spital Hill Plaza, 68 Spital Hill, S3

(near Burngreave Green)

with Jorge Aramburo, Arcenides Candelo & Maria Valencia from Proceso de Comunidades Negras (Black Communities Process)

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Hands Across the Hill :: Sharphill Woods, Nottingham. Piccys

22-05-2006 14:18

Hands Across the Hill :: Sharphill Woods, Nottingham. Piccys

Local people call for protest against the proposed Sharphill housing development in West Bridgford.

On Sunday (21st May) at 11am folks met up at Sharphill Woods and joined hands for the 'Hands across the Hill' protest.

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East End Advertiser lies about Brick Lane ad Crossrail exposed

22-05-2006 12:23

The lies told by the East End Advertiser and other corporate media in relation to the Crossrail plans prior to the local elections on behalf of Labour have now been exposed. The Brick Lane area is and remains under threat from the Crossrail plans as it is the only area to continue being a target for tunnel alignments and a harmful ventilation and intervention shaft. On Tuesday May 23, a Crossrail committee of MPs will come to Brick Lane to see the site after 12pm.