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Final demo in Rostock.

10-06-2007 17:27

On Friday the blockades ended and a few thousand people assembled at Rostock train station for a march down to the harbour. Many were returning from spending the night camped out around Heiligendam. It was unbelievably hot and the occasion had a party atmosphere. The activists had good reason to be pleased with themselves. For a whole week the German state had been defied and the G8 had suffered one publicity disaster after another.

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Laage Airport Blockade. Tuesday.

10-06-2007 17:16

No demos here.
Late report due to restricted net access at the beginning of the week.

The blockade was originally planned for Wednesday. Then it come to light that Mr Bush will by flying in a day early so plans are hastily rearranged. Laage is a military airport and it the middle of nowhere. Upon arrival cops stop the coach and we are told that all demos are banned around the airport for the duration of the G8. However the Police have made an exception as there are thousands of people converging on the area so they offer to escort us to the designated protest area. How considerate of them…

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Gordon Brown must himself return to Labour Party values first -

10-06-2007 14:00

Gordoin Broiwn this lunchtime ahs been quoted as saying that the formerr Labour Party has "to consult, involve and engage the members of the party as we make our policies".

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Venezuela: The case of RCTV and the fictional democratization of communication

10-06-2007 00:32

* The Collective of “El Libertario”, Venezuelan anarchist newspaper, makes public its reasoned out position in the debate generated by the case of RCTV, in where the current government imposes a solution where we pass from the meanness that the capitalistic private oligopoly of TV to the dreadful that could be the monopoly of a bureaucratic and authoritarian state.

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How Legal is the UK New Deal for Employment?

09-06-2007 18:59

The UK government is trying to "force" people back into work with a number of programmes notably the New Deal. However, mandatory courses can be put in place in which poor people could loose all their benefits, and become homeless.

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'Liverpool Care Slaves' To Strike?

09-06-2007 18:27

Liverpool home care workers are considering strike action over a new 'zero hour' contract drawn up by the city council, which will cut their wages by up to 30%!

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Postal workers countdown for strike action

09-06-2007 12:03

Workers in the CWU across the different sectors of the postal industry have given a massive vote in favour of strike action in a national ballot. The results, announced at the CWU conference in Bournemouth on Thursday 7 June, were a victory for activists, militants and the leadership. If Royal Mail does not change course then picket lines could go up within as little as ten days, on the first national postal strike in eleven years.

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“Police debacle in Heiligendamm” - “Demonstrators outfox police”

09-06-2007 11:57

These are the headlines on the website of the prestigious German news magazine Der Spiegel. Reuters likewise reported “Thousands of protesters successfully blocked delegates from accessing the G-8 venue at Heiligendamm on Wednesday.”

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Anti-G8 solidarity action in Seoul, South Korea

09-06-2007 06:39

G8 bike protest
Activists in Seoul, South Korea carried out a creative action in solidarity with anti-G8 protests in Germany.

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Bush's lies and cons

08-06-2007 20:50

Evidently Rome is not yet included among the 60 or more dark corners of the world that the United States military must be ready to pre-emptively attack, as Bush proclaimed at West Point on June 1, 2002...

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Have a go at Lancaster UAF's BNP quiz

08-06-2007 18:04

Some of the comments are a bit of a laugh. No prizes to be won though...

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Town centre demolition danger

08-06-2007 17:26

Demolition of Farnborough town centre is putting at risk both the on-site workforce and the public.

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G8 night in London tonight

08-06-2007 15:33

Films and feedback from the G8 in Germany, followed by benefit for the Gatwick No Borders Camp (Sept 07), feat. Headjam, Innocent Kidd and DubNeg

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Norwich petrol station shut down on DoA Against Climate Change and the G8

08-06-2007 13:15

Shut down!
During this morning’s rush hour twelve activists from Norwich Rising Tide braved the East Coast storm warnings and shut down their local Jet petrol station as part of the International Day of Action Against Climate Change and the G8.

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08-06-2007 12:34

KEIN.TV is a virtual, temporary, three day film and video program that will be published during the days of the G-8 meeting in Heiligendamm near Rostock (DE). It consists of breaking news, newly and on-site produced shows, recently recorded footage, a selection of documentaries edited at or brought to our studio as well as movies found in peer-to-peer networks. A snapshot of the current state of programming the schedule is displayed below. Please note that this program is under permanent construction even beyond its scheduled date. Each item is linked to the sources where the video can be downloaded, watched and re-distributed. Every file is encoded with the open source video codec ogg theora.

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G8 West Gate Blockade, Thursday 7th

08-06-2007 09:53

Crowds walking through the forests ...
Here there are some pics from yesterday's blockade of the west gate near the town of Hinter Bollhagen. Around 2500 people left Reddelich camp in the early morning towards the west side of the fence. After around 4 hours of walking, mostly seeking the cover of the forests so to hide from the police helicopters, the protesters finally made the final push through a big field to block the road leading to the west gate.

By this time police had already brought in water canons and were ready to protect the road. Even though several groups of people managed to cross the police lines and do sit down protests as well as building some barricades. The stand off lasted for most of the day, effectively blocking the road 200 meters away from the gate for the whole day. Later in the afternoon, whilst the main group of people that by that time had ground to more than 3000 people were keeping their ground in front of the police lines, several smaller affinity groups spread around the fence trying to stretch police resources whilst others carrying on with smaller actions in different parts of the road.

Later in the evening police eventually dispersed those still on the blockade, injuring several people.

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Heading for the blockade of the west gate.

07-06-2007 19:04

Evading the cops at the begining.
This morning it was announced at one of the camps that there would be an attempt at blocking the west gate of the G8. After just an hour and a half of planning the action set off towards its target. The Police quickly blocked the first road so everyone ran through a field and into the woods.

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Letter to the international labour movement

07-06-2007 17:12

On May 31, at 7:00 am, 150 police armed to the teeth invaded Cipla, a factory controlled by the workers, and "installed" an administrator appointed by the federal judge at the request of the INSS (Social Security). The management elected by the workers along with other selected workers were expelled or prevented from entering the plant. Armed terror has been imposed in the factory. One of the first measures taken by the administrator was to cover with a black canvas the plaque at the entrance of the factory which said: "CIPLA, company controlled by the workers."

A marvelous national and international compaign demanding the end of the intervention at Cipla was launched just a few hours after the Federal Police carried out their war operations. Messages began to arrive to the Lula government and the Minister of Justice, Tarso Genro, who is responsible for the Federal Police and Luis Marinho, Minister of Social Security, from whose ministry the request for the intervention in Cipla came. Messages were also sent to the Minister of Labour and Employment, Carlos Lupi. This strong and immediate reaction gave us the strength and energy to organize the resistance against these riduculous events.

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Refugee Week

07-06-2007 13:18

Celebrate Refugee Week in Sheffield 18-24 June

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BNP Gang Rape man admits affray

07-06-2007 13:17

A DAD who brutally attacked his next-door neighbours after they asked his teenage son to leave a barbecue is today exposed as a convicted gang rapist.
Bennett, 64, a former BNP activist, was convicted of the gang rape of two 17-year-old girls in 1976 and jailed for five years.