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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Video Interview with Striking Manchester Civil Servants

17-02-2004 18:03

20,000 low-paid civil servants are on strike. This is a video interview with representatives of their union the PCS outside Manchester Crown Court.

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student day of action barcode

17-02-2004 15:05

Agitprop for AUT strike / NUS day of action

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Complaint against The Observer filed with Press Commission

17-02-2004 11:39

A complaint has been filed today by Osho Virtual Press Office against The Observer (UK) with the Press Complaints Commission under the Code of Practice on the grounds of defamation and inaccuracy.

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Sainsburys - another brick in the wall?

17-02-2004 11:19

Is Sainsbury's the most unethical supermarket in Britain?

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Tenth anniversary of the siege of Wanstonia M11 link rd

16-02-2004 23:55

Cops assaulting protesters defending the sweet chestnut tree
Ten years ago hundreds of anti-road protesters were evicted from a row of houses in Wanstead by an army of 600 police, security guards and bailiffs. The houses were flattened to make way for the infamous M11 link road through East London. This and many of the following protests were to define the way for increasingly diverse direct action for years to come.

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Social center in Norway in danger!

16-02-2004 22:13

Hausmania social center threatened

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Anti-fascists mobilise in Bradford

16-02-2004 16:39

The Bradfordian
Following the success of Bradford TUC in organising opposition to the British National Party in last years Council elections, activists have begun a similar campaign in preparation for June's full council elections. On Sunday 15th volunteers were out in force carrying the anti-fascist message literally to the door, leafleting houses and talking to residents in South Bradford.

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Ngo Factor At Wsf Worries Activists

16-02-2004 11:11

In the third week of January, close to 90,000 people from around the world gathered in Mumbai as part of the fourth World Social Forum (WSF). The level of organization and sheer number of activists and intellectuals who participated in this event reflected the growing intensity and momentum of the anti-globalization movement.

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Metropolitan Police Apology

16-02-2004 02:52

letter from the Met Police to anti-monarchist protesters

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Drug War Film Festival Fund Raiser

16-02-2004 00:52

911 and the BC Compassion Club Society present:
Friday, March 12 8pm
$6 / $4 (911 members)

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MET Police Letter of Apology Over Jubilee Arrests

15-02-2004 16:54

crappy letter of apology
Following the news that 23 anti-royal protestors will get £3,500 each and a written apology for their unlawful arrest at a pub and false imprisonment (including on a number 11 double decker bus!) on the queens jubilee back in June 2002, here's a copy of the letter and a few picstures.

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Valentines RTS in San Francisco

15-02-2004 13:19

San Francisco: Reclaim the Streets and Desires: The RTS Valentine's Day Street Party began at 12 noon at Haight & Stanyan streets on Saturday February 14th. A ship of about 300-400 pirates marched from Golden Gate park and eventually took over the block of Haight & Ashbury and the party was in full swing with a full-on sound system with rotating djs, a pirate marching band, street theater, couches, mattresses, paint splattered on GAP, and an impromptu soccer game in the middle of the street. There was also a breakaway solidarity action that marched to the nearby Safeway.

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The World economic Forum - European Economic Summit: Warsaw

15-02-2004 11:47

Warsaw, Poland April 28-30, 2004


On the eve of accession to the European Union (significantly planned for May 1 to change the nature of that holiday), the European Economic Summit (which was cancelled in Dublin due to planned protests) is coming to Warsaw.

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York Sainsbury's target of Palestine Solidarity Action

15-02-2004 02:40

Yesterday (14th Feb) members of York Palestine Solidarity Campaign made an unanounced visit to the central York branch of Sainsbury's to show the manager how much Israeli stuff could be found in his store. The response was totally not what we expected.

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Nine Ladies Guardian article

14-02-2004 19:06

This article about Nine Ladies protest site was on the front page of the Guardian today.

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7 arrested. Surrey police acting as private security for hunt

14-02-2004 18:49

Press release detailing abuse of Surrey Police powers against hunt saboteurs

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Wrexham - 'forced' privatisation of council housing

14-02-2004 15:24

Wrexham is another local authority that is carrying out neo-Labour's dirty work and trying to force it's council tenants into the private sector by means of a 'rigged' ballot.

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ISM Reports: ISM Activist Wins Libel Suit Against Right Wing Israeli Journalist

14-02-2004 15:16


February 13, 2004

For Immediate Release


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Tyneside - 'forced' transfer of council housing to the private sector

14-02-2004 15:06

On Tyneside can be found yet another council trying to shaft its council tenants and do neo-Labour's dirty work for them by transferring their council houses to the private sector.

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Notting Hill Housing Trust

14-02-2004 02:41

Up to present, I have been discriminated by the Notting Hill Housing Trust for more than 8 years. The Notting Hill Housing Trust is a housing association (Registered Social landlord). I have 3'000 pieces of evidence and support from the British government. Due to very severe disrepair to the property, I lived like an animal for 5 years. It was redecorated in 2000 only when the lady who lived above collapsed and died.