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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Sheffield G8 - Protest for the Right to Protest

15-06-2005 22:22

Devonshire Green - Right to Protest Protest
Around 80 people turned up at Devonshire Green to protest for the right to protest. A number of people dressed up in orange boiler suits as guantanamo detainees, while others held blank banners to highlight how civil liberties both in the UK and around the world are being dismantled rapidly under the guise of advancing the "war on terror" and blocking popular dissent against those in power.

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Video from Sheffield G8 Protests - Wed Eve

15-06-2005 21:55

Some video from this afternoon.

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Photos from Sheffield G8 Protests - Wed Eve

15-06-2005 21:10

Some photos form the events this evening.

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Softly Softly in Sheffield

15-06-2005 20:42

Report from exciting anti-G8 entainment in Sheffield.

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Bristol - 6 July - G8 protest

15-06-2005 18:08

Bristol G8 Dissent has called a public protest for 6 July – for all those who can’t get to Scotland; for all those who went to Scotland on 2 July for MPH and came back enthused; and for everyone who says enough is enough! Absolutely everyone welcome. And don't forget to DIY autonomously during the day.

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Coca-Cola Must Not Sponsor Live 8

15-06-2005 18:01

The India Resource Centre and its allies are expressing serious concerns over news that Live 8 is in negotiations with the Coca-Cola company to seek sponsorship for the Live 8 concert.

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Dr Who Crew comment on Wookey Hole Dalek 'incident'...

15-06-2005 17:28

Dr Who Crew comment on Wookey Hole Dalek 'incident'...

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Fri. 17th Launch Party - Falmouth, Cornwall

15-06-2005 17:26

Launch Party for Ahimsa Human Rights Society of Falmouth, Cornwall

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Dover-Sat.Memorial to 58 Chinese dead opens

15-06-2005 15:13

A memorial to the 58 Chinese who died in a lorry at Dover will be unveiled on Sat.

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Argentina: impunity laws overruled

15-06-2005 13:48

Finally the laws that granted impunity to perpetrators of State terrorism and crimes comitted by army were declared unconstitutional by the Argentinian Courts yesterday.

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operation octagon

15-06-2005 12:29

an inspired action by the sheffield rhythms of resistance to kick off the 3 day anti g8 protests

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Photos of weekly demo outside Zimbabwean embassy

15-06-2005 11:41

This weekly demo has been going on for years. In the light of the recent outrageous evictions occuring in Zimbabwe, some people may feel that the weekly demo may perhaps deserve additional support or involvement.

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Sheffield Wakes Up To Banners and Samba

15-06-2005 09:55

Exploiters of the World Disunite! - Banner Drop
At 7am this morning banners were dropped from bridges on Park Square roundabout, Castle Market and along the Parkway reminding commuters that the G8 Ministers were in town over the next three days.

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Bono's plea - "Go To Gleneagles, not Edinburgh"

15-06-2005 01:04

"While Bob Geldof had called for the marchers to drop everything and head for Edinburgh, Bono appeared to encourage them to descend on Gleneagles Hotel itself...."

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benefit dinner for the rebels against italian repression

14-06-2005 15:15

benefit dinner for italian prisoners

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Update on Flag and

14-06-2005 14:49

The server hosting,, and related websites and email lists has been offline since Monday, June 6.

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14/6/05 2012 show comes to manchester

14-06-2005 14:23

come on and party @ Jabez clegg, 2 Portsmouth St, Manchester, M13 9GB

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use the old nursery

14-06-2005 13:49

we should have use of the building that we squatted specifically for the weekend event, 'technopolis' for the next couple of weeks so folks are welcome to use it for meetings and events if they wish to