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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Black Block in Rostock

23-08-2007 00:48

I wear black for the poor and beaten down…
And for the prisoner who has long since served his time
(Johnny Cash)

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Second Feminist Fightback conference, UEL, October 20

22-08-2007 17:13

The second Feminist Fightback conference will take place at University of East London on Saturday 20 October. Last year, Fightback attracted more than 200 people.

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Metronet works vote 95% in favour of strike action

22-08-2007 16:57

Workers at the Tube maintenance consortium Metronet voted 95% in favour of strike action this week, as station staff on the Bakerloo line begin a second 24 hour strike over health and safety.

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Sao Paulo (Brazil) is under a disguised dictatorship

22-08-2007 15:48

It’s a disguised dictatorship, with press freedom, but no freedom for public demonstrations.

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Leeds Animal Day extravaganza!

21-08-2007 19:52

An event celebrating animals!

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Norwegian Youth politicians detained in Western Sahara

21-08-2007 18:29

Two Norwegian youth politicians, Andrea Gustavsson (on the left) and Kamilla Eidsvik (on the right), were detained on Monday in the city of El Aaiun, in Western Sahara. They were arrested after having witnessed police officers storming one of the after having witnessed police officers storming one of the neighboring houses to where they were staying in the city, the Norwegian press agency NTB reports.

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Nottingham demo called against deportation charter flight to DR Congo

21-08-2007 13:36

photo from Nottingham demo earlier in the year
WHEN? Join demonstration on Tuesday 28th August 2007 starting at 12 o'clock.
WHERE? Old Market Square (outside the Council House), Nottingham, NG1 2DT.
CALLED BY : Nottingham Congolese Community.

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Strikes at Aer Lingus

21-08-2007 12:30

Pilots at Aer Lingus will are striking for 48 hours against attacks on their pay and conditions.

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SWP covers for sell-out of postal workers strike

21-08-2007 12:26

On August 9, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) announced that it was suspending further strike action in Britain’s postal service. Without any explanation to its members, the CWU declared it was entering negotiations with Royal Mail in an attempt to reach an agreement by September 4. A national demonstration planned for August 21 was cancelled.

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Glasgow asylum seeker criminalised for self defence - urgent support neede

20-08-2007 23:48

The trial of the African woman accused of assaulting police when they dawn-raided her flat last year will continue tomorrow.

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Queer Pakistan - 'Less inhibited than West!'

20-08-2007 22:50

As the socio-psychological concept of being queer in our times furbished another relinquish of anti-racist cacophony for persons in their count-ability to re stable life behavior!

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SOCPA Meeting / Citizens Convention Bill

20-08-2007 19:09

SOCPA Meeting / Citizens Convention Bill

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poor and partialy we will take your baby into care

20-08-2007 18:37

child snatchers
A couple living in calderdale council area are being threatened to have there unborn baby snatched from them at birth.

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US Hides the Truth on Cuban Five Case

20-08-2007 17:05

"Someday the truth will prevail; meanwhile, we must persevere in our struggle to make the case known,"

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Cargo handlers at Heathrow on strike

20-08-2007 14:44

45 workers at Heathrow cargo handlers Nippon Express were on strike over pay and conditions this weekend.

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Glasgow: Social care workers win strike

20-08-2007 14:41

Social Care workers who struck for twenty consecutive days in Glasgow returned to work last week having won most of their demands.

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No Borders Camp Solidarity Film Night: Camberwell Squatted Centre

20-08-2007 14:33

Check our website for full programme of events
More free films this week for you all

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BAA get Punished for the most Devastating Climate Change

20-08-2007 12:40

Activists from Oxford are part of the - still ongoing - 100+ strong overnight blockade at BAA HQ opposite Heathrow Airport.

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Camberwell Squatted CentreBOOTY REBEL caff and party!!

20-08-2007 10:17

The third in the so far rocking DANCE REBEL series at the Camberwell Squatted Centre.