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05-11-2004 18:37

Peace activist Ray Davies went to prison for 28 days today, for principled refusal to pay anti-nuclear peace fines.

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'AIDS is with us' - ACT now!

05-11-2004 17:44

Mannie, Henry and Mandisa
Last night was the Cambridge leg of the Stop Aids speaker tour where three inspirational speakers from Zambia, Uganda and South Africa talked about their experiences with HIV/AIDS. All of them had lost people to the disease.

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another gay man attacked-London 4/5 Nov

05-11-2004 17:40

A 25 y.o gayman was stabbed on aLondon nightbus 4/5Nov.

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Smashing the apparatus of the state.

05-11-2004 11:39

Photos of the inside of a Police surveillence camera. do you have ideas or experience of putting these out of action?

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Samba Plays in Support of Laing O'Rourke Workers Sit-In!

05-11-2004 11:35

Samba Band Rhythms of Resistance Plays in Support of Protesting Laing
O'Rourke Workers! Management forced to allow union reps on site.

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Vigil for S.Leone lesbian murder victim

05-11-2004 11:24

A vigil for murder Sierra Leone lesbian murder victim FannyAnn Eddy is to be held in London next Tuesday evening.

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Vigil for gay murder victim TONIGHT 5Nov

05-11-2004 11:07

A vigil and parade in memory of gay murder victim (and soho bomb survivor) David Morley
takes place TONIGHT. Bring flower(s) and candle(s) ONLY.

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05-11-2004 10:18


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ASCII reopens on Saturday

04-11-2004 20:11

It was reported some time ago on this IMC that the ASCII computer collective in Amsterdam was evicted last month. (The eviction was broadcast from the inside, via a webcam, but anyway.) The good news is that the boys and girls are reopening this weekend, in a newly squatted building in the Wibautstraat, A*dam.

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No Sweat Gathering 2004

04-11-2004 19:29

The agenda will be available online shortly but the sessions will include: Alice Nutter from Chumbawamba; The makers of the film The Corporation; Morris from the McLibel Two and The Maria Elena Cuadra Women's Movement (MEC), that organises women in the garments, informal, unemployed and other sectors in Nicaragua...

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deMOCKracy PartY 2nite @rampART

04-11-2004 18:34

reaction to the election
activists activate now
peace movement uk election strategy discussion
live music: the rub
djs later...

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Kent Green Party-backs gay demo against KCC.

04-11-2004 17:51

Kent Grren party backs gay demo against Kent County Council `13 November.

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Campaign Against Robbing Banks (C.A.R.B.)

04-11-2004 16:16

Cases of persons on benefit who needed an account to comply with the governments requirements to get all persons on benefit onto direct payment. An account and a debit card that could not accidently get into the red and attract unsolicited charges was requested. The card did not live up to the promises of Abbey and allowed the person to go into the red by £40 attracting over £220, (three weeks benefit>0

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Good news after the demo at HMP Forest Bank

04-11-2004 15:07

Following the demo outside Forest Bank prison, some good news!

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Stop the Apartheid Wall!

04-11-2004 14:23

Action organized in Oxford by Oxford PSC

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OutRage! victory- hatesinger barred from UK

04-11-2004 10:06

Jamaican hatesinger Sizzla has been refused a visa to tour the UK. All concerts cancelled.

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the great gold hiest

04-11-2004 09:12

On October 8, 1994 the biggest gold heist in history occurred

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São Paulo, Brazil homeless squat 7 buildings in mass action.

03-11-2004 21:59

In São Paulo, the biggest city in South America, 3000 homeless people squat buildings simultaneously across the city. The homeless movement (sem teto) in Brazil is a big and growing movement because of the desperation and housing crisis. These actions are risky because the police are very violent. The police can evict without a court order in the first 48 hours only so the occupation needs to be very well organised.

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Mad Pride release new CD in time or Xmas!

03-11-2004 16:49

Mad Pride are proud to release our fourth CD - the artist DJ Unfit For Work - the debut album - "still alive LAMF".

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Police investigate hatelyrics/Sizzla cancelled.

03-11-2004 16:16

Police launch further investigations into Jamaican reggae singers hate lyrics as

artist Sizzla has concerts cancelled.