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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Fear not God, Fear the X-tians who take away the young people's house.

14-12-2006 01:07

Mobilisation video:

Help save the house which for more than a hundred years has been instrumental in political organising on the left. From the Youth House to the Father's House - need we say more?

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Camden council gets ready to cut a record number of jobs and services

13-12-2006 20:53

Camden Council is about to launch the most sweeping cuts to services and jobs since the early Thatcher days - even though it received one of the biggest grants from govt for a London Council this year. Thousands of the borough's most vulnerable people will lose access to the services that they need, as money is paid to consultants and privatisers.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it...

13-12-2006 17:41

ID cards, injunctions, CCTV with voice activated alerts, national license plate monitoring, face recognition, directional microphones, network profiling, DNA databases, keylogging, phone taping, bugging and tracking, these are just some of the tools of repression being used against those battling to save the world from total domination and destruction.

This message will self destruct in 10 seconds.... 9.. 8.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

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Glasgow Dawn Raid Protest Last Sunday

13-12-2006 16:43

Last Sunday, 30 protesters gathered early at the gates of the Reporting Center at Brand St. The previous 2 Sundays had seen dawn raids against families in the Red Road and Kingsway areas of Glasgow. Despite one raid being thwarted, in the last fortnight 2 families and including 6 small children were torn from their communities.

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Protest for abortion rights - March 2007

13-12-2006 13:51

Following the successful FEMINIST FIGHTBACK conference on 21 October, activists are organising a national march for abortion rights on Saturday 3 March - the weekend before International Women's Day (Thursday 8 March).

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We fought the law and... eh... we won? Fairford coaches appeal victory

13-12-2006 13:25

For what it's worth, the Law Lords have upheld the claim by the fairford coaches passengers that the right to "freedom of expression and lawful assembly" were violated when the filth turned back coaches and forced their return to London during an anti war demonstration at RAF Fairford.

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ASDA - beyond the smiles

13-12-2006 12:13

Leak reveals Asda’s strategic assault on UK working conditions

Bosses at supermarket giant Asda are planning a series of anti - union and cost cutting schemes at the expense of working conditions and workers’ rights, according to leaked documents obtained by campaign group War on Want.

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A Little Question for Sinn Fein?

13-12-2006 10:39

Irrepressible questions?
The question is this:

Does Sinn Fein endorse the racist policy of Michael Mc Dowell
who has been found in breach of both the Irish Constitution
and the European Convention on Human Rights, by the deportation
of parents of Irish Born Citizens?

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Children and Britains housing divide

13-12-2006 10:06

“Against the Odds: An investigation comparing the lives of children on either side of Britain’s housing divide,” published by the British homeless charity Shelter, highlights the terrible problems faced by children forced to live in temporary accommodation.

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Screening of 'Those who Dance', film about Rossport

13-12-2006 09:39

You are warmly invited to a screening of *‘Those Who Dance’* a film
about Rossport, Ogoniland and Imagination by Mayyasa Al-Malazi and
Camilla Cancantata

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Save Ungdomshuset!

13-12-2006 02:01

Ungdomshuset, a 24 years old radical social centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, is being evicted to make way for a right-wing homophobic Christian organisation who have illegally purchased the building, after the local government had given it to the social centre following a campaign by the locals.

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SOCPA - day 2 - brian haw court case

13-12-2006 01:17

police raid in may 2006
in a fine performance this afternoon, brian's defence barrister made a submission for the magistrate to throw it out of court on the basis that there is no case to answer. the result of this should be settled in the morning.

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help needed to repeal socpa law

13-12-2006 01:15

the serious organised crime and police act bans 'unauthorised' protest near parliament. baroness miller has had the first reading in the house of lords of her bill to repeal it. please help publicise this, and let the bbc know it's an issue that's important to you.

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Philippines: Charter Change is Arroyo's Cover-up

12-12-2006 23:57

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party) today stepped up efforts to derail attempts at the House of Representatives to initiate Charter Change (Cha Cha), calling the move as nothing more than an attempt to cover up the seething political crisis hounding Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

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Stomach disease, parasites and civil war - where have all the Federales gone?

12-12-2006 22:28

The only two armed police in the Zocalo yesterday
One the last day in a town tittering on uncertainty the police pressence decreases as the undercovers double: Oscar Beard in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

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Oaxaca Benefit at Rampart

12-12-2006 21:46

Oaxaca Benefit, Saturday 16th December from 8pm till 2am

We are asking for £5 suggested donations but any other help counts.

There will be Latin-American food, live music from Latin-American and London bands, and Screening of Indymedia films with discussion.

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Nestlé malpractice provokes demo. at children's book prize

12-12-2006 20:35

Nestlé is using its sponsorship of a children's book prize to try to improve its image amongst young people and the rest of the population.

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Cambridge film showing - latin america theme

12-12-2006 18:00

This Sunday (the 17th of December) Cambridge Indymedia will be showing two films documenting recent social struggles in Latin America - "Romper el Cerco (Breaking the Siege)" and "El Gas no se Vende (The Gas is not for Sale)". The showing will be upstairs at the Bun Shop (1 King Street) starting at 7:30 pm.

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A load of rubbish

12-12-2006 17:02

We are drowning in our own waste.

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In Oaxaca, Questions Abound About 11/25 Fires By Sean Donahue

12-12-2006 15:57

During the battle for control of Oaxaca on November 25, fires damaged a hotel, comsumed cars, and gutted government offices. Few doubt that protesters armed with molotov cocktails were responsible for some of the blazes. But many Oaxacans are asking questions about who really started the fires that destroyed offices housing key records of the administration of Gov. Ulisses Ruiz.