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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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As the Socialist Alliance is wrecked...where next?

24-07-2003 13:51

As the Socialist Alliance (England) is wrecked (by the SWP, oh yes), where now for its other constituent parts and non-SWP members? Here, a view from Workers' Liberty, one of the groupings which founded the Socialist Alliance, long before the SWP decided to get involved. The leaflet argues that any "new SA grouping" cannot be built on "anti-SWP negativism" but only on positive politics and fair, transparent and acceptable methods of operating.

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Social Cleansing

24-07-2003 08:43

Housing Associations, or Registered Social Landlords as they are know known, in Liverpool are planning to sell off large chunks of their properties to home owners who are under threat of demolition and to perspective homeowners in general. This is in spite of the fact that there are thousands of would be tenants on there housing lists.

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"Homeless left for dead in Kelowna [B.C., Canada] landslide"

24-07-2003 06:11

"Residents fear homeless trapped in bluff collapse... The 60-metre-wide landslide completely covered an area that is a popular
camping spot for transients. It is popular among fruit pickers and other
homeless people... Despite the possibility that someone could have been trapped, area
residents say no major effort is being made to clear the debris."

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Les Naus Barcelona communication 23/7/03

23-07-2003 20:36

how to show your support perhaps in the american tongue.
The Occupied Social Centre "Les Naus" has served Barcelona as just that, an occupied social centre, an autonomous zone, an infoshop, a theatre, a dance place, a music centre, a café, a gymnasium, a place to learn self-defense, to learn plastic arts, to learn how to fix your bike, to listen to others, for 9 years.
It is now threatened _more seriously_ than at any other stage in it's history with eviction.

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Police Raid Safe Injection Site at 327 Caroll st. (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

23-07-2003 18:04

On Saturday July 20 th at 1:24 three police officers forced their way into 327 Carroll st, the Safer Injection Site in the Downtown eastside, questioning and detaining people accessing the drop-in area of the safe injection site.

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health and safety at work

23-07-2003 09:31

pics of unsafeworking practices

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The clowns and the hypocrits

23-07-2003 07:16

Blair telling the Chinese off about their anti-subversion laws

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EU constitution: GATS and education

22-07-2003 17:30

In the proposal for the first EU constitution there is a change in the clausel for trade-treaties like GATS for education and other public services. Time for a new campaign...

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Violent and barbaric represion against ravers in britany the 19 th july

22-07-2003 14:36

French anti riot squad units, use offensive Grenades against a technival in britany (west of france)

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Doing It For Themselves: Social Entrepenuers in Uganda

22-07-2003 12:28

IMF and World Bank restructuring was suppose to pull Uganda into the globalised world, but the rollback of healthcare and education has hit the country hard. With increasing health problems in the country, the government run hospitals and clinics cannot always treat the poorest or those most in need. In response to this has been a surge in social entrepenuerialim in Uganda society from people not prepared to let international institutions dictate their peoples health.

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Wilko's using forced prison labour

22-07-2003 11:41

Wilko's using forced prison labour to make cheap products

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IPSC man free (for few days now)

22-07-2003 02:30

News from the colonies a bit late.
The man is free but the injustice once again prooves that racism is the key factor in the current global facist threat.

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More luxury flats to be built in Aigburth

22-07-2003 00:15

Liverpool gets more luxury flats!

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4.5 million elders are silently exterminated by the Romanian government

21-07-2003 20:46

4.5 millions peoples out of 20 (more than 20% of the population) are condemned to death by the social policies of the government which applies the policies of the IMF meant to exterminate those useless and unproductive peoples.

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21-07-2003 08:28

More and more attacks on U.S. soldiers confirm that we are headed into a long guerilla war. Wives, mothers, girlfriends, children and others are losing their loved ones. WHERE ARE THE ANTI-WAR PROTESTORS!!?

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The Suitcase Clinic-A friend Of The Homeless

21-07-2003 07:49

The Suitcase Clinic Of Berkeley Ca, Offers A Helping Hand To The Homeless.

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ATUN Discussion Group - UK

20-07-2003 15:51

The ATUN Discussion Group is a temporary resource set up to discuss the relaunching of what was the ATUN - Anarchist Trade Union Network. It's purpose is to reach practical and concrete ideas/proposals which can then be taken to a relaunch meeting at the 2003 Bookfair.

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unFairford: A talk by Damacio Lopez on Depleted Uranium

20-07-2003 14:33

A talk by DU expert Damacio Lopez in Fairford Community centre on 20th July 2003 to coincide with the arms-fair.

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Tensions rise in Cochabamba as a 'Guerra de Gas' looks iminent.

19-07-2003 21:24

Recent events in Cochabamba have escalated in the last couple of days, people have taken to the streets to protest against another proposed privatisation. This time the government wants to sell their gas to Chile.

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Larzac Festival Against WTO - France 8-10th August 03

19-07-2003 10:42

Against the world trade organisation
8 - 10 august 2003