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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Climate Camp Radio, day of mass action. Listen to live stream 1pm and 7pm.

09-08-2008 09:53

The Climate Camp radio, which has been broadcasting all week from the UK
Camp for Climate Action, will broadcast a show at lunch time, 1pm and and
a roundup in the evening at 7pm GMT+1.
The stream can be accessed here (Flash Player) and past shows are
accessible as mp3s & oggs.
Non-commercial re-broadcast welcome (let us know if you can).

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Legal support Letter to Police re. Police confiscations

08-08-2008 16:37

Police have thieved vast quantities of materials trying to either scupper the camp or prevent effective direct action taking place. This is clearly unlawful, but for various reasons we unfortunately failed to find a way to use the law to prevent it happening. It may be that such a challenge happens yet - if you have had property seized in suspicious circumstances like those outlined below, please contact us

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West Midlands Climate Camp Neighbourhood

08-08-2008 15:09

Greetings from West Midlands neighbourhood at Climate Camp, Kingsnorth!

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why i packed my bags

08-08-2008 14:46

This is a translation of an open letter from Bruno, a French Anarchist who recently decided to escape his oppressors and go on the run.

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Kingsnorth E.ON Senior Press Officer blog - Interesting!

08-08-2008 12:02

Some interesting comments from Emily Highmore, the senior press officer for Kingsnorth regarding Camp, Power Station and Security issues.

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Around the Campaigns Friday August 8th 2008

08-08-2008 11:51

Unity Glasgow, win First Gold Medal at Beijing Olympics

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, July 2008

07-08-2008 22:34

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Apologies for the late posting of these minutes; we could use volunteers to take and write up minutes at our meetings.

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bowl court evicted!?

07-08-2008 19:41

i just received the following information on an email list.

it seems to suggest that the bowl court social centre has been evicted this morning..

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Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

06-08-2008 20:13

Gay Teen Murdered in Liverpool: LGBT Youth Groups Demand Action

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Climate Camp Silver Group- Call Out For Flying Devices

06-08-2008 17:50

On Saturday August 9th we will shut down Kingsnorth Power Station. the Silver Group are planning a significant aerial presence involving all sorts of flying craft. Some details obviously cannot be discussed however...

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Tibet Activists scale Tower Bridge on Eve of Olympics

06-08-2008 17:47

Two campaigners have climbed London's Tower Bridge to unfurl banners in protest at China's occupation of Tibet on the eve of the Olympics. The banner-hang was linked to similar actions internationally, most notably the unfurling of free Tibet banners within metres of the 'Bird's Nest' Olympic stadium in Beijing. The activists are linked to the group Students for a Free Tibet.

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Israel Continues to Exploit Gaza Resources

06-08-2008 11:44

Many are unaware that in addition to the hearing on Israel’s supply of gas/electricity to the Gaza Strip, HCJ 9132/07 Jaber Albasyouni Ahmed and others v The Government of Israel[1] , the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ) also heard a petition dealing with the supply of energy in the opposite direction – from the Gaza Strip to Israel

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Ndeh Family Must Stay! Solidarity Gathering

06-08-2008 11:37

Claude,Majolie N'Deh, Gael,Jason Cyril
Saturday 9th August 2008
11:00am - 1:00pm
Sheffield Peace Gardens

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Israel takes survivors of Holocaust for granted

06-08-2008 10:57

In relation to the the governmental investigative commission in the matter of assistance to Holocaust survivors, the Dorner Commission concluded that the allocations given to the survivors must be linked to 75% of the allowance paid by Germany to Israel for each survivor. however, the Israeli government has decided to postpone discussion of these recommendations to 2009 means delaying implementation by one year, which means disinheriting thousands more survivors from what they deserve, as time acts to the detriment of the survivors, almost all of whom have reached an advanced age.

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McCarthy-style Purges in a South African university?

06-08-2008 08:45

Centre for Civil Society
On 30 July, the staff of the Centre for Civil Society (CCS) at Durban's University of KwaZulu Natal, were told that as of 31 December 2008, CCS would be permanently closed. As the following article suggests, reasons for this are shoddy at best, and clearly point to this being a political decision on the part of the University to snuff out its left brain.

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Clapham South Total Oil Protest for Burma

05-08-2008 22:30

On 30th July six protesters from held a demonstration at the Ridge Total Service Station, 40 - 50 Balham Hill, Wandsworth, London SW12 9EL (near Clapham South). French Total Oil funds the brutal Burmese junta with 500 million dollars a year from the Total operated Yadana gas field, fuelling oppression and great cruelty in Burma. Next August 8th will mark the 20th uprising of the 8-8-88 protests in which 3,000 peaceful Burmese protesters were murdered by the Burmese junta.

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Open letter to UAF

05-08-2008 20:42

In the build up to the June 21st Anti-Fascist demonstration in London, there were unfortunate problems with the mobilisation from Leeds. We are writing in the hope that such problems can be avoided in the future and ensure a better Leeds contingent for such protest

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Children's Revolution at the Camp for Climate Action Plans Peace Campaign

05-08-2008 19:23

Under constant siege by police at both gates of the Kingsnorth protest site, the Camp for Climate Action campaigners are busy planning ahead for the Day of Mass Action on Saturday when there will be two major events taking place.

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Time to Crush a Union

05-08-2008 17:28

Call for global solidarity against repression in South Korea. South Korean government has issued arrest warrants against leaders of the country's union leaders for calling a general strike.