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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Camberwell Squatted Centre more free films

20-08-2007 10:07

Flyer for upcoming films
Camberwell Squatted Centre shows free films every Wednesday

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Sent home for bad behaviour

19-08-2007 23:26

Police and protestors - 'this is what democracy looks like'
Leaving the camp around 3pm and trying to get to BAA, whilst some people were attacked by police with batons for attempting to exit the field, a group of around 100 protesters were eventually surrounded at the eastern edge of the field and later escorted back to the site

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Some photos from Sunday

19-08-2007 16:26

Its been a fun day of protesting apart from some police violence.

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Having a Riot with the Climate Camp Police

19-08-2007 16:14

STEP 1: Face up fearlessly to his riot shield with your Earth shield of truth
Riot Shield vs Earth Shield - who will win?

Timeline: 1600 - 19 August 2007

Location: Right outside the Camp for Climate Action, Sipson, Middlesex, during the storming of the BAA HQ.

How to confuse riot cops in 3 easy steps.......

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It's not capitalism, it's monopolism!

19-08-2007 15:55

Hearing that land isn't capital and shouldn't be owned had me completely rethink the marxist vs capitalist debate.

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Today we witness the loss of Democracy

19-08-2007 15:11

A devastating over reaction by the police on todays protesters is a dark day for democracy

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Brilliantly planned and executed.

19-08-2007 08:58

A personal impression of the Climate Camp.

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Alabama 3 play to raise money for No Border Camp!

18-08-2007 21:42

At a gig next Friday in South London...

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Local View Of The Climate Camp

18-08-2007 16:54

RIP Sipson?
A local view of the airport, BAA and Climate Camp

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Radley Lakes - Npower Sell More Ash in 2006 Than Ever Before

18-08-2007 12:34

Npower's justification for filling Thrupp Lakes with ash is looking
very sketchy now.

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Defend Meanwhile Gardens

18-08-2007 02:47

David Cameron is piggy in the middle as local community gardens come under attack from local authority.

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Welsh Republican Army

17-08-2007 22:21

Prince Charles must move out of his Welsh palace by 11th December 2007 or face reasonable protests and action from republican supporting groups

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No Borders Camp Meeting 4

17-08-2007 12:48

The next meeting of a campaign to oppose the construction of a new immigration detention centre at Gatwick

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Next No Border Camp Meeting

17-08-2007 12:23

The fourth meeting in a campaign opposed to the construction of a new immigration detention centre at Gatwick

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FitWatch faceup to FIT

17-08-2007 10:48

FIT tooled up and ready to go.
The Forward Intelligence Team (FIT) were photographing and video individuals and families, including small children, as they arrived at the Climate Camp on Thursday. This was in addition to permanent CCTV and helicopter surveillance of the Camp.

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Iraq Trauma: "children grow up, people grow old"

17-08-2007 09:19

One doctor recalled "a more fearful incident, when three militiamen walked into the hospital and, unchallenged by the security guards, demanded one of his patients by name."

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As health workers prepare for ballot, Unison leaders back off

16-08-2007 20:35

Unison national secretary has angered union activists by demanding that local branches take a position of neutrality on the issue of a below inflation pay offer.

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The Cuban Five: Mission against Terror and Hypocrisy

16-08-2007 19:31

The allegation of «Conspiracy to gather and to transmit information on National Defense» is the technical charge, according to US criminal law (18USC & 794), commonly called «Conspiracy to commit espionage». It is without doubt the central topic of the legal process against five Cuban prisoners wrongly held in the United States...

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CHEVRON to stand trial for complicity in murder of Nigerian protesters

16-08-2007 16:39


US Federal Judge Finds Evidence that Chevron Was Complicit In Murder of Nigerian Villagers

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Chalk4Peace2007 SEPT 15 -23 - The Global Street Art Event

16-08-2007 15:07

The pavements are an untapped media resource through which we ordinary peace loving folk can share our messages, hopes, dreams, ideas and create a new momentum towards peace - at a certain point there is critical mass in the cultural conversation which transforms into ACTION