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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Oxford Street Intifada 20/12/03

25-12-2003 00:42

Fiona Brown – M&S Picket 18/12/03 and Oxford Street Intifada 20/12/03

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Boycott Israel!

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Strike Spotting UK 12.12.- 24.12.03

24-12-2003 18:32

summary of strikes of the last two weeks...

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argentina- call bands for antirrepre CD

23-12-2003 19:40

bandas bandas in everywhere!

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Protest Repression in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

23-12-2003 00:24

On December 20, at a packed demonstration of 60,000 a bomb went off to stop the commemoration of the Argentine Peoples Rebellion. This bomb injured 23. We urge you to protest this atrocity today by sending an email to the Argentine Embassy and Consulates in the US.

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Noborder DAY OF ACTION 31 January 2004

22-12-2003 11:45

Sans papiers, migrants and refugees as well as supporters are calling for a European day of action on January 31, 2004.

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RE: Fuad Moussa id 851611707

21-12-2003 22:53

I wrote a letter in objection to a gay Palestinian who was not being granted a living permit in Israel to live with his partner even though his family in Palestein threatened to kill him if he returned and this is the response I got.
In London as it is where me the letter writer is from.

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CDC vaccine cover-up

21-12-2003 21:35

"The public needs and deserves to know the truth – not only about the biggest medical bungling in our history, but also about the extraordinary efforts of both the pharmaceutical industry and government agencies to cover it up." -- Mother of an autistic child

"A review of these documents leaves me very concerned that rather than seeking to understand whether or not some children were exposed to harmful levels of mercury in childhood vaccines in the 1990s, there may have been a selective use of the data to make the associations in the earliest study disappear."-- Dave Weldon, physician and congressman

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21-12-2003 16:32

The Quichua people of the Sarayacu territory have been adamantly opposed to the oil companies entering their ancestral lands. Since November of 2002, the Ecuadorian military has occupied their lands to allow the oil companies to conduct seismic testing. In repsonse, the Sarayacu community has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY.

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A Day of wild strike (italy)

21-12-2003 10:32

A Day of wild strike: continues the permanent assembly at the Atac warehouse of Portonaccio road.

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Breaking The Silence - Statement and Recommendations to the CFSAC

19-12-2003 22:32

Please read this and then pass it on to other activists, media contacts, friends, family, and anyone else you know ? The issue of toxic chemicals and multiple vaccines has come to the forefront once more following the docu-drama based partly on Andrew Wakefield experiences after discovering measles virus in the gut of children who developed regressive autism shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine, and partly on the horrendous experience by those affected. Those who saw "Hear The Silence" will understand the lengths the medical establishment and governments will go to in order to silence the truth. Please help, break the silence !

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Iraqi Workers Refuse CPA Slave-Wages, Threaten Mass Oil Strike - report

18-12-2003 18:37

Oil workers in Iraq's biggest and most profitable company the Southern Oil Company have refused American Occupation Administration slave-wages and created their own wage scale instead. to be accepted on pain of mass energy sector strike. CPA forced to retreat and start paying workers more.

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Can the Znet Demand to Produce Vision Lead to Vanguardism?

18-12-2003 09:33

The demand that the global justice movement should produce a detailed “vision” or blueprint of a future post-capitalist society is today most forcefully made by Znet. I will seek to present an opposite view in this article

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Surrey Anarchist Group meeting/social

18-12-2003 02:01

Surrey Anarchist Group meeting/social

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Land redistribution and neo-nationalisation

17-12-2003 15:47

Along with the problem of private money monopolies - see current early day motion EDM854 from David Chaytor MP - land ownership imbalances are one of the central causes of poverty and distress in the UK and around the world. In this article Tony Gosling attempts to come to grips with a balanced vision of land ownership for the future drawing on Christian Jewish and Moslem spiritual ideas about land as a free gift to mankind but still ultimately 'owned' by God.

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Video: The Trials and Tribulations of the Littlemoor Four

16-12-2003 23:17

Video Littlemoor Four
Five minute video of interviews with the Littlemoor Four of Pink Castle fame. The four defendents, from Totnes, Oxford, Somerset and Wales, were just about to enter the court for a 'retrial'...

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Public Meeting on Threat from the Extreme Right

15-12-2003 15:11

A Radio 1 DJ and several national figures will reveal their experiences of racism at a meeting organised by Broxbourne Against Racism (BAR).

Entitled “The Threat of the Extreme Right”, the meeting takes place at the borough’s premier venue, Broxbourne Civic Hall, Hoddesdon, from 7.30pm on 16 December.

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REPORT BACK - European Social Forum meeting London 2004

14-12-2003 19:55

The big meeting
The ESF is boring – stuck in its way – but the are real people involved and it will be a huge gathering of alternatives… here are some views from the meeting.

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Strike Watch UK 08.-13.12.2003

14-12-2003 16:20

summary of strikes in the UK - for proletarian circulation

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Mick Jagger Breaks Burma Boycott - Protest Friday

10-12-2003 13:53

Mick Jagger, yep, him, has just broken the Burma Boycott. So we're gonna protest against him on Friday.