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The ADAPT Community: 25years of activism and counting ...

05-05-2008 17:50

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ADAPT Takes Over HHS Demands better compliance to civil rights.

Mike Leavitt Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services today agreed to meet with ADAPT in the next 40 days to discuss demands to end the continuing unnecessary institutionalization of Americans because of weak and antiquated Medicaid policy.

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Maoist China foreign policy: 1970s and 1980s

05-05-2008 13:55

Maoist China foreign policy: 1970s and 1980s
The Mandate of Heaven (Excerpt). A detailed account of Maoist Chinese foreign policy is beyond the scope of this article, but some examples will illustrate the central thesis: that China’s foreign policy is in no way different from that of other world powers. The Three-Worlds Theory was used to justify Chinese alliances with right-wing reactionary governments during the 1970s and 1980s.

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London mayoral elections: Labour’s neo-cons and the left apologists for Livingst

05-05-2008 12:27

Writing in the Guardian, Seumas Milne argued, “A defeat for Livingstone would not just be a blow to the broadly defined left, working-class Londoners, women, ethnic minorities and greens. It would represent a wider defeat for progressive politics, in Britain and beyond.”

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SmashEDO film show tonight

05-05-2008 11:08

info on film night

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Testimony of Serge N Fosso

05-05-2008 06:54

Kicked of Brussels Airline for protesting against removal of Ebenizer Folefack Sontsa,

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Irish Redress Board Condemns Innocent Men

04-05-2008 23:00

Draconian Irish law is seen and felt at its worst when members of the public become victims of false allegations made against them at the Residential Institutions Redress Board,Dublin,Ireland.

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Anniversary of the repression in Atenco

04-05-2008 19:38

Yesterday an action took place in Atenco in memory of those fallen on the 3rd of May 2006 as a result of the repression of the community meted out by

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Struggling for the autonomy of Venezuela’s social movements

04-05-2008 17:56

El Libertario # 53
* This editorial comes from issue #53 (May-June 2008) of El Libertario, a Venezuelan anarchist voice of ideas and proposals for action. It confirms our commitment to autonomous social mobilization, which has already begun to express itself through concrete struggles from below, as in the recent steelworkers conflict.

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Nottingham MayDay 2 Pictures - Parade

04-05-2008 16:31

From 12noon on Saturday 3rd May, Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group again organizied a MayDay march and rally at the Brewhouse Yard Gardens, near the Castle, Nottingham. With a samba band upfront, a march went to the Market Square. Once arond town and then returned to Brewhouse Yard,

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Nottingham MayDay 1 Pictures - Event

04-05-2008 16:27

From 12noon on Saturday 3rd May, Nottingham Refugee Campaign Group again organizied a MayDay march and rally at the Brewhouse Yard Gardens, near the Castle, Nottingham. With a samba band upfront, a march went to the Market Square. Once arond town and then returned to Brewhouse Yard,

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Mayday march and rally in Nottingham

04-05-2008 16:16

Nottingham's annual Mayday march and rally took place on Saturday May 3.

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New Pamphlet : "Salvador Puig Antich and the MIL (Movimiento Iberico de Liberaci

04-05-2008 14:53

Salvador Puig Antich was a revolutionary murdered by the state in Barcelona in the last years of the Franco regime. This volume looks at the struggle of the MIL, both in the context of the times, and the light of current attempts to 'rehabilitate' him as a martyr for capitalist 'democracy'.

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436,000 Liverpool Residents Snub May Day March

04-05-2008 00:44

Video Video
Imagine a May Day march with no chants, no demands, and very few banners. Who'd want to go to that? What if the keynote speaker was a parasitic class collaborator, who had recently sold out tens of thousands of workers? Would that inspire anyone? Not really.

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Something smells different in Cuba

04-05-2008 00:03

ººº With respect to the situation in Cuba these past few weeks, the Cuban Libertarian Movement – MLC (affinity group of Cuban anarchists in exile) speaks up to answer the unknowns and the challenges facing Cuban society. Ours is the voice of uncompromising commitment to freedom, equality and solidarity that has always been the sound of the Cuban anarchists.

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Object to the BNPs "festival"

03-05-2008 18:29

The deadline for objections to the BNPs "Red White & Blue" summer festival is THURS MAY 7TH. Everyone is encouraged to object to a license being granted to this fascist rally, being held in rural Derbyshire from 15-17 August.

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03-05-2008 18:19

Free Dr. Binayak Sen
1.00pm -3.00pm, Tuesday 13 May 2008
Indian High Commission, The Aldwych, London WC1
(nearest tube: Holborn)

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Free Binayak Sen Film Festival

03-05-2008 18:13

Resist the silent Emergency
14 May 2008 will mark one year of imprisonment for Dr Binayak Sen, the well-known public health and civil rights activist, arrested on false charges of ‘assisting’ the Maoist insurgency in Chattisgarh.

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Appeal to observe one year of Dr. Binayak Sen’s unjust detention

03-05-2008 18:06

Resist the silent Emergency
On May 13th/14th, 2008 Dr. Binayak Sen, an activist with a lifelong commitment to the issues of community health and human rights, will complete his first year of unjust imprisonment at the Raipur Central jail in Chhattisgarh. Organizations across the globe will be holding events on the evening of May 13th, 2008 to mark one year of his imprisonment. We appeal to your organization to hold rallies, candlelight vigils or lectures against his unconstitutional detention. Please let us know at freebsen@gmail. com if your organization would endorse this appeal.

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Brian and Barbara attacked in Parliament Square

03-05-2008 15:06

The attacks took place late last night with police and CCTV looking on.

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Foie Gras Free North: Report

03-05-2008 13:56

A brief report on the Foie Gras Free North (FGFN) campaign. Information about the website, progress and the ludicrously named 'ethcial' foie gras.