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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Family Law + secrecy of draconian acts

29-12-2005 18:15

Further to our protests and conferences recently;

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Bloggers publish secret UK torture complicity evidence

29-12-2005 14:54

Bloggers around the world are publishing damning documentary evidence of UK complicity in torture, in defiance of Foreign Office efforts to block their publication.

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Argentine & Brazil: more countries escape IMF garotte

29-12-2005 13:36

The World Bank, IMF etc. bring countries to their knees even by sending the 'jackals': "Jackals' are CIA-sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If that doesn't work, they perform assassinations, or try to." *[Important video below]

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Greenham Common

29-12-2005 12:04

Reconstruction of rare songbooks the women made in 1987.

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Converge on the Capital

29-12-2005 05:02

In the recent past an American grandmother demonstrating against the tyrant Bush, held a placard as she marched on the Capital, it read, “The Road to Hell is lined with Bushes”. It is now evident that this grandmother (who puts younger Americans to shame) was exhibiting prophetic or intuitive insight. In that period Bush was relatively tame. This American woman and true patriot is an inspiration to us all.

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//// The Edukators //// rampART, thursday 8pm

29-12-2005 02:31

It's thursday and although we are still 17%, and an estimated 8 hours, away from fully downing it, we are pretty confident that we will be screening The Edukators at 8pm for the weekly rampART free cinema night.

So come on down for a little playful edukation...

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Catholics breach the exclusion zone to read out more names of Iraq victims

28-12-2005 18:09

Members of Pax Christi today today risked arrest by assembling outside Downing Street and reading out the names of Iraqi children and British servicemen killed in Iraq

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Anarchist Assembly

28-12-2005 14:12

It's time for another anarchist assembly in London.

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Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign MANIFESTO Against the Crossrail hole Bill

28-12-2005 09:15

KHOODEELAR! NEWS Released at 0800 Hrs London Wednesday 28 December 2005 BRICK LANE LONDON E1 AREA MANIFESTO AGAINST the Crossrail hole Bill.
The future composition of the Council in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets will depend very much on the conduct of over the Crossrail hole of those candidates seeking election to the Council at the scheduled polls in May 2006.

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Mindwalk 14: Ten Billion Points of Light

27-12-2005 09:56

This episode features an anti-war speech by Journalist John Pilger recorded September 24 in London. Our favorite child sit-com star Dickie Richards hits the campaign trail as on the Republican ticket. A few semi-rude tunes from when I was a kid. Also, Kurt Vonnegut and a silly goofball poem by Jack Kerouac read by Juliana Hatfield.

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Going hungry for Christmas / UK detention

26-12-2005 15:29

No new hungerstrikes I'm aware of in immigration removal centres, but a number of detainees has refused to eat on Christmas day because the food was 'just the usual rubbish'.

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We're back at Tony's cafe... come and support!

26-12-2005 12:54

We have re-occupied Tony's cafe on Broadway Market this morning. We need help and support URGENTLY.

We'll celebrate resilience and resistance at the cafe tomorrow Tuesday 27th, 1pm with music and food. Bring anything festive.

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small WORLD Weex Mix: Afrobeat Special!

26-12-2005 07:31

small WORLD weekend MIX!!!
Kick off the weekend by kicking out the jams with the small WORLD Weekend MIX Afrobeat Special!

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"Security Culture"

25-12-2005 21:09


a small horde of friends
a mission
a set of risks
a strong since of communication

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MUHAMMAD HAQUE POLITICAL POETRY on the media loyalties to big business

25-12-2005 12:06

This week is being used by the state-approved and in effect the state-licensed media commentators to renew the plugs for loyalty to the agencies of profit big business and their ideological tributaries.

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Bush’s Xmas Tantrum

25-12-2005 05:32

Bush is furious that patriot/s who still hold the values and laws of the USA sacrosanct, leaked the story of illegal bugging and surveillance to the media. The American Fuhrer’s indignation equals that of his historical Nazi counterpart. How dare someone expose the ‘commander and chief’ for the criminal that he really is!

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24-12-2005 18:35

The U.S. has a tradition of voting fraud.

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Stunning Insights into Bush's lies about illegal domestic spying....

24-12-2005 03:29

To scoff is to remain ignorant in the face of profundity! Blindness is always the result!
Let wisdom's seventh chapter unseal the symbols.

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23-12-2005 18:32

The Trustees of Interpal, the UK-registered Palestinian relief charity, have today concluded a successful out-of-court settlement of libel proceedings brought against the Board of Deputies of British Jews over allegations published on the Board's website in September 2003.